9Anime] Is it true that you can't watch 9Anime?

Recently, more and more people are using 9Anime to watch anime, but we often hear that 9Anime is closing down. What do you think is actually happening? And here's another way out of this, this time!

Where do you usually watch anime? Have you ever experienced the occasional censored episode due to an unfinished anime anime free site being shut down? Recently, more and more people are using 9Anime to watch anime, but we often hear that 9Anime is closing down. What is the actual situation? Also, there is a way out of this, and it's right here this time!

First, for those of you who don't know about 9Anime, let me give you a brief description: 9Anime is an illegal anime site where you can watch anime for free. Every year, illegal sites are being shut down harder and harder, and fewer and fewer sites remain, so more and more people are coming to 9Anime to use it. Let me go on to explain the issue that concerns you the most.

Is it true that I won't be able to see 9Anime anymore, and what the heck is the ip address of 9Anime's server?

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9nime is not closed at the moment. We have tried to access the site and it is still available. 9anime has many ip addresses and many of you have wondered how they got to the site before, but here are the URLs we have confirmed.

  • 9anime.se
  • 9anime.vc
  • 9anime.me
  • 9anime.to
  • 9anime.pl

However, as we said earlier, this is illegal software for uploading anime, and there are many dangers involved in viewing it.

Risks and dangers of continuing to use 9Anime

There is a virus and there is a risk of infection just by accessing the site.

What is certain for now is that if you click on almost any website, you run the risk of getting infected with a virus. Or, if you download an app and navigate from the app to the website, you will see an ad or video inviting you to download a VPN with unknown features.

Also, please do not simply use illegal websites to read anime for free, as this may cause damage to your computer, smartphone, or other device due to virus infection.

Dangers of programs that mine virtual currency

There is a danger that pirate sites may have programs installed that illegally mine virtual currency. Mining is a mechanism for obtaining virtual currency by performing a large number of calculations to determine the merits and contents of transactions when there is a movement of virtual currency. Although not inherently illegal, unauthorized use of another company's terminals is considered a criminal offense.

However, 9Anime has been making headlines because of the existence of code that allows users to mine without permission on the terminals they access. Users are unaware that they are being mined, but their batteries drain unusually fast.

Risk of Arrest, Exposure, and Lawsuits Arising from the Use of 9anime

The risks associated with 9anime are not limited to those that affect the device through viruses or other means. There is also the possibility of being caught browsing 9anime and, in the worst case scenario, being arrested or sued.

The reason for this is that 9anime proudly offers a download button, and downloading from it constitutes a violation of copyright law. While a confirmed violation does not immediately result in the arrest of the user, the recent seizure and seizure of user information, even for services on overseas servers, could easily identify the user who downloaded from the service.

Even if no downloading has taken place, there is a good risk that streaming will be detected. The reason for this is that watching streaming video does not necessarily mean that you are not downloading.

Video sites basically perform temporary storage, called "caching," to speed up loading and displaying the video the second time around. In some cases, this temporary storage may be considered "download storage. Thus, even though 9anime is essentially streaming, streaming can also be defined as downloading if the user's access to the log is seized. Moreover, 9anime is a site where one can be arrested and prosecuted simply for browsing.

What are the free anime sites instead of 9Anime?

The following three sites where you can watch anime for free are not illegal sites. It can be said that the trick is to watch anime for free during the free trial period offered by legitimate sites.


U-next is arguably the site with the largest number of animations. Manga and magazines are also easy to find, making it a very suitable site for watching anime. Although U-NEXT is a pay site, it offers a free campaign for the first 31 days. This means that you can use all the features of U-NEXT for free if you cancel the contract during the material-free period.

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dAnime Store

dAnime Store is a very cheap anime site for anime lovers. You can watch as many anime as you want, and the latest anime of the month is also available right here. No matter what genre you are into, you can find your favorite anime right here. Like U-NEXT, you can enjoy all services for free if you cancel during the initial 31-day free trial period. Of course, if you think the site's anime service is great, you have the option of paying only 400 yen per month to become a member of d-Anime Store.

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Hulu is, without a doubt, one of the video sites that has been in service for a very long time. It is famous for the number of dramas it offers and the ability to watch international news at the same time. It also has over 520,000 books and comics and over 70,000 video contents in various genres. Although inferior to U-NEXT and d-Anime Store, hulu also offers a 2-week free viewing period. During this period, you can watch as many anime and TV series as you want.

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Once you have downloaded and saved the anime from 9Anime

Although there is a "Download" symbol on the official 9Anime website, it is generally not possible to download anime videos. At that time, you can continue to download the videos using Google extensions or other methods. We recommend a safer and more powerful download program than an extension.

Here is a list of 9Anime, anitube, animeupdate, and other free anime sites, as well as NETFLIX, Amazon Prime Bidde, hulu, U-NEXT, Paravi, TVer, and dozens of other video services We introduce a high-performance [ FlixPal downloader] that supports

FlixPal Downloader] is a software available for PC devices (Windows and MAC). You can download and save fast and high quality videos in MP4 format, up to Full HD and 4K. FlixPal aims to create a new video viewing experience and provide the best download service to be the best partner of viewers. FlixPal aims to create a new video viewing experience and to be the best partner for its viewers.

How to download 9Anime's anime

First, visit the official FlixPal page. There, download and install FlixPal itself.

Launch FlixPal. Use the browser installed in the software to find the anime titles you want to watch on 9Anime. The search bar is located at the top of the interface.

Go to the detail screen of the anime title. As soon as you play the video, the video site will start analyzing the video. After clicking the M3U8 icon displayed in the upper left corner of the video page, you will go to the download window.

After reviewing the video information in the download window, click the Download button to complete the download operation.


In this article, we have presented the current status of 9Anime and the dangers of its continued exploitation. To avoid such dangers, we will introduce three sites where you can watch anime for free or at a low price. Also, if you want to download the videos Numerous streaming services including 9AnimeFlixPal Downloader], which allows you to save videos from