Two Best Ways to Download Hulu Video for Offline Viewing

The article introduce two convenient ways to download Hulu videos. To better effortlessly download Hulu movies to watch offline, all-in-one FlixPal Hulu Downloader is recommended.

In today's digital age, streaming services like Hulu have revolutionized how we consume entertainment. With its vast library of TV shows, movies, and original content, Hulu offers a treasure trove of captivating content.

However, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where internet access is limited or non-existent, preventing us from enjoying our favorite shows and movies. Fortunately, there are two best ways to download Hulu videos for offline viewing, allowing us to access our desired content anytime, anywhere.

In this article, we will explore these methods, providing you with simple and effective solutions to enjoy Hulu's offerings offline.

Can You Download Movies on Hulu to Watch Offline?

The answer is: absolutely YES.

Hulu, as a popular streaming service, allows users to download movies for offline viewing, which enables users to download their favorite movies and shows to watch without an internet connection. However, there are many restrictions posed by official Hulu downloader.

Additionally, there is a safe third-party tool called FlixPal that can also facilitate downloading Hulu content for offline enjoyment, which embraces extensive and powerful features. The two options can both provide convenient ways for users to access their favorite movies on Hulu anytime and anywhere.

You can also learn the way to record on Hulu through the official blog of FlixPal.

Let's take a closer look at the top two methods for downloading Hulu videos to watch later.

Using the Official Support for Downloads and Offline Viewing


Hulu subscribers who have one of the (no-ads) plans can enjoy the convenience of downloading content on their supported mobile devices*, namely some iPhones, iPads, Android mobile deviices and Amazon Fire tablets.

What's more, the account-level download limits only allow you to have a maximum of 25 downloads on five supported mobile devices simultaneously (apply to the entire account). If you happen to exceed any of these limits, a popup alert will appear in Hulu app, providing you with the necessary guidance on what to do next.

When it comes to unwatched downloads, you will retain access to them for a period of 30 days, unless the specific episode or movie becomes unavailable from our streaming library before that time. Once you start playing a downloaded video, you will have 48 hours to complete watching it before the download expires.

In addition to the above limitations, Hulu subscribers must pay attention to that switching to a plan that does not support downloads, such as Hulu or Hulu + Live TV, will result in the removal of your current downloads.

*The supported mobile devices of official Hulu downloader:

Supported iOS models Supported Fire Tablets Supported Android mobile devices
  • iPhone 5S or later
  • iPad 5th generation or later (iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and iPad mini 2, 3, and 4)
  • iPod Touch 6th generation
  • Fire HD 6 (4th generation)
  • Fire HD 7 (4th generation)
  • Fire HDX 8.9" (4th generation)
  • Fire (5th generation or higher)
  • Fire HD 8 (5th generation or higher)
  • Fire HD 10 (5th generation or higher)
  • Most models running Android 5.0 and above
  • Screen size of at least 800x480 pixels

Using the Safe Third-Party Tool FlixPal


FlixPal is a robust and flexible piece of software that will improve your viewing experience by giving you a one-stop-shop to download movies of Hulu. This ground-breaking app allows users to quickly and easily download their preferred videos from Hulu in a variety of formats, giving them free access to their preferred media whenever and wherever they like.

Gone are the days of being bound by time and internet connectivity limitations. FlixPal enables you to break free from these constraints even posed by official Hulu downloader, allowing you the convenience of offline viewing, whether it’s on a long flight, during a commute, or simply in the comfort of your own home without relying on stable internet access.

The Outstanding Features of FlixPal Downloader

FlixPal's main selling point is how easily it gets over Hulu's restrictions, allowing you to download your favorite videos without any hassle. FlixPal quickly extracts the content you desire from any TV show, film, or documentary, giving you the freedom to select the video format that best suits your needs.

Free Trail and Comparatively Low Subscription Fee

Curious about the ways FlixPal can enhance your downloading experience? Give it a free trial for 3 times beforehand! If you find it beneficial, you can opt for the pocket-friendly VIP membership. Unlock premium features, keep enjoying your favorite videos, and download unlimited videos without any concerns about the expense.

