How to download short videos of your guess member from [ISLAND TV] island tv.

This blog explains the advantages of ISLAND TV and how you can download short videos of your favorite members from ISLAND TV.

Island TV (ISLAND TV) is a website where fans can watch videos about the lives of their favorite members filmed by the members themselves. Through ISLAND TV, you can get closer to your favorite members.

In this article, we would like to introduce the advantages of ISLAND TV and how you can download short videos of your favorite members from IS LAND TV.

Why island tv( ISLAND TV) was established?

Island tv( ISLAND TV) is an official japanese jr entertainment site that will be launched on March 1, 2019. But why did Johnny's, which traditionally does not stream DVDs/CDs of its own male groups, bother to launch a new site called island tv( ISLAND TV)?


Actually, with the explosion of TikTok, a video service that specializes in posting short videos and sharing them with hundreds of millions of users, it has become clear that the youth of the MZ generation, including Johnny's jr, are also very dependent on social networking sites. This may be the reason why a new type of entertainment site for young people, ISLAND TV, has finally been launched.

What are the advantages of island tv( ISLAND TV)?

Next, I would like to explain a little about the advantages of island tv( ISLAND TV).

Easy to discover your favorite members

Since ISLAND TV provides videos of many jr members including those who did not debut, you can find many members who are not so famous.

In addition, groups that have already debuted such as Snow Man and SixTONE also have many videos of very popular group members from their jr days, so island tv is a good way to find out more about the lives of your guessed members.

You can watch short videos for free

Another advantage of is that you can watch short videos of members for free.

You can watch them without registration, so you don't have to worry about your personal information being compromised or the registration process.

You can view all previously paid content, such as backstage footage, for free.

Planning is interesting and full of off-line feeling

Because the site was planned by President Takizawa himself, it is easy to browse. The contents posted by the members themselves, which show a different side of themselves from the stage, are full of off-stage elements, so fans can view them with ease and comfort.

Incidentally, since videos of members who have not yet debuted can also be viewed here, fans can follow the latest news about them while waiting for their debut.

How to download short videos of your favorite members from

We will now show you how you can download the short videos of your favorite members from Here, we recommend a software specialized for streaming video download--FlixPal.

Next, we will show you how to download videos from with FlixPal.

1. download this software from the official FlixPal website. <Operating environment Window & MAC>.

Official website FlixPal

FlixPal is a video download software that supports Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, u-next, TVer, ABEMA, and other video streaming services.

You can download videos with the highest Full HD quality, 5.1 audio, and 320 kbps sound quality.

Furthermore, you can batch download your favorite videos and download them automatically.

2. Then, run FlixPal and enter the URL of Island tv's official website in the address bar

Island tv URL <>

3. Access directly with the built-in browser, select the video you want to download and go to the playback page.

4. Select the quality and audio you want to save in the pop-up window on the playback page, then click "Download Now" to start downloading the video. <Ireland tv allows you to save videos in the highest HD quality.

5. Check the "Downloading" on the left side of the screen for the video you are downloading.


We have explained how you can download the videos of your favorite members from island tv( ISLAND TV). How do you like it? Otherwise, this article explained the reason why island tv was established and its advantages. I hope it was of some help.