SHOWROOM] Introducing a more stable way to save showroom live videos than recording them.

SHOWROOM, with the catchphrase "virtual live space," will begin operating on November 25, 2013. This article explains how SHOWROOM works and how to save videos.

Live performances of AKB, Hyuuga-saka, Nogizaka, and Sakura-zaka members are being streamed on SHOWROOM on an irregular basis. In other words, fans of the 48 & 46 series can watch the "greeting" live performances of their favorite members on SHOWROOM here!

You can also participate in various campaigns on SHOWROOM! In this article, we will explain about SHOWROOM and how to save videos.


SHOWROOM, a live-streaming service provided by SHOWROOM Corporation, is a streaming platform that allows anyone to enjoy live-streaming in a casual manner. In addition to live performances by popular idols and artists, models, voice actors, comedians, celebrities, and more are being streamed.

SHOWROOM (Showroom) began operating on November 25, 2013 with the catchphrase "virtual live space." Idols and artists perform live, play with viewers, and hold layouts and productions that resemble a live stage.

What are the advantages of SHOWROOM?

Experience the realistic feeling of a real live concert venue.

The unique feature of SHOWROOM is that you can experience a sense of presence as if you were in a live concert hall.

This makes it easy to engage in interactive communication that makes you forget you are in a different environment.

In addition, the high image quality allows you to feel as if you are really in a live concert hall.

It is also easy to understand how to support your favorite celebrities and artists, and you can cheer for the realization of their dreams together with the distributor.

Numerous events and auditions

One of the features of SHOWROOM is that there are many events and auditions.

Therefore, depending on the efforts of the distributors, they can actually get a chance to make their debut.

In fact, many comedians and idols are also active on SHOWROOM, and many people tend to want to increase their fans and jobs through SHOWROOM.

There is a system that prevents problems from occurring.

One of the features of showrooms is a system that makes it difficult for problems to occur.

When inappropriate comments are made in the comment section, they are automatically converted to a "Star" mark.

This prevents hurtful or abusive language from being displayed on the live-streaming screen, making the viewing experience more pleasant.

More stable way to save showroom live video than recording

What happens if I save a live stream from the streaming service SHOWROOM? Did you know that SHOWROOM's live stream uses a technology called "M3U8" to prevent video recording on the live streaming service? At this time, it is not possible to easily record videos. Here, we would like to introduce "FlixPal", one of the dedicated download software.

Software to download SHOWROOM Live to your computer|FlixPal

FlixPal is a video downloading software that also supports various video streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc. With FlixPal, you can easily download SHOWROOM videos. With FlixPal, you can download SHOWROOM live URLs and smoothly download videos to your computer without DRM. This is the feature that makes FlixPal definitively different from other download software.

FlixPal's outstanding features

  • Download SHOWROOM videos in up to full hd quality.
  • Convert video formats and download videos in MP4 and MKV formats
  • Download multiple SHOWROOM videos in one click without slowdown.
  • Automatically detects and removes commercials during downloading.
  • Direct access to the official SHOWROOM website with FlixPal's built-in browser

Steps to download SHOWROOM Live using FlixPal

1. click [Free Download] on the official FlixPal website for your OS (Windows or Mac).

2. enter the URL of the official SHOWROOM website in the address bar and search for your favorite video

3. once you enter the live streaming viewing page, analysis of the work's URL will begin automatically. 4.

4. After analysis, select the desired video quality and sound quality in the "DRM Video Download" window that appears on the viewing page, and click the "Download" button.

The live video you wish to download will now begin downloading.


In this article, we introduced the streaming service SHOWROOM and how to download videos from SHOWROOM. If there are any live performances you would like to download from SHOWROOM, please try the " FlixPal " download software.