How to download videos from AbemaTV to your computer explained!

This article explains how to download videos from AbemaTV, including how to use safe software.

AbemaTV (Abema TV) is a very convenient service that allows you to watch a variety of videos, including news, romance shows, and animations, for free. However, many of the videos have a fixed release date, and after the date has passed, the videos are no longer available for viewing.

Therefore, some people may want to record and save videos in advance. In this article, we would like to explain how to download videos from AbemaTV and how to use safe software.

Can I download official AbemaTV videos?

AbemaTV download function for premium members only

AbemaTV actually allows you to download videos and enjoy them offline by becoming a premium member.

There is an initial free trial period of two weeks, which is a very attractive plan, but unfortunately, if you cancel your Premium membership, you will not be able to watch the videos you have downloaded.

In other words, you cannot permanently save videos even if you become a Premium member.

How to use AbemaTV's official download function

1. Tap the download button on the details page of the work you like.

*Downloading will begin.

2. Tap the " Download" button on the "Three Lines" menu or on My Page.

*Downloading will begin.

3. Tap the play button of the work that has been downloaded to play it.

*You can watch using the downloaded data. Up to 25 programs can be downloaded.

What are the disadvantages of Abema's download function?

1. works cannot be downloaded on a PC

As we talked about, hulu's download function does not support the PC end. hulu's download function is supported on the following devices.

- Android phone/tablet

- iPhone/iPad

2. video viewing deadline and downloaded videos

There is an expiration date set for "Missed Viewing" and "ABEMA Video."

Basically, it is not disclosed how long a video is available for, but it is applied to downloaded videos even if it is "15 days or less" until the delivery deadline, but videos that are past the deadline will not be available for viewing. Be sure to check the video's viewing deadline. 3.

3. cannot be played completely offline

This is not limited to ABEMA, but just because you have downloaded a video does not mean that you can play it in a "completely offline" state.

However, you only need an Internet connection for the first playback, and you can play it offline during playback.

In other words, it is useful for playback in places with poor reception such as "subways," but it cannot be used in places where it is completely offline such as "airplanes.

4. HDCP is incorporated.

This HDCP is a technology that prevents unauthorized copying by encrypting digital signals communicated mutually between video playback devices such as PCs and display devices such as displays. This means that it is difficult to record using the screen recording function of a smartphone.

FlixPal ABEMA Downloader" available for ABEMA

Here we would like to introduce you to our recommended tool for downloading ABEMA videos.

If you want to download ABEMA, this is it! FlixPal ABEMA Downloader.

FlixPal ABEMA Downloader is a downloader for the purpose of downloading "ABEMA" with limited and carefully selected features. It may be available at a low price. You can also download three copies of the work for free, so you can use it thoroughly before purchasing.

The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and the latest updates are frequent, so even if there is a change in specifications on the "ABEMA" side, it is flexible enough to respond immediately.

FlixPal ABEMA Downloader Features

  • Do you want to save your TV and videos on Abema in high quality for future offline viewing, FlixPal supports downloads in different resolutions, with the highest resolution up to 1080P.
  • FlixPal blocks all ads that appear when watching downloaded programs, especially in its built-in browser.
  • FlixPal allows you to save subtitles in various languages according to your personal demands. You can download subtitled videos directly or extract and save subtitles in the form of SRT files.
  • ABEMA films can be downloaded in batches with the batch download feature, saving you even more time and effort by downloading a large number of videos at once.
  • Do you have the desire to watch downloaded movies again on other devices? FlixPal allows you to download and then transfer them to any device, since downloaded MP4 files are in compatible formats.

We would like to explain how to actually use the FlixPal ABEMA downloader to download "ABEMA" movies.

1. From the official website, open the download page and click "Free Download".

>> FlixPal ABEMA Downloader

2. After downloading the data, open the installer and click "Quick Install" to start the installation.

3. After installation is complete, click " Start Now " to launch FlixPal ABEMA Downloader. 4.

4. Since the software may be written in English, convert it to Japanese. First, open "Settings" from the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. 5.

5. when the Settings screen opens, click "General " in the upper left corner of the screen and select Japanese from "Language ". 6.

6. click " VIP Services" from the items on the left of the top screen to display "ABEMA ".

Click "ABEMA" to open a browser window and log in with your "ABEMA account". 8.

8. After logging in, jump to the video page and a window will appear asking you to download the video. Click "Add to queue" to download later , or"Download now " to download now.

9. Once downloading has started, the video title you are downloading will be added to the "Downloading" section on the left side of the screen.

10. If there are any videos you wish to download during this time, you can do so by jumping to the video page. If there are none, wait for the download to complete.

11. Once the download is complete, you can watch the downloaded video by clicking on the "folder" icon on the right side of the video title. (The destination can be changed as desired.)


What do you think, ABEMA has a lot of contents in various genres. If you have downloaded a movie, you can use FlixPal ABEMA as described above to download it without any quality loss. FlixPal ABEMA Downloader Now that you have a free trial, let's download your favorite movies.

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