How to Reset Your Password on Discovery Plus? A Guide to Auth Discovery Plus Reset Password!

Auth.discovery plus/reset-password helps you reset your Discovery+ password. This article will help you in the steps of auth.discovery plus reset password.

Forgetting passwords to your important accounts could be problematic. However, Discovery+ offers you an easy escape in the form of auth.discovery plus/reset-password. Auth.discovery plus reset password page will take you to a “Discovery Plus forgot password” window. Here, you can set a new password.

A simple set of steps on the page is all you need to set up a new password. Just stick to the guide you see appearing next to the web search of auth.discovery

So, give this article an elaborate read to know all about auth.discovery plus/reset-password magic!

What Is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is one of the famous OTT streaming services. It offers many original TV shows besides the 50 thousand episodes on the Discovery channel. The best options you can grasp on Discovery Plus include HGTV, Lifetime, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and many more.

Discovery Plus comes up with two monthly tires. One costs $4.99 per month, and the other ad-free tire is available at just $6.99. Each new subscription also provides you with a seven days free trial.

If Discovery Plus has so much to offer, it is surely a service worth spending your time on. Forgetting the password to your account can cause great panic if you just got a new subscription. Worry not because Discovery Plus offers you a solution to this problem in the form of auth.discovery plus/reset-password.

Discovery Plus does not let your subscription go to waste. Access to or just type Discovery reset password in your browser to get your account back with a new password!

The Need for a Visit to Auth.Discovery Plus/Reset-Password

Many people have the habit of forgetting their passwords. Discovery Plus cares for such people and brings you the option of “auth.discovery plus reset password”.

Auth.discovery is a website that can easily help reset your Discovery Plus password. But before that, you need to learn the causes of the common query “Discovery Plus forgot passwords." It can help you to avoid the hustle of resetting the password at auth.discoveryplus/reset-password.

Here are some reasons that will result in you landing on auth.discovery plus/reset-password page:

  1. Your account can be hacked. You can make use of auth discovery plus/reset-password page to relieve your tension.
  2. Simply forgetting passwords out of habit.
  3. Your account keeps making login trouble. Resetting your password can help you in this regard. Discovery reset password option is the best remedy you got in this case.
  4. Your Discovery Plus login can result in a page showing "wrong password." It may be because too many users are using the same account. Resetting your password will get you out of this issue.

Whatever the reason, the only solution to resetting your Discovery Plus password is at auth.discovery plus/reset-password.

Reset Your Discovery Plus Password Using Auth.Discovery Plus/Reset-Password is your ultimate guide if you forget your Discovery Plus password. A set of simple steps on auth.discovery can help you greatly.

  • Make sure your device has a secure internet connection. Open the browser on your device and type in, or you can simply type "auth.discoveryplus/reset-password".
  • Internet will direct you to the Discovery Plus homepage. Select the option of Forgot Password.
  • It will direct you to a page where there is an option for an email address. Type in your functional email address here, the same email address on which you registered your Discovery Plus account.
  • The next step on auth.discovery plus reset password demands you to visit your mailbox to check for any recovery email from Discovery Plus.
  • You will see a reset password link in your mailbox. This link is the courtesy of auth.discovery plus/reset-password procedure. Click on this link for the next step.
  • A new window will appear, asking you to set up a new 8-character password. Put in your secret number or word as a password and hit the update option. Auth discovery plus/reset-password will do the rest for you! lets you change or reset your password very easily with the help of your email. However, you can face problems if you don’t have a functional email.

Change Your Old Password Using Auth.Discovery Plus/Reset-Password

Many Discovery accounts make trouble while using. It is because too many users are using the same account. The only to this is that you change your password via auth.discovery

Change Your Password Through Your Account

  • This simple process involves logging into your Discovery Plus account.
  • Once you have gained entry into your account, you can navigate to the "your account" option on the home page.
  • Choose the option of "change password" from the new window.
  • Type in your old and new password, confirm your new password, and select "save." Your password is changed in the blink of an eye.

Change Your Password Through Auth.Discovery Plus/Reset-Password

You can also change your password with the help of the "auth.discovery plus reset password" page directly without logging into your account. Just follow the steps of resetting your password through email without using the old password.

Auth.discovery is your rescue in all cases; either you want to change your old password, or you want to recover your account.

Ask Help from Discovery Plus Customer Service

You can also avail the option of calling a customer care service if going through auth.discovery plus reset password steps feel like a headache for you. Get your phone, dial 1-888-972-8397, register your complaint to the customer service agent and wait for their response.

Download Videos from Discovery Plus with FlixPal

Recovering your Discovery Plus account password with the help of auth.discovery plus/reset-password steps give you access to unlimited videos and shows. You may wish to watch all these videos offline at the end of your subscription. It is where FlixPal Discovery Plus Downloader makes its entry!

Download All Your Favorite Discovery Plus Shows in Three Simple Steps

FlixPal Discovery Plus Downloader works in three steps to let you download unlimited shows in the best video quality. Believe it or not, FlixPal Downloader does not follow any regional restrictions, and it brings you ad-free content with a great many options of subtitles and batch downloads!

  1. Download FlixPal Downloader for your device and launch it. Choose Discovery Plus from VIP services.
  2. Search for the Discovery Plus video you want to download.
  3. Click "download now" and enjoy offline streaming all your favorite shows.

Discovery Plus not only goes well with FlixPal Downloader, but it also lets you stream this royalty on several famous devices. Learn how to activate your Discovery Plus on your TV to watch the shows on a big screen.

You should also know how to watch Discovery Plus on Apple TV if you are an Apple user. You can also stream your Discovery Plus on Hulu or pair your Discovery Plus with Dish easily to get a hold of all premium streaming options!


Auth.discovery plus/reset-password is your savior if you have lost your Discovery Plus password. Typing in your browser will direct you to the restoration of your account.

Discovery Plus offers a great deal of entertainment if you are a fan of streaming services. However, losing or forgetting your account password can cause a little chaos. Discovery Plus keeps it in mind and provides you with auth.discovery plus reset password option to bring some relief!