6 similar free anime sites to Anitube!

Anitube is a well-known anime site with a wide variety of anime. However, the site has been frequently shut down recently, and some may be confused as to where to watch anime. Here is the current status of Anitube and the sites that can be used instead.

Anitube is a well-known anime site with a wide variety of anime. However, the site has been frequently shut down recently, and some may be confused as to where to watch anime. Here is the current status of Anitube and the sites that can be used instead.

Anitube is a site where you can watch anime for free, and many people use Anitube to watch anime, but the official site has been shut down and is currently unavailable. So what exactly is Anitube? It began operations in 2007, and the recently closed link is "anitube.se".

Is Anitube operating now and what is Anitube current link?

In April 2018, government action against the pirate site Anitube prevented viewing. The blocking measures prevented access not only to Anitube, but also to the popular "Manga Village" and "miomio video", an illegal anime upload site similar to Anitube.

The URL of the closed Anitube (http://www.anitube.se/) cannot be confirmed, but the clone and copy sites now operate under different domains.

Links to Anitube now take two forms

  • anitube.biz
  • anitube.site

Summary of 6 free anime sites similar to Anitube


Official Homepage KissAnime

One of Anitube's similar sites is KissAnime, a free site that has become quite popular with many when it comes to anime lovers outside of Japan. Since it is an international site, most of the information is in English, which can be difficult for Japanese speakers, but there are plenty of free, up-to-date and archived anime to check out. Use the search field in the upper right or the anime list to quickly find your favorite anime.

2. B9DM

Official Homepage B9DM

B9DM offers a large selection of recently broadcasted anime. Some episodes are available in 720P high quality and around 200MB. Both anime and dramas are available. Given that this site collects content from other video delivery services, some original videos may no longer be available. Therefore, many of the newer videos are currently being aired on TV.Don't forget.


3. Sunflower Video

Official Web Site Himawari Video

Another similar site to Anitube, FC2's video sharing site Himawari Video offers many anime episodes for free. The site's main selling point is its wide selection of high-quality anime titles. The site also allows users to watch anime while reading the commentary, thanks to a convenient bullet-point feature that overlaps with the video player's commentary section.


Official Homepage ANiMEGG

ANiMEGG is a free anime site with an easy-to-understand design and an extensive library of high-quality videos available in English. Compared to other free anime sites, the variety of videos is small, but it is highly rated because of its fast updates of widely watched series such as Detective Conan, One Piece, and Dragon Ball.



Official Web site GOGOANIME

GOGOANIME allows you to watch various popular anime in English for free. It is convenient because you can operate playback in various ways, such as changing resolution and skipping. If you want to improve your English skills, you can watch anime with Japanese and English subtitles.


6. Crunchyroll

Official Web Site Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll service was launched in 2006. On this site, you can watch Japanese anime, manga, and drama. Free users will see commercials, but paying members can enjoy premium quality content with no commercials. In addition, anime can be watched in Japan with subtitles as early as one hour after the start of the broadcast.

Keep in mind that the PC site will load on mobile devices unless an app is downloaded. The monthly fee is also inexpensive, at around 790 yen. Cheap and reliable are the most important features of this service.

Causes for not using Anitube

There are three risks of using illegal sites such as Anitube

  • Virus infection
  • Being forced to participate in virtual currency mining.
  • Not being able to watch new animations.

Check out the three risks in order so that you can enjoy anime with peace of mind.

Virus infection

Using Anitube increases the risk of virus infection, which can lead to equipment failure and leakage of personal information.

While some viruses only display specific messages or images, some of the more dangerous viruses can delete files stored on your hard disk, disable your computer from booting, or automatically transfer passwords and other data outside your computer Some viruses can delete files stored on the hard disk, disable the computer from booting, or automatically transfer passwords and other data outside the computer. Another thing is that many viruses have a mechanism for spreading.

For example, they can automatically infect and spread to files on your computer and other computers connected to your network. Recently, many viruses use the e-mail address book registered on your computer and the history of past e-mails sent and received to automatically send e-mails with viruses, and the fact that many viruses can be transmitted just by looking at a website is a major factor in the spread of viruses around the world.

Forced to participate in virtual currency mining

The impact of mining viruses has been growing rapidly in recent years. Mining viruses are viruses that are used for virtual currency transaction processing (mining). Hijacking a terminal with a mining virus is called "cryptojacking.

By using illegal sites such as Anitube, victims are forced to participate in virtual currency mining. Mining virtual currency requires a lot of resources, and this act attempts to increase efficiency by using the terminals of those who access illegal sites.

