ApneTV Alternatives: Where to Watch Indian TV Shows and Movies?

Do you want to stream shows and movies on online platforms other than ApneTV? This guide is for you. Read on to find the best alternative to enjoy all genres.

Are you a great fan of Hindi serials and movies? So I must know about ApneTV. It is a world widely used website that features a wide range of Hindi content. However, internet providers have blocked this service. That is why it is possible you can also not access it. But fortunately, there are tons of alternatives you can use. In this guide, we have put together some best functional ApneTV alternatives. So, let's explore!

What Is ApneTV?

It is one of the most used websites to access Hindi shows and movies. You can choose to use it on a website or download an application to binge-watch the content. It offers you access to purely Hindi content which is written, produced, shot, and acted by Indians with common regional dialects such as Bengali, Gujarati, etc.

Many shows contain the mixing of English dialects. However, every Hindi serial enthusiast downloads it for free and enjoys an endless stream of shows and movies. However, if you are unable to access it, you need to look for a better option.

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What Are the Best Alternatives for ApneTV?

As Apne.tv is not accessible in many states, it compels people to check for better alternatives. To reduce your efforts and save time, we have listed considerable alternatives. Let's walk through them one by one.


Pop-ups and advertisements are the main issues in free streaming websites. Fortunately, this is not the case with LookMove. While watching shows on this website, you do not have to deal with sign-ups, accounts, and malware-containing pop-ups.

It seems unreal, but LookMovies is up to making your wish come true and providing you with an extensive library of shows and movies without breaking the bank. All you need to do is visit the website and check out endless ist for shows. Here you will find all titles you can wish for.


Among a plethora of alternatives to Apna TV, StreamM4u is always available to help you with the best services. This is a versatile platform offering the facility to multiple servers. If one server does not work, you can change it with a single click.

StreamM4u takes your privacy and safety seriously, which is why you do not have to provide information while making an account. All you need to do is visit the website. Find your favorite title from the interactive interface and enjoy your leisure time.


When it comes to Apnitv alternatives, it is hard to miss WatchFree. This website has an extensive library of shows and movies which is absolutely free to watch. Whether you want to watch a funny movie, romance, thrill, or want to watch something horror, you can watch it conveniently.

No need to create an account or register. Simply open the website, select the shows, and enjoy it in high definition. The best thing about this site is that it keeps updating the catalog to enter new releases, so you can expect to watch the latest episodes here.


This is another worthy and considerable alternative to Apne.TV. It opens access to a wide range of movies, sitcoms, and shows you can enjoy for free in your comfort zone. With different categories and genres, you can conveniently select the title according to your current mood.

Many free websites make streaming a headache with frequent pop-ups and advertisements, but this is not true with LosMovies. It offers easy access, interruption-free surfing, and even binge-watch content on different servers.


It is a leading alternative to ApneTV and heaven for motion picture enthusiasts. 123Movies is a common name. Due to its extensive library and buffering free streaming, it has huge viewership. You can watch any movie in Hollywood or any country without paying hefty fees.

Whether you are looking to explore romance or thriller genres, check out 123Movies. You will surely find the desired one. You can also directly download the content, but you may have to wait for hours.


This is a complimentary streaming website that gives actual videos of 123Movies. BobMovies allows you to stream the updated, latest, and finest motion pictures. The best thing about this platform is that you can watch movies without downloading them. BobMovies is accessible in almost all states. It means you do not need to worry about regional restrictions.

The easy-to-use interface is designed to help novices enjoy leisure time without spending initial hours learning complex steps. Write the name, and you are ready to enjoy the show.


Since its inception, PutLocker has been ruling the online video streaming world. It keeps a sharp eye on every new release. It is one of the most diverse platforms, which gives access to new releases before any other. PutLocker has competitive services, which has granted it massive viewership. With an easy interface and downloading features, it has made the streaming experience a breeze.

How to Download Content from ApneTV and Alternatives?

Apne TV used to be users' number one choice, but due to state restrictions, a huge audience is unable to access it. To cope with this situation, you can choose any alternative and get a video downloader like FlixPal Video Downloader to avoid frequent ads.

FlixPal: The Best Video Downloader

There are many instances when you want to download a show to enjoy offline or on the way. In this situation, FlixPal comes handy. It is a valuable platform that supports a wide range of websites and streaming applications from where you can download content of high quality.

Feature of FlixPal Video Downloader

Here are some noteworthy Features of FlixPal

Remove Ads

FlixPal video downloader solves your most irritating problem. It removes all ads from downloaded content to ensure a seamless experience. There you can watch whatever and whenever you want.

High Compatibility with MP4

This platform shows high compatibility with MP4s. It allows you to share any transfer of the videos to any device. It means you can enjoy downloaded content on TV.

High-Quality Download

Unlike typical platforms that compromise quality over other features, FlixPal ensures you have premium quality content. You can download a video in up to 1080p.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Videos with FlixPal

Follow these simple steps to get the task done.

  1. Turn On a compatible device and download FlixPal on it.
  2. Launch the application and navigate to the VIP section, and select the desired platform. You can also navigate the search bar to directly find any title.
  3. Select the video, set the quality and format of the output video, and download it.
  4. Wait for a while to enjoy your favorite show offline.

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Final Words

Apne.TV co is indeed a considerable platform, but it is no longer available in many regions. Therefore, you need to choose a better alternative. The free streaming site supports annoying ads, but you can get FlixPal Video Downloader. It supports a wide range of websites and helps you download high-quality content in a matter of minutes without paying hefty fees. Test the features with a free trial and then get a subscription for unlimited downloads.