What kind of video submission site is LAXD? Safety and similar sites are also explained.

What kind of video posting site would LAXD be and is it safe to use it? What are the alternatives? In this article, we will introduce LAXD or FC2, Onlyfans and Myfans, which are similar to LAXD.

Many of you are currently using and watching posted video sites such as Pornhub, but many of you have not yet heard of LAXD. So what kind of video submission site is LAXD, and is it safe to use it? What are the alternatives? In this article, we will introduce LAXD or FC2, Onlyfans and Myfans which are similar to LAXD.

What kind of video submission site is LAXD?

LAXD is a newly established video content sharing market in 2021. LAXD allows users to purchase video content shot and provided by individual photographers. There are various genres of content, such as "amateur" and "voyeuristic. Since the site is operated overseas, the video content is generally uncensored, but some of it may contain mosaic. The content available for purchase is sold individually and can be downloaded from your computer and viewed at any time.

What is the relationship between LAXD and FC2?

When submitting to FC2, you must present an ID or driver's license.

However, some contributors do not present identification or a license, and content uploaded by these contributors is distributed by LAXD.

Content posted on FC2 is also linked to LAXD, but content that does not meet FC2's presentation can be considered for viewing on LAXD.

Since the operational format is the same as FC2, the security and usage of LAXD's site is not much different from FC2's. If you are familiar with FC2, you can use LAXD without hesitation.

Basically, you can use LAXD in the same way as shopping, purchasing and browsing contents sold in the LAXD Market, so even first-time users can use LAXD in the same way as e-commerce sites.

What are the features of LAXD?

You can monetize the works you shoot.

Since LAXD is a marketplace for video content, selling video content works that you have filmed yourself can lead to earnings. On Twitter, we see many tweets in which people are actually earning revenue by shooting and selling video content. Of course, you can make money from your posts on FC2 as well, since the method of operation is the same.

A rich lineup of erotic videos!

LAXD Market is a new site that just opened in 2021, but as explained at the beginning of this article, it was established as a transition site for videos sold on FC2 Contents Market, and already has a lineup of nearly 300,000 videos.

On the other hand, while there are honestly some pros and cons in terms of content, the abundance of videos, and the fact that there is a really wide range of genres to choose from, is a big plus.

How safe is LAXD? What are the risks?

LAXD Market was just launched in 2021, and according to the company profile on its official website, the operating company is different from the company that operates the FC2 Contents Market, which was established in September 2011. The site clarifies that personal information is strictly managed in accordance with the privacy policy established by LAXD, and that the risk of leakage is considered to be extremely low.

3 similar sites to LAXD

Similar sites to LAXD: 1) FC2

One of the major advantages of FC2's blogging service is its excellent "SEO measures," and the domain power of FC2 blogs makes it easy for even beginners to attract traffic.

If you are considering affiliate marketing, it is well known that it is important to rank high for targeted keywords, but there are a great many affiliates who suffer from the inability to do so.

FC2 blog is one of the best free blogging services and never fails to attract traffic when it comes to domain power. It is easier to rank higher than many other blogging services earlier in the process, but if you want to create a regular blog, you can use Livedoor Blog and Hatena Blog, two SEO-friendly blogging services.

FC2 Blog has the advantage of being a free blog that is very easy to customize because you can freely change the HTML and CSS. Advanced users who can edit their own HTML can build a unique and personalized blog site, even though it is a free blog.

In addition, since FC2 Blog is based overseas, it is possible to run an adult-oriented blog. Basically, most free blogging services prohibit adult content, but FC2 Blog allows adult blogs. For those who are considering adult affiliate marketing, FC2 Blog will be a strong ally.

Similar sites to LAXD (2) Onlyfans

Until now, social networking sites have been one-way connections between bloggers and followers, with no two-way communication. Even with DMs and comments, there was little ongoing dialogue. But Onlyfans is an online salon-like space that can shorten that distance. And like Instagram and Twitter, it is free to log in and start the experience.

And Onlyfans pays a monthly subscription fee, which gives you access to exclusive content only available on Onlyfans. There are other social networking sites, but Onlyfans offers an enhanced and easy way to interact with the creators you admire by leaving them individual messages. Moreover, you can request content only from your followers.

Users can also easily unsubscribe at any time or cancel their membership at any time.

Similar sites to LAXD (3) myfans

myfans is a new Japanese sns service that allows anyone to easily create a fan club. Strictly speaking, it is a fan club for adults.

It is inferior to Onlyfans, which claims a functional and overwhelming fan base, but myfans still has a big advantage as the largest payout platform in Japan!

In exchange for posting private content that cannot be posted on other social networking sites, you can charge your followers a monthly fee.

With myfans, adult creators can also use it, so sexy actresses such as PornHuber have entered the fan club business as individuals. myfans is not specifically an adult site, but it is tolerant of sexual content and is a place where porn stars and adult creators can be "creators". It is known as a place for porn stars and adult creators to make money as "creators.

How to download videos from LAXD or similar sites

LAXD is FC2's best alternative site with a rich lineup of erotic videos. You can purchase your favorite videos here and subscribe to your favorite creators. Next, we will explain how you can download videos from LAXD.

To download videos from LAXD, we recommend FlixPal, a downloader that stands out among various download software.

FlixPal is a convenient download software that supports adult sites such as Fanza, MGS, FC2, myfans, etc. It supports YouTube videos as well as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, so you can download once and from many video streaming services. It is a powerful downloader that allows you to download videos from many video services.


In this article, we introduced LAXD. We also explained FC2, a video submission site similar to LAXD. The two sites I also briefly described are Onlyfans and Myfans, which are both functional and secure, so if you want to post your own videos or browse video sites, please give them a try. Chime Point is by far the most common, so whichever site you choose, you're in for a treat!