Mechanisms that allow people to participate in virtual currency mining through illegal sites are known as mining viruses. Since mining virtual currency is a source of revenue for the operators, they unwittingly become complicit in the acquisition of funds by criminals.

Inability to watch new animations.

If more people choose to watch anime for free on illegal sites, the industry's profit margins could decline as viewership of official anime sites declines. If more illegal sites allow people to watch anime online for free, people who want to watch anime will flock to free illegal manga sites, making official sites and authors less profitable, leading to less creativity and a decline in the industry.

What are the alternatives to Anitube for free anime sites?

The following three sites where you can watch anime for free are not illegal sites. They can be considered tips to watch anime for free during the free trial period offered by legitimate sites.


Another merit of U-NEXT is that you can watch many videos other than anime. You can enjoy many videos including domestic and international dramas, movies, documentaries, music, and variety shows. U-NEXT also offers unlimited reading of manga, magazines, novels, and other books, so you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment genres.

Another feature of U-NEXT is its convenient functions such as downloading, simultaneous viewing, and double-speed playback, etc. U-NEXT is recommended for those who want to enjoy not only anime but also a wide range of TV series, movies, comics, magazines, etc.

If you are interested in U-NEXT, please take advantage of the 31-day free trial below. The trial period is long enough so that you can consider whether to use the service while enjoying a wide variety of anime titles.

Want to download and save U-NEXT videos in MP4 format? Please see this article.

Learn in detail how to download U-NEXT videos, one of the largest distribution services in Japan!

dAnime Store

For those who prefer to use a service that specializes in viewing anime works instead of Anitube, we recommend dAnime Store.

For 440 yen per month, dAnime Store allows you to watch many anime and anime related works. The ease of use of dAnime Store is also a major attraction.

The dAnime Store also offers a variety of services for anime fans, such as searching by voice actor name and purchasing anime-related merchandise. dAnime Store also allows users to earn dPoints and save money.

Other features include job requests, continuous playback, and the ability to turn on skip. dAnime Store is the perfect place to go if you are looking for an easy-to-use alternative to Anitube with a good selection of anime titles.

You can enjoy a wide variety of anime for free for the first month, so check out how easy it is to use.

Want to download and save d-Anime Store videos in MP4 format? Please see this article.

dAnime Store explains how to watch on PS4 (or PS5 or Switch?)


In addition to anime, HULU is also recommended for those interested in NTV shows and foreign dramas. You can watch popular anime such as "Detective Conan" and "Kingdom." You can also watch many TV shows and foreign series. Among them, there are also many original and exclusive works that can only be viewed on Hulu. Hulu offers a 2-week free trial period, so if you are interested, why not take this opportunity to give it a try?

Want to download and save HULU videos in MP4 format? Please see this article.

Want to download videos from Hulu to your PC? Learn more about this super convenient method.

Software to download videos from video subscription services to your PC

Let's be honest, when you use a video subscription service, you may not be able to connect to the Internet anytime and anywhere to watch videos. At that time, downloading videos and watching them offline is most recommended!

Want to download videos from the 3 distribution services instead of anitube introduced above? Here, let's use [ FlixPal Downloader].

To be honest, FlixPal supports numerous distribution services as well. It's hard to believe, but FlixPal supports 100+ of the world's most famous video services such as NETFLIX, Prime Video, hulu, tver, U-NEXT, FOD, ABEMA, NHK PLUS, and many more. You can also easily download videos from Anitube, 9Anime, and other free anime sites.

Next, we would like to explain how to download tver videos with " FlixPal Downloader".

Steps to download TVer videos

STEP1 Download and install FlixPal from the official website of FlixPal Downloader.

STEP2 Launch the software FlixPal and enter the URL of the official TVer website (tver.jp) in the address bar on the home page.

STEP3 You can visit TVer official site directly with FlixPal's built-in browser. Let's look for the video you want to download.

STEP4 After confirming, please play the video here. Once on the viewing page, a window will automatically appear with the theme "DRM Video Downloader", where you can select the quality (up to 1080p), audio, and subtitles you want to save, and then click "Download Now".

Now that we've shown you how to download tver videos with FlixPal, you can download not only tver videos, but videos from many other video services as well!


In this article, we have presented the current situation of Anitube and the dangers of its continued use. To avoid such dangers, we will introduce three sites where you can watch anime for free or at a low price. We hope that you will find the site that suits you best and continue to enjoy anime. In addition, once you have downloaded the streaming video, you can use the [... Use [FlixPal Downloader].

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