How to watch the content distributed by Locipo offline.

This article introduces how to watch programs, variety shows, animations, and other content available on 【Locipo】, even when you are offline.

Locipo is a video information distribution service launched in spring 2020 by four commercial broadcasters (Tokai Television Broadcasting, Chukyo Television Broadcasting, CBC Television, and TV Aichi) based in Nagoya City. This article introduces how to watch programs, variety shows, anime, and other content distributed by "Locipo" even when you are offline.

Hit TV shows such as "Ota Ueda" and "PS Junkin" are available on Locipo. Also, "Pichi Pichi Pitch," an anime adaptation of a classic shoujo manga, is also available on Locipo. So, what should you do if you want to watch content distributed by Locipo offline? First, we introduce you to software that allows you to screen videos.

How do I record the content distributed by Locipo?

Here, we would like to introduce LeawoScreen Recorder, a multifunctional program that allows you to freely record your computer screen with sound, in addition to Locipo, YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Netflix, Nico Nico, Netflix, Nico Nico Video, and Nico Nico Douga. It can also be used for video streaming services such as YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Netflix, and AbemaTV. It also includes a wide variety of features such as scheduled recording, timed recording, mouse cursor hiding, real-time editing, high-definition video output, watermarking, and more.

Next, we will show you how to record Locipo on the web using LeawoScreen Recorder.

1. install and run LeawoScreen Recorder.

2. Click on the "Screen Record" module.

3. You can freely specify the range of the screen to be recorded (full screen or specific area).

4. After setting the recording range, set the output destination for the video. Once settings are complete, click the red "REC" button to start recording.

5. Once recording has started, a control panel will appear below the recording screen. Press the red "STOP" button to stop recording.

6. When recording is finished, the "Recording History" pane will appear. Here you can playback and manage your recorded video clips.

To download content distributed by Locipo

If it takes a long time to record a video clip on Locipo, we recommend using the download method. Here, we introduce the download software 【FlixPal Downloader】.

FlixPal Download er] is a downloader that allows you to download videos from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, hulu, HBO Max, Paravi, U-NEXT, and other subscription streaming services, including Locipo, as well as TVer, fod, and other free video services. You can download a variety of videos from services with the date of delivery.

FlixPal allows you to upload videos in HD, Full HD, and 4K quality. (When uploading videos from HBO Max, up to 4K quality is supported). Below are the instructions for uploading Locipo and other videos to FlixPal.

1. visit FlixPal's official website and download this software to your computer, both for Windows and for MAC.

2. after installation, launch FlixPal and paste the Locipo site URL into the search box of the built-in browser to access the site. [FlixPal has a built-in browser, so you can also directly access popular sites such as YouTube and Twitter.]

3. Next, access the Locipo distribution site and find the video you wish to download.

4. Go to the playback page of the video you want to download, select the quality you want in the window that appears, and then click "Download Now.

5. Click "Download" on the left side of the screen to check the video's upload status.

Once you have saved the streaming video, the most recommended FlixPal downloader is

If I want to save Locipo videos on my computer, which method do you recommend, recording or downloading? From our experience with downloading and recording software, we can clearly see the disadvantages of recording.

1. Recording a video requires the same amount of time as the video length.

2. When downloading, depending on the communication environment, the Internet speed may be slow, which may affect the weight of the recorded video.

In contrast, when using download software, the download speed may slow down due to the communication speed, but the video quality will not be degraded, so it is better to use download software when saving the delivered video. Also, [ FlixPal Downloader] is twice as fast as other downloaders and can download an hour's worth of full HD video in about 10 minutes. If you are not sure which downloader to choose, we recommend FlixPal.

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