[B9DM] Summary of 9 alternative free anime sites.

In this article, we will introduce you to several anime websites that you can watch for free instead of B9DM (B9GOOD) and further explain in detail the dangers of pirate sites like B9DM.

What kind of website is B9DM and is B9GOOD an official website for free videos? I guess there are people who have questions such as.

B9DM (B9GOOD) is an illegal video site that does not require membership registration and allows you to watch a large amount of popular anime for free with a wide range of Japanese anime videos.

Because illegal sites like B9DM (B9GOOD) are unsafe and may put you at risk of identity theft, virus infection, etc.

In this article, we will introduce some anime websites that you can watch for free instead of B9DM (B9GOOD) and further explain in detail the dangers of pirate sites like B9DM.

What is B9DM anyway? Find out how it operates

What is B9DM (B9GOOD)?

B9DM has a broad lineup of Japanese anime videos, but its main body is a pirate/illegal site because of the large number of contents that are reproduced without permission.

It used to be a popular free anime video site widely known as "B9DM," but it was once forced to close down. It has now been successfully revived with a new domain and name, "B9GOOD.

Some examples of the features of B9DM (B9GOOD) include: a large amount of popular Japanese anime, no subtitles on the videos, and high quality videos.

Operation of B9DM (B9GOOD)

However, we do not recommend the use of pirate sites like B9DM, as there are a number of various dangers and shortcomings. The following is an examination of B9DM's operational status.

As of March 2023, when accessing B9DM (B9GOOD), the connection is frequently broken, but the site itself still exists.

As evidence of this, we checked the domain of B9DM (B9GOOD) with "Website Informer" and found

You can also check B9DM's (B9GOOD's) daily access numbers here.

In light of the "Manga-mura" case, piracy is now being strictly controlled by the authorities, so B9DM (B9GOOD) is sometimes excluded from the search results of search engines like Google.

At the moment, when I Google B9DM (B9GOOD), it is normally displayed.

However, there is a high possibility that it will be forced to close one day. For this reason, pirate sites like B9DM (B9GOOD) are constantly changing their domains and names and making repeated migrations.

Why do pirate sites not shut down when they are shut down, but constantly migrate to other domains and resurface?

One reason is that the operators operate the sites for illicit gains. One reason is that the operators are operating their sites for the purpose of making illicit profits.

However, as the importance of intellectual property rights grows day by day in the digital/internet age, it is likely that regulations against pirated sites will tend to be tightened in the future. This means that if you try to access a pirate site like B9DM (B9GOOD), you will have to constantly check for new domains.

Hence, viewing on pirate sites like B9DM (B9GOOD) is not recommended.

6 anime pirate sites for free viewing instead of B9DM (B9GOOD)

Are there any other anime pirate sites besides B9DM (B9GOOD) that I can watch for free?

Then we will introduce 6 anime pirate sites that you can watch for free instead of B9DM (B9GOOD). Please be careful not to use these sites, as they are likely to be illegal.


GOGOanime is an illegal foreign site where you can watch anime for free. It can be used as an alternative site to B9DM (B9GOOD).

In addition, most Japanese anime are available with Japanese audio, but English subtitles are also available, so this site should be of interest to those who want to watch foreign versions of anime.


Launched in 2009, bilibili is a very popular video sharing site with over 100 million monthly users. This Chinese video sharing site is sometimes called "China's version of Nico Nico Douga.

bilibili video is engaged in video, live streaming, mobile gaming, and comic book business in China. It is a legitimate site that distributes videos of Japanese anime for which it has acquired broadcast rights, so it is a safe alternative to B9DM (B9GOOD).


Animefreak is one of the mirror sites of GOGOanime. When you access the site, you will be redirected to GOGOanime's homepage. The site is operated by an overseas operator and allows you to play anime videos with subtitles from overseas. It is characterized by relatively few advertisements and the ability to view anime works in high quality.


This is a tremendous foreign anime site (US site) with a lot of the latest Japanese anime (and old works as well).

The search function is much easier to use than other pirate sites. Enter the first letter of a video in the menu to search, and you will quickly find the video.

You can watch the latest anime series and watch them in full HD. this is an easy-to-use video site as an alternative site to B9DM (B9GOOD).


Like B9DM (B9GOOD), this is a pirated anime site operated overseas. You can find not only Japanese anime but also anime from all over the world here.

The site is written in English, which makes it somewhat inconvenient to use, but it is easy to use by simply clicking on the title of the anime listed on the site.


AnimeFLV is another anime site operated overseas. It follows and updates the latest episodes of popular Japanese anime every day. The site features anime from a variety of genres, from the most popular current topics to traditional classics.

You can play the anime titles immediately after clicking on them, and instead of B9DM (B9GOOD), this site is quite easy to use as there are no pop-up ads or intermediate ads at all.

Risks in using pirate sites like B9DM

First of all, in conclusion, the risks in using pirate sites like B9DM are high. Please avoid using them if at all possible.

Virus infection on your computer or smartphone

If you accidentally click on a pop-up ad while watching a video on B9GOOD, you may get infected with a virus.

The first obvious route to virus infection is through video download links; many users have told us on B9DM's video page that they have been infected with viruses by downloading files from video download links (URLs).

Therefore, it is wise to use a secure external software after downloading videos from B9DM.

There have also been reports of users being infected with viruses simply by watching videos.

When a person is infected with a virus after watching a video, the web browser system is said to be rewritten, strange characters appear, or it stops working properly.

Also, if a computer or smartphone is infected with a virus, important data may be lost or compromised.

Leakage of personal information

Easy use of pirate sites such as B9DM may cause your computer, smartphone, or other device to be infected with a virus, which may interfere with the use of that device. For example, the terminal may be manipulated without permission, or personal information may be transmitted to a third party.

In addition, important data on computers and smartphones can be deleted or lost without permission, or leaked online. On smartphones, location information can be shared, and cameras can be activated without permission to view photos and camera videos.

Therefore, it is important to remember that frequent use of pirate sites such as B9DM not only infects you with viruses, but also puts your daily life at risk.


3 legitimate anime sites to watch for free instead of B9DM

Stop using high-risk pirate sites and use legitimate sites.

Anime regular sites that can be watched for free instead of B9DM: 1) U-NEXT

Point: The

  • 31-day free trial available
  • Top class in Japan with over 150,000 video titles
  • From movies, dramas, animations to manga, all on one U-NEXT!
  • All titles are in 720P or higher quality and read faster than ever
  • The latest titles are updated quickly

After downloading U-NEXT dramas, movies, and anime safely and fast, please read the following article.

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Regular anime sites that can be watched for free instead of B9DM (2) dTV

Point: The

  • 31-day free trial available
  • Watch as many as 120,000 movies for only one coin!
  • Watch Zakzak-Zakzak with a dedicated smartphone app
  • Wide selection of the latest rental movies
  • Korean and Chinese dramas available

After watching dTV's Japanese, Korean, and H waryu dramas offline, please see the article below.

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3) Regular anime sites that can be watched for free instead of B9DM (3) AbemaTV

Point: The

  • 1 month free trial period available
  • Instant playback without ads
  • You can also watch missed programs after they have aired
  • Enjoy programs with comments

If you want to enjoy AbemaTV shows, animation, Korean dramas, and the World Cup offline, save them using the fast download method.

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This article introduced the current situation of B9GOOD (B9DM), its dangers, and alternative video viewing sites, etc. Since B9GOOD (B9DM) is a pirated video site, there are many problems and risks involved in using it. B9GOOD (B9DM) is a pirate video site.