How to Watch [Anime New] Free Movies? Compilation of alternative free anime viewing sites!

Want to know what Anime New has to do with b9 anime? This article is a must! In this article, we will explain how you can watch free videos on Anime New, and we will also introduce you to other sites where you can watch other anime for free instead.

Have you heard of "Anime New," a site where you can watch anime for free, which has been widely circulated on Twitter recently? However, many people who use "Anime New" for the first time may be wondering how they can watch anime.

In this article, we would like to explain how you can watch free videos on "Anime New" and introduce other sites where you can watch anime for free instead.

What is "Anime New" and how is it related to b9 anime?

Anime New" itself does not support the playback of anime. Anime New" provides information on anime broadcasted or distributed by day of the week, as well as information on sites where you can watch famous works from the past for free. Through "Anime New", you can access sites where you can watch anime for free.

Therefore, you can see the relationship between "Anime New" and illegal anime sites such as b9Anime, Anitube, etc. As an informational site, "Anime New" posts links to illegal anime sites such as b9Anime and Anitube, and users can click on these links to jump to the illegal anime sites and watch the videos for free.

Speaking of which, if you are having trouble finding free anime sites, "Anime New" makes it easy to find links to these sites. Below are some of the illegal anime sites listed on "Anime New" and how many sites are similar to them.

List of Illegal Anime Sites in "Anime New

B9GOOD (formerly B9DM)

This is a famous free anime viewing site that changed its name from "B9DM" to "B9GOOD" in the past.

Unusually for a site listed in "Anime New", there are many Japanese anime, and most of them can be viewed in high quality.

The site is also finely translated into Japanese and can be searched in Japanese, making it a very user-friendly site.

Now that the original Anitube has disappeared, the two alternatives in terms of site size seem to be B9GOOD (formerly B9DM) and KissAnime, which will be discussed later.

The only drawback is the persistent pop-up ads that appear regularly.


In mid-2018, the government specifically mentioned the three sites "Manga Mura," "Anitube," and "MioMio" and they became a hot topic, but "KissAnime" is the second most influential site (in terms of access) after them.

Anyway, the site has a large number of works, fast upload speed, and very few broken links due to the use of multiple overseas upload servers.

However, there is a drawback: image authentication has been required before viewing videos for some time now, and this has become very inconvenient.

In addition, a ridiculous condition was added: if you access the site while using ad-blocking software (Adblock), you will be "banned" and will not be able to view the videos for a certain period of time.

As a result, it is not user-friendly and I personally use it only when I have no other choice and no other site is available.

One of the "Anitube" mirror sites available in Japanese and Portuguese is "".

The overall design of the site is reminiscent of the former "Anitube," but it has been specifically designed for Japanese users, with an automatic Japanese translation function added for access from Japan, and all uploaded anime are in Japanese.

Another feature of the site is that 70% of its users are Japanese, as the name "Anitube" is well known among the Japanese.

The most significant drawback of this site is that the quality of the uploaded anime varies from video to video, and all the anime we checked are only in 360p SD quality.

As expected, the SD quality of today's animation is noticeably coarse, and to be honest, I felt this was definitely better using another site. is one of those strange sites with a large number of foreign users, even though the majority of its videos are Japanese anime.

In fact, even if the audio is in Japanese, there are many foreign users on sites like this that deal with anime-related videos.

The site "GoGoAnime" has English subtitles, so perhaps they are watching in the same way that we Japanese watch Western movies with subtitles.

The site's basic functionality is similar to other sites, and the latest anime of the season are also uploaded.

The downside is the numerous and conspicuous advertisements, which we found annoying as we had to close them before watching the videos.

There is also a mirror site with a different domain,, where you can watch anime.


The site as a whole has a fair amount of advertisements, but the pop-up ads do not reappear once they appear, so they are not that bothersome.

Furthermore, videos load quickly for an overseas site, and even 1080p videos play without noticeable delay.

Since video loading time is affected not only by the connection speed but also by the congestion of the site you are viewing, I think this is an advantage of ANIMEGG that is not yet well known.

The quickest way to find videos is to use the search box at the top of the page or on the top page.

Also, the list of new (updated) animations is a bit cluttered, as there are no thumbnails, only a title string.

Furthermore, some of the videos are divided into two categories, "SUBBED" and "DUBBED," but "SUBBED" is in Japanese, so check to see if English audio is available.

These are all illegal anime sites. There are various other illegal anime sites, and you may encounter various risks if you use them.

Causes for not using "Anime New

Using "Anime New" is the same as participating in a criminal act.

Anime New" is a pirate site that illegally duplicates anime data.

Unauthorized use of another person's copyrighted material constitutes copyright infringement, and thus the operator of Anime New is a criminal.

Shueisha is currently taking legal action against illegal manga and anime sites, and arrests are almost certain to follow.

There is a widespread misconception that only the operators of illegal sites will be punished, but under the revised Copyright Act of 2021, criminal penalties may be imposed even if you are not the site operator.