FlixPal Monthly Plan Biannually Plan

Annual Plan

Lifetime Plan
Cost $19.9 $41.94


(Save 65%)






Number of License 1 1 1 3 5
Money Back Gurantee 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days 14 Days
Batch Download Feature
No Ads Download

FlixPal now has a new discounted annual plan for groups starting at just $39.9, or $14.90 per month.


Support for High-Quality Audio and Video

The audio and visual quality standards set by FlixPal guarantee an engaging and pleasurable viewing experience. Enjoy spectacular graphics and crystal-clear sound with support for up to 1080p video resolution and a fantastic 320kbps audio bitrate. FlixPal raises your entertainment bar, so say goodbye to pixelated videos and poor audio.

Extensive support for various sites and video formats

The days of stumbling around with incompatible video formats are long gone. With the wide variety of websites and video formats that FlixPal supports, you may easily get the information you want.

FlixPal supports a wide range of file types, including MP4, MKV, and many more, making it a flexible solution for your video downloading needs. FlixPal guarantees you won't miss out on any of your favorite videos with over 200 supported websites, including well-known ones like Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo, etc.

Enjoy Your Faves on Multiple Devices with a Single Account

By providing the ease of using a single account across various devices, FlixPal goes above and beyond. You can easily switch between your smartphone, tablet, computer, and more thanks to the support for up to five devices. Whether you're at home or on the go, FlixPal Hulu videdo downloader makes sure that you can always access entertainment.

Several Simple Steps to Download Hulu Videos to Watch Offline with FlixPal

Step 1: Download and Install FlixPal

Windows and macOS both support FlixPal. Install the one that is appropriate for your operating system (Windows/macOS) by downloading it. You can be certain that you have the most recent version of the secure FlixPal video downloader by clicking the following download button.

Step 2: Log in to Your Hulu Account with the Build-in Browser


Open the FlixPal app on your device to get started. FlixPal makes it easy to use because it has a built-in browser that lets you sign in to your Hulu account without leaving the app. Find the choice to sign in to your account, type in your login information, and click "Log in" to get to your Hulu content.

Step 3: Look for Your Favorite Videos and Begin to Download


Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Hulu library within FlixPal. It offers a user-friendly interface, serving as a familiar gateway to your favorite shows and movies.

Browse through the extensive Hulu catalog to find the videos you want to download. FlixPal provides search and filter options to simplify the process further. Locate the desired video and click on the presented picture or entering URL to initiate the downloading process and customize your own downloading settings including video, audio, subtitle and so on.

Step 4: Monitor the Downloading Process and Prepare to Enjoy Your Hulu Videos Offline!

After initiating the download, FlixPal will display the progress of the downloading process. It showcases the remaining time, size, and other relevant details to keep you informed. You can easily monitor the download status by clicking 'Downloading'. Once the download is complete, you can access your downloaded Hulu videos within the presetted file in your computer.


Q1. Can I trust FlixPal Hulu downloader to download videos in a safe way?

A1. Yes, absolutely. FlixPal offers an excellent video downloading experience that is efficient, safe, and secure. It uses advanced security protocols and encryption technologies to ensure the protection of your data against potential threats and malicious activities. For your peace of mind, please remember to download FlixPal only from the official website. By doing so, you can be confident that your computer system remains completely secure while using the FlixPal Hulu video downloader.

Q2. Is there a chance that my personal information could be stolen from FlixPal?

A2. No. FlixPal values your data privacy and cybersecurity. It has taken robust security measures to protect your personal information. FlixPal does not gather or disclose personal data to third parties, and it does not engage in any actions that may jeopardize your security or privacy. With FlixPal, you can confidently enjoy a secure and safe video downloading experience, knowing that your personal information is not at risk.

Q3. Is it against the law to use FlixPal Hulu downloader?

A3. No. FlixPal is a user-friendly tool created to assist users in effortlessly downloading their preferred content from well-known streaming websites. It is generally accepted to download videos for personal entertainment, as long as it is done within the boundaries of copyright laws and without any intention for commercial use. To ensure compliance with legal regulations, it is crucial to adhere to the necessary rules while utilizing the FlixPal downloader.