What is the link to the free anime site Anime Update? Thorough explanation of the dangers and alternative sites

We have introduced you to the free anime site Anime Update (Anime Update), which allows you to watch free videos safely and comfortably using FlixPal.

Have you ever heard of an illegal anime website called "Anime Update"? However, there are various rumors that "using Anime Update may cause a virus infection" or "personal information may be leaked". In this article, we will introduce the dangers of Anime Update.

What is the link to Anime Update? Is it closed now?

Anime Update is one of the most popular video sites where you can watch full popular anime for free. Anime Update has no advertisements on its homepage, has a simple UI design, and is surprisingly easy to use.

The link is https://anime-update.comとなっています, just like the name of the site.

I actually accessed the site and found that it is not currently closed, but that doesn't mean it won't be closed in the future.

Is Anime Update safe, or is there a virus if I open the Anime Update link, or is it illegal just to look at Anime Update?

You may be asking yourself, "Is Anime Update safe?

We have done a lot of research on Anime Update.

Alternative illegal sites to Anime Update

In addition to Anime Update, there are several other sites where you can watch anime for free. We will introduce them all here. However, they are pirate sites, so there is a risk of illegality. Both of these sites, like Anime Update, are foreign sites, so we cannot guarantee their safety.

Please use such sites at your own risk. It is best to avoid them if at all possible.


B9dm's page is written in Japanese and is a free anime site designed for the Japanese market. Uploading anime without official permission makes it an illegal site. Now, it not only handles anime, but also foreign dramas.

In addition to the traditional popular works, the current programs are uploaded immediately after they are broadcast, so it is suitable for those who are following the new releases.


Animeplus is a fairly old anime site that has been running since 2011. There are many old works uploaded, and some of them may not be found elsewhere. Popular completed works can be watched in full for free, but the videos are a little slow to load.


Anime Nova was created as a mirror site of Animeplus, and so far has about 10 copies of anime updated daily.

Launched in June 2015, the site appears to be quite large, with many animations grouped by series. You can also watch many full animated films. Of course, it is free.

The site is in English, but it is a little harder to find anime, although there are many anime titles written in Roman characters.

In addition to anime, manga are also uploaded to the site. However, they are translated into English, so they are offered for foreigners.

Dangers and Risks of Anime Update

Virus Infection

So far, no viruses have been detected on the Anime Update website.

Even if you open the page directly, there are no warnings from your antivirus software.

However, this does not mean that Anime Update is safe.

Because there are dangers lurking, such as programs running in the background on your device, increasing your cache, or attacking your cookies.

So, if you visit pirate sites over a long period of time, your device is slowing down.

Virtual currency mining

Pirate sites may use visitors' equipment to mine virtual currency for profit. This is quite dangerous because mining is possible simply by accessing the site.

If you are a victim of mining, you may suffer great losses due to the large amount of communication data, leakage of personal information, and possible phishing scams.

It is recommended that you curtail your visits to pirate sites.

Social networking accounts are hijacked.

When browsing pirate sites, you are often asked to register as a member.

In fact, when you register for membership, the risk of having your password, account information, and credit card information stored on your PC hijacked is quite high.

The fact is that official sites are very careful with users' personal information, whereas pirate sites trade membership information. You often read about it in newspapers.

Do not go to pirate sites to protect your personal information.

Finally, here is how to avoid these risks and watch free anime videos on Anime Update.

Download Anime Update anime!

FlixPal is a software that allows you to download video files from any streaming video site safely and comfortably. You can play and download videos using the browser built into the software without any risk of virus infection or leakage of personal information.

FlixPal aims to create a new video viewing experience and become your best partner.

How to download Anime Update animated videos

First, visit the official FlixPal page. There, download and install FlixPal itself.

Launch FlixPal. Use the browser installed in the software to find the anime title you want to watch on Anime Update. The search bar is located at the top of the interface.

Go to the detail screen of the anime title. As soon as you play the video, the video site will start analyzing the video. After clicking the M3U8 icon displayed in the upper left corner of the video page, you will go to the download window.

After reviewing the video information in the download window, click the Download button to complete the download operation.


In this article, we introduced various aspects of the free anime website Anime Update (Anime Update). Pirated sites are illegal sites, and the risk of using them is quite high.

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