Therefore, please never use illegal sites such as "Anime New.

Leakage of Personal Information|Possibility of Credit Card Fraud and Fraud

Illegal sites such as "Anime New" have almost no security measures. In addition, there are many pop-ups, and if you refuse to view the pop-ups, you will not be provided with links to illegal anime sites. Therefore, the risk of being infected with a virus is very high.

If infected with a virus, your personal information may be extracted and you may suffer damage such as unauthorized use of your credit card.

In addition, there have been numerous reports of users being directed to fraudulent sites and being charged exorbitant fees, so please avoid accessing illegal sites, not just "Anime New" sites.

The decline of the animation industry ❘ and the manga industry may be on the decline.

Anime New" uploads data illegally and distributes all the revenue generated from advertisements and other sources to offenders.

No matter how many cartoons you watch, no money is donated to the cartoon industry, so using "Anime New" is the same as contributing to the decline of the industry.

In recent years, Japan has produced such global hits as "Onikan no Ryotetsu," "Jyutsu Kaisen," and "Shinkage no Kyojin," but the amount of anime available for free on illegal sites such as "Anime New" has outstripped the harm.

If this practice continues, the number of aspiring cartoonists will decrease and interesting cartoons will become extinct.

To protect the future of anime, illegal sites like "Anime New" must be shut down.

Legitimate services to watch cartoons for free instead of "Anime New

Next, we will introduce three legitimate video services that allow you to watch anime for free instead of "Anime New.

Amazon Prime Video|All the dramas and variety shows you can watch for 500 yen/month.

Microsoft Apps

If you use Amazon and want to watch videos other than anime or read books, why not try Amazon Prime Video?

For 500 yen per month (250 yen for students), you can watch unlimited dramas, movies, and variety shows.

You can also read as many books, magazines, and novels as you want, so you can enjoy a lot of content.

Amazon Prime Video also allows you to take advantage of Amazon's various services at a discount.

Please see the list below for the services available with Amazon Prime Video.

  • When you shop at Amazon, you can use "Express Delivery" and "Delivery Date and Time Delivery" as much as you want.
  • With Amazon Music Prime, you can listen to about 2 million songs as much as you want.
  • With Amazon Photos, you can store as many photos as you want.
  • With Prime Reading, you can read as many books as you want.

Amazon Prime Video is recommended for those who want unlimited access to not only books and music, but also anime and other videos.

dAnime Store|Anime can be watched as much as you want for 440 yen/month. 1 month free trial.

dアニメストア」がアニメ見放題作品数2年連続No.1を獲得 | NTTドコモのプレスリリース | 共同通信PRワイヤー

For those who want to use a service that specializes in showing anime works, we recommend using dAnime Store instead of "Anime New".

With over 4,600 anime titles available, the first month of dAnime Store is free. It is available for 440 yen per month, so it is also recommended for those who want to save on monthly fees.

You can watch anime works because of the small number of broadcasts and sales.

The best thing about dAnime Store is its ease of use.

Anime fans can search by the name of the voice actors, purchase items related to the anime, and more.

In addition, dAnime Store allows users to earn dPoints and use them to save on purchases.

Other features include a work request function, continuous playback function, and opening skip function.

Instead of "Anime New," use this easy-to-use site that offers a full lineup of anime titles.

FOD Premium|All Fuji TV programs for 976 yen/month

FOD Premium is recommended for those who want to watch Fuji TV videos and manga in addition to anime.

You can watch more than 5,000 Fuji TV programs, including popular animations such as "SPY x FAMILY" and "ONEPIECE.

Another advantage is that you can watch works that can only be seen on FOD Premium. This is because we put a lot of effort into creating our own original programming.

You can also read as many manga and magazines as you want, so you can watch the original works after watching the anime.

Also, you can get up to 1,300 points every month. In other words, you can get back more than the monthly fee you paid.

  • Please see below for more information about FOD Premium's "3 Point Reward".
  • You will receive 400 points on the 3rd day of every month and also on the 8th day of the month.
  • You automatically get 100 points every month!

You can use 20% of your points to purchase any eBook of your choice at any time!

Software to Download Anime from Video Streaming Service to PC

To put it bluntly, if you subscribe to a video subscription service, can't you connect to the Internet and watch videos whenever and wherever you want? Then we strongly recommend that you download the videos and watch them when you are not connected to the Internet.

Do you want to download videos from one of the three alternative video distribution platforms to the "Anime New" one I mentioned earlier? You can take advantage of the [ FlixPal Downloader] on this page.

As a matter of fact, FlixPal supports a wide variety of distribution services. Believe it or not, FlixPal supports more than 1000 of the world's most famous video delivery services.

NETFLIX, Prime Video, hulu, tver, U-NEXT, FOD, ABEMA, NHK PLUS, and many more. Downloading videos from free anime sites such as Anitube, b9Anime, 9Anime, etc. can also be performed with the same easy process.

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