How to Activate CBS on Roku and Other Devices?

Here is a complete guide to activating CBS on Roku via and so you can watch all your favorite media on one platform!

If you have a premium subscription to CBS and are wondering how to enable streaming on your home streaming device or other devices, you should go through our guide today! In it, we discussed the CBS activation process via

The article will give you an overview of CBS and its entertainment services. Further, we will also give you a few tips about CBS, which will surely enhance your streaming experience.

What Is CBS?

CBS is the house of great entertainment where you can get everything from news and sports to movies and TV shows after activating via tv roku. No matter what you like, CBS has something to offer to everyone.

If you love watching TV shows, you can watch trending TV shows on CBS. If you have a keen interest in listening to the news, you can spend your whole day watching the news and keep yourself updated on world affairs.

CBS has all different media genres that you can enjoy. To access the entertainment stuff, you must activate CSB via, and you are all set to enjoy your free time.

CBS, all access is available as a stand-alone service. If you already subscribe to CBS through a cable TV provider or satellite service, you will have free access but limited content only, like news and sports. You will not get access to the CBS originals.

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What Are the Membership Plans of CBS?

CBS currently offers two different subscriptions:

  • Limited Commercial Plan for just $5.99 per month
  • Commercial Free Plan for just $9.99 per month

Suppose you subscribe to the "Commercial Free" subscription. In that case, it will allow you to watch your favorite movie or TV show in 4K resolution if your device supports such high-definition picture quality.

Before buying any subscription, remember that you will experience the ads on both plans. If you go for the "Limited Commercial," you will have to watch the ads twice per TV episode.

Furthermore, if you go for the "Commercial Free," you will not experience any ads while watching any TV show or movie. However, if you watch any live show, news, or live event, ads will show up.

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How to Activate CBS on Different Smart Devices?

Once you activate CBS via, you need to connect it to your smart device and enable the CBS streaming service. Here are a few guides where we have shown you the step-by-step activation process of CBS on different devices.

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Activate CBS on Phone or Tablet

You can watch the streaming content on your smartphone or tablet after activating via CBS TV Roku. Follow the below steps to enable the CBS.

  • You will need to download the CBS app on your smartphone or the tablet you prefer to access CBS.
  • After completing the downloading and installation, launch the CBS app to get the activation code.
  • Grab another device to go to Enter the activation code into the designated box and hit Activate!
  • Now confirm your TV provider name and enter the login details.
  • Once your details get confirmed, you will be granted access to the CBS streaming service.

Active CBS on Apple TV

Activate CBS and follow the below instruction to enjoy endless entertainment on your Apple TV.

  • First, you must download and install the CBS app from the Apple Store.
  • Launch the app and receive an activation code.
  • Open the browser on any other smart device, visit or, and paste the activation code in the required box.
  • Hit Activate and select your TV provider from the list and enter the details.
  • Follow the instruction mentioned on the screen. Once your TV provider details are confirmed, you can start streaming on CBS.

Active CBS on Android TV

If you want to enjoy streaming the TV shows and movies provided by CBS on your Android TV, you need to activate it via and follow the steps below.

  • Turn on your Android TV and go to the Google Play Store.
  • Now type CBS and hit the search icon; the app will pop up; download, and install it.
  • Launch the app to get an activation code. Write it somewhere.
  • Open the browser on any smart device, visit, and paste the activation code in the required box.
  • Choose your TV provider and hit Continue.
  • You will be asked to enter the detail of the TV provider before CBS get active.

Active CBS on Amazon Fire Stick

Want to watch a CBS movie this weekend on your FireStick? You must activate CBS via and follow the steps to enjoy the stream.

  • Turn on your Fire Stick and hover over the App Store.
  • Type CBS and hit search; now download and install the application.
  • On launching the app, you will get an activation code on your screen; copy the code.
  • Open any browser and visit Now paste the code in the activation section.
  • Follow the further instruction and select your TV provider and enter the detail.
  • Once CBS confirms your TV provider detail, it will activate the streaming on your Fire Stick.

Active CBS on Roku TV

To watch your favorite movie, show, or sport on your Roku TV, you need to activate CBS through Wondering how to do so? Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Turn on your Roku TV and press the Home key to go to the Home menu.
  • In the search, type CBS and hit the Search button.
  • CBS will pop up on your screen. Hit "Add Channel" to add it to your Roku TV.
  • Once CBS is added, launch it to receive an activation code.
  • Copy that activation code, grab another device to go to activate, and paste the activation code in the required box.
  • Now hit the Activate button to activate CBS on Roku TV.

How to Download Your Preferred Movies, Shows, News and Much More from CBS?

Subscribing to CBS premium membership is worth it, and there is no doubt. But unfortunately, nothing is perfect. CBS offers many entertainment options that you can get on your smart device, but it doesn't allow you to download your favorite content and save it on your device.

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CBS offers different categories of entertainment. Once you have activated CBS via, you will get access to a new world of entertainment. You can watch sports and the news to know what is happening around you. You can watch TV shows and exclusive interviews on your weekend to spend some quality time.

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