8 Best Cooking Shows to Watch on Netflix in 2023

Here are 8 of the best cooking shows available on Netflix. You will be exposed to delicious dishes from around the world, their backgrounds, and get ideas on how to make them easily at home. If you love cooking, this is your chance to immerse yourself in the charm of Netflix.

Netflix has numerous cooking shows, but it can be hard to know what to watch. That's why we've selected 8 of the best cooking shows available on Netflix. Through these shows, you will be exposed to delicious dishes from around the world and their backgrounds, and you will also get ideas on how you can easily make them at home. We hope you will take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the charm of Netflix, even if you are a food lover.

8 of the Best Cooking Shows on Netflix

Netflix has a large number of cooking shows, but some of them are not worth watching. So, here is a series of well-reviewed cooking shows that are well worth watching on Netflix. These shows offer not only delicious dishes from around the world, but you can also learn about their methods and recipes. They are enjoyable not only for those who love to cook, but also for those who are beginners in the culinary arts.

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NO1. "Salt Fat Acid Heat": the best show to explore the science of cooking

As one of the best cooking shows available on Netflix, this show hosted by Samin Nosrat is based on the book of the same name. As she travels the world, she focuses on the four essential elements of cooking: salt, fat, acidity, and heat. Each episode shows how these elements are involved in cooking and how they are used around the world.

NO2. "The Great British Baking Show": a cooking competition show with a pleasant mood.

As the second best cooking show available on Netflix, this is a cooking competition show that offers viewers a great and memorable experience. The judges are unique and have great chemistry with each other. The interaction between the competitors is also thoroughly enjoyable.

There are five seasons of The Great British Baking Show, and if you include special episodes such as Halloween and Christmas, you can enjoy the show for a long time. Please try it at least once!

NO3. " Street Food ": A show that introduces delicious street food from around the world.

It focuses on street food in the city, where the "real soul" of the countries is born. In the first season, food from Latin America and Asia will be featured. Each episode will show how to make each of these delicious dishes and the effort required to produce them.

While many food travel shows tend to skim over the lives of the food cart vendors, this show delves behind the scenes and shows how they make the food they love within their own countries. it' s worth watching as the third best cooking show on Netflix.

NO4. "Chef's Table": a documentary show about the world's top chefs.

In this show, you are invited into the world of chefs who have made a huge impact on the culinary world. In each episode, you will learn about their motivations, life philosophies, and why they are the best chefs.

This program was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Documentary Series category from 2015-2019. You'll see how innovative thinkers and creative people work and the sacrifices they make to pursue their passions, so great that it's one of the top four cooking shows to watch on Netflix.

NO5. "Million Pound Menu": a restaurant idea show judged by British investors.

This show has a similar concept to the TV show Shark Tank. British investors hear about restaurant ideas submitted by participants and are responsible for proving that the ideas can be realized. Participants are given the opportunity to host a pop-up restaurant for a few days, during which time the investors decide whether to move forward with the idea.

This program is a fun way to see how different restaurant ideas play out in the real world. It also provides an interesting insight into the business side of restaurant operations. It is a great way to be introduced to aspects of the business that don't usually get much attention. One of the best TV cooking shows and worthy of being in the top 5 best cooking shows available on Netflix.

NO6. "American Barbecue Champion": a food competition show to determine the American barbecue champion.

If you like to grill, this cooking show on NETFLIX is for you. It is meant to keep the spirit of summer outdoor cooking and entertainment alive all year long. Eight American backyard smokers and pitmasters compete for the title of American Barbecue Champion. The show has been well received by viewers for its low key and less dramatic approach to production, as well as for its commentary on the cooking process and meat selection. The first season was filmed in Georgia and premiered on Netflix in September 2020.

NO7. "The Big Family Cooking Showdown": competition show to determine the family with the best home cooking in the UK.

If you like home cooking shows, this show, available on NETFLIX, is the perfect one: 16 teams compete to determine the family with the best home cook. In the first season, contestants compete with easy-to-prepare dishes and time-honored recipes made with everyday ingredients. Viewers enjoy the content of Season 1, including the family interactions and the episodes behind the cooking.

On the other hand, there are many opinions about Season 2 that have divided the evaluation. For example, some say that the increased number of judges and more specialized critiques have caused some dissatisfaction among viewers. Another reason for disappointment in Season 2 is that there is less family interaction and changes in the judging structure compared to Season 1.

NO8. "Baking Impossible": Baking competition show that tests creativity

If you are interested in baking, this fare show on NETFLIX is for you. This is no ordinary baking show. In each episode, competitors tackle very difficult challenges using only baked goods. For example, there are many challenges that test their creativity, such as creating a ship, a robot, and a miniature golf course. Baking Impossible is a truly creative baking competition show that really tests the skills of all participating bakers.

And while there are many funny scenes, you will be thrilled and excited to see what creations succeed and what failures there are.

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In this article, we have introduced you to eight of the best cooking shows available on Netflix. Through these shows, you can learn about delicious dishes from around the world and their backgrounds. They are also a must-see for those who love to cook, as you will also get ideas on how to make them easily at home. Also, if you want to watch NETFLIX offline, you can use the convenient download software--. FlixPal Netflix Downloader is recommended.