How to buy, watch, and learn about ASOBISTAGE online events! How can I download the live feed?

This article describes the ASOBISTAGE Live Streaming Service and how to upload videos simultaneously during ASOBISTAGE Live Streaming.

ASOBISTAGE is one of a variety of live streaming services offering a new type of online event. It is a live streaming service with features mainly for enjoying online streaming, such as ticket purchase, live streaming, archived broadcast, etc. This section describes the ASOBISTAGE live streaming service and how to upload videos simultaneously during ASOBISTAGE live streaming.

About ASOBISTAGE Live Streaming

By purchasing an exclusive ticket for the stage of your choice on ASOBISTAGE, you can enter the venue at the reserved time and enjoy the performance to the fullest. You will also find information about live show reservations and archived streaming, which will generally be available in the near future, on the details page.

Purchase Tickets for ASOBISTAGE Live Streaming

Members can purchase tickets according to their needs.

ASOBISTAGE Shop membership registration is required. After completing the membership registration, please purchase tickets on the ticket purchase page.

To check if your ticket purchase was successful, please go to "Purchase History" in the title menu.

*Please note that changes or cancellations cannot be made after ticket purchase.

Notes for ASOBISTAGE Live Viewing

  • A fast and stable Internet connection is required to view the live streaming.
  • Since the distribution is streamed remotely, there is a possibility of video and audio interference and delays.
  • ASOBISTAGE has a double input prevention function and viewing from multiple terminals or multiple screens of the same terminal is not possible.
  • If screen or audio does not play while viewing live ASOBISTAGE, please check your terminal.

Archive distribution of ASOBISTAGE

ASOBISTAGE provides not only live streaming but also archived content. Archive delivery is a feature usually created for those who missed the live broadcast and want to watch a certain content again.

However, you will need to purchase a subscription ticket again. The time available to view the content is limited, so please check each event page for details. You can watch as many times as you like during the transmission period. Archived broadcasts may or may not be available depending on the performance, so please check the availability of archived broadcasts and which streaming service it will be available on before purchasing.

Can I watch ASOBISTAGE on my TV?

Apple TV 4K(64GB) - Apple(日本)

Depending on the device used (PC, smartphone, tablet), it may be possible to watch on TV by using a wired connection (HDMI cable, etc.) or a wireless/Wi-Fi connection device (Google ChromeCast, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, etc.). For details on how to connect, please refer to the following page.

For details on how to connect, please refer to the following page.

How to cast Apple TV to Chromecast? [updated in 2022].

How to download "ASOBISTAGE" streaming live

From the "What to look out for when watching ASOBISTAGE live" above, you can see that there are various restrictions on the live streaming of ASOBISTAGE.

Is there a better way to watch ASOBISTAGE live streaming, or can I record ASOBISTAGE live streaming? Actually, the content distributed by ASOBISTAGE is embedded with DRM to prevent recording and recording, and cannot be easily recorded. Therefore, dedicated download software is required. Here, we recommend FlixPal.

What is FlixPal downloader?

FlixPal is a powerful software for downloading live streams from ASOBISTAGE, ASOBISTORE, SHOWROOM, etc. FlixPal is especially suitable if you want to download videos from services that mainly stream live video, such as ASOBISTAGE.

  • FlixPal can download ASOBISTAGE videos with up to 4k quality and EAC3 5.1 sound quality.
  • You can watch ASOBISTAGE live and download at the same time.
  • Downloaded videos will play smoothly without video or audio distortion or delays due to line speed.
  • Remove commercials inserted in ASOBISTAGE live streaming.

Steps to download ASOBISTAGE Live Streaming

(1) Enter FlixPal's official website and download the software for free.

②Start FlixPal and enter the official ASOBISTAGE link ( in the address bar.

③Log in using the built-in browser, check your purchased tickets, and enter the live show that will start soon.

④FlixPal will automatically analyze the URL of the video on the viewing page. A new window will appear after analysis. Select your desired picture and sound quality.

⑤ Click "Download Now" to start downloading while watching the live performance.


If you have purchased content from ASOBISTAGE, please download FlixPal and use it.

Of course, FlixPal is also compatible with other live streaming services, namely.

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