AnimeFesta] How to save AnimeFesta adult-oriented anime to your PC.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to save adult anime from AnimeFesta to your PC. [Recording/Downloading

AnimeFesta is a specialized video delivery service that charges 440 yen or 1,078 yen per month for many adult-oriented anime such as TL, BL, and "monk frame" works. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to save adult anime from AnimeFesta to your PC.

Method 1: How to record AnimeFesta on PC

Leawo Screen Recorder allows you to record Yahoo Sports videos on your PC. Screen recording allows for quick video editing. You can also record live streams, live games, online meetings, and streaming video.

1. download and run LeawoScreen Recorder from the official website.

2. LeawoScreen Recorder has four module interfaces. They are "Screen Record," "Webcam Recording," "Recording," and "Screen Capture." Select "Screen Recorder".

3. Click "Select Region/Window" and choose a screen range.

Full Screen: Capture the computer screen.

Area/Window: You can freely select the area you wish to record.

4. Set the system sound and press REC to start recording the screen.

Press "STOP" to stop recording. You can manage your video files under "Recording History".

However, LeawoScreen Recorder has the following drawbacks.

1. Leawo Screen Recorder cannot record all videos; DRM-protected videos cannot be downloaded.

2. Leawo Screen Recorder offers a free version and a full version. Before purchasing, please make sure that the free trial is capable of recording videos. Videos recorded with the free version can be exported to a folder on your PC, but there are four watermarks such as "". As shown in the following figure

Method 2: How to download Anime Festa on your PC

Next, we will show you a more efficient way. The backdoor way to download Anime Festa videos to your PC " FlixPal Downloader " is a program specialized to save videos.

Unlike Leawo Screen Recorder recording. You can download videos in a short time. Moreover, it supports downloading Anime Festa videos in the highest Full HD quality. You can also directly download videos in MP4 format. You can output to a folder on your PC.

Below are the instructions on how to download Anime Festa anime with FlixPal.

1. download and install this program from the official FlixPal downloader homepage

2. run FlixPal and enter the URL of Anime Festa <> in the address bar. Before downloading, please login as a member. Then, find the movie you want to download.

*After logging in as a member, you will be supported to download premium and adult-oriented works.

3. Enter the video detail page and play this video. When the "DRM M3U8" button turns blue in the upper left corner of the page, this video is ready for download.

4. Click on "DRM M3U8" and select the video quality, audio quality, etc. you wish to save, then click on the orange "Download Now" button.

5. After doing so, the video download will begin.

By the way, here are some precautions to take while downloading.

1. FlixPal has only 3 free downloads, but you can download the video completely as if it were the original version, despite the time, picture quality, and sound quality.

2. During the process of downloading a video, you may be affected by Internet latency, but it does not mean that the video will be choppy or heavy like a recording, or that the video will be saved as is. You can watch the downloaded video smoothly.

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