FNN (Prime Online)] A comprehensive explanation of how to save FNN news videos.

If you can save these videos as study material, I believe they will be very useful for your research on economics, politics, etc. For this reason, this article provides a comprehensive explanation of how to save FNN News videos. Please read on.

FNN (Prime Online) is Fuji Television Network's specialized news network. It is a news service that brings together the fastest and most accurate news from Japan and abroad, covering a wide range of fields including economics, politics, society, international, sports, and entertainment.

Want to save FNN (Prime Online) news videos? What's the best way to do it? If you can save these videos as study materials, they will be very useful for your research on economics, politics, etc. Therefore, this article provides a comprehensive explanation of how to save FNN news videos. Please read on.

How to record and save FNN news videos [PC].

We recommend you to use a reliable program [Leawo Screen Recorder] to easily record FNN programs and watch them later.

With the screen recording program [Leawo Screen Recorder ], you can easily convert FNN news videos to lossless MP4 and save them to your PC. You can also record streaming videos from FOD, Disney+, GYAO, TVer, Amazon Prime Video, etc. The user interface is so clear and simple that even beginners may use it effectively.

How to use Leawo Screen Recorder

1. Launch Leawo Screen Recorder and click the "Screen Recorder" button.

2. Click "Select Region/Window" from the choices below it.

3. Select the screen range you wish to record, then press the "REC" button in the red circle on the right side of the control panel.

4. Press the STOP button to end the recording. Saved videos can be managed in the recording history.

How to download and save FNN News videos [PC].

FlixPal Downloader is one of the programs specialized in downloading news from FNN website.FlixPal Downloader is the best video saving app, even after trying many other apps. The major advantage that the downloader has over recording software is that it allows you to save videos without the need to play or even record them. Furthermore, the time commitment is minimal. Downloaders excel in this regard.

Numerous other video-on-demand providers, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and AmazonPrime Video, also support this app. Here is how to use FlixPal

1. Download this product from the FlixPal website.

First, enter the official FlixPal website with your favorite web browser. The software is available as a free download for both Windows and MAC computers, so select the appropriate version and "free download" it.

2. install and launch FlixPal.

After downloading, start the FlixPal installation folder and choose where you want to save it. After installation is complete, launch FlixPal and navigate to the official FNN website <www.fnn.jp> from the app's main menu.

3. Find the video you want to download.

Find the video you want to save. Find the news video you want to download and go to the video playback page.

4. Set the picture quality.

Next, in the pop-up box that appears, select the desired video and audio quality and click the "Download Now" button. The resolution may range from 320P to 1080P, depending on the video.

    Download Now

5. start downloading

Click the "Download Now" button to immediately download the video. 20 minutes of video will take roughly 2 minutes to download.

* FNN Video is a streaming service available only in Japan region. Please note that international users are not yet able to use FNN Video directly.


In this article, we have introduced how to save news videos from FNN. After all, if you save FNN videos, the download software is easier to use. Why, with FlixPal downloader, you can download videos in a fraction of the time it takes to watch them. This is a useful feature that recording software does not offer, and it makes video storage more efficient.

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