Does DirecTV Stream Have a Free Trial?

This article carries the complete information for you to know more about the DirecTV Stream free trial. Read this article for the DirecTV Stream free trial 30 days.

DirecTV Stream is one of the best live streaming platforms that allow access to many channels, including Sports, News, Entertainment, Kids' Shows, Music, and much more. Users can subscribe to the monthly subscription plans to gain access to all these services from DirecTV. These subscription plans can range between $69.99 and $149.99. 

The best thing is that DirecTV Stream free trial offers a 5-day free access to its content. In this article, we will further discuss whether the DirecTV Stream has a free trial and how to get a DirecTV Stream in easy steps.

Why Choose DirecTV?

One of the most widely used streaming services right now is DirecTV. A high-quality streaming service at a reasonable price is offered by DirecTV, which is primarily active in America. The DirecTV streaming service, formerly marketed as AT&T TV, offers its members access to more than 100 TV channels. Additionally, it offers a massive selection of media services, including on-demand movies.

Does DirecTV Stream Have a Free Trial?

As a new DirecTV Stream free trial 30 day subscriber, you can also get a 5-day free trial with $30 off in the first two months of subscription. You can also enjoy additional things like 3 months of free access to HBO Max, Starz, Epix, and Showtime, with the DirecTV Stream free trial 30 days.

How long is DirecTV Stream free trial? DirecTV streaming platform offers its users a 5-day free trial DirecTV Stream if the users sign up with the application. Taking advantage of this free trial DirecTV Stream is a great way to test the services of this amazing platform, but for free.

There are many packages to test various channels and suitable bundles for you to choose from. You can sign up for a free trial DirecTV Stream without having to sign up for the special conditions.

What Can You Watch with DirecTV Stream Free Trial?

Does DirecTV Stream have a free trial? The channels you can have access to, with a free trial DirecTV Stream, completely rely on the type of package you have chosen. Currently, there are four packages available for DirecTV Stream free trial.

The Entertainment plan DirecTV offers is $69.99 for a month, and it comes with 75 or more channels that may include the major news networks, ESPN, Nickelodeon, HGTV, TNT, and much more.

DirecTV Choice package costs $89.99 for a month, and it includes all of the entertainment channels along with the sports channels, like NBA TV, MBL Network, etc.

The Ultimate package of DirecTV offers complete access to more than 140 channels for $104 a month; this package includes entertainment and sports options, like STARZ Encore, Oxygen, NHL Network, etc.

Lastly, the Premium package costs $149 monthly; it comes with 150 plus channels. It includes top-end entertainment channels like SHOWTIME, Cinemax, and HBO Max.

What Channels Are Available for DirecTV?

DirecTV hosts more than 100 TV channels, like ABC. You can watch all the shows of ABC on DirecTV with the DirecTV Stream free trial 2022. DirecTV includes some of the major TV channels available in its free trial, like FOX, CBS, ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, AMC, BET, SHOWTIME, HGTV, MSNBC, FX, VH1, MTV, OWN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, WE TV, Lifetime, Food Network, A&E, Disney Channel.

How to Sign Up for DirecTV Stream Free Trial?

Does DirecTV stream have a free trial? And how long is DirecTV Stream free trial? In order to sign up for DirecTV Stream free trial and gain DirecTV Stream free trial 30 days service, you must first visit the DirecTV official website.

  • Pick the monthly subscription package you wish to try.
  • Click on Start free trial written under the package name that you wish to choose.
  • You now need to enter your personal information, including the payment details. Know that you will not be charged any fee until the DirecTV Stream free trial or DirecTV Stream free trial 30 days end.

How to Cancel DirecTV Stream Free Trial?

If you want to cancel your DirecTV Stream free trial, you can do so in a simple way from your DirecTV account. Follow these steps for how to cancel DirecTV Stream free trial.

  • Open your DirecTV Stream account, and enter the entire login details to log in.
  • Move to the menu option from the rightmost corner of your webpage.
  • Click to open the settings and click on the user account.
  • Select the manage my plan option.
  • Now click to cancel the plan from the bottom of the webpage; you can click to cancel DirecTV Stream free trial 2022.
  • Confirm it, and wait until you receive a confirmation message on your screen.

How to Download DirecTV Stream Videos?

It would be great if you could download your favorite DirecTV content within the free trial duration. There is a fantastic app that makes it possible for you! FlixPal Video Downloader is your one-stop solution for downloading content from a number of streaming websites, including DirecTV. Its functioning is simple and easy. FlixPal has many amazing key features that make this app even more enjoyable!

How to Download Videos Using FlixPal Video Downloader?

  • Click to launch the downloader, and choose the specific TV channel from the list.
  • Search for and select the video you want to download.
  • Click on download to save the video to your device. You can also move it to any of your other devices.


If you want to know about the DirecTV free trial subscription procedure and how much the different subscription plans of DirecTV cost, you can look up this article. Before the free trial limit ends, you can also download your favorite content with the help of FlixPal Video Downloader and enjoy unlimited access to downloaded videos from the streaming network without internet interruption. If you want to know more about application that FlixPal support, then do read the blog about Philo's free trial 2022.


How can I subscribe to DirecTV?

Visit the official website to sign up with DirecTV. You can choose a suitable subscription plan based on your needs.

Can I end my free trial of DirecTV Stream?

Yes, you can end your free trial of DirecTV anywhere at any time by canceling your subscription free of charge.