Tsuburaya Imagination] Explanation of how to download subscriptions and videos of the Ultraman series.

This article will provide a comprehensive explanation of TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION's price plans, advantages, disadvantages, and download functions. TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION is a subscription-based video distribution service launched by NTT DoCoMo in cooperation with Tsuburaya Productions, an independent Japanese video production company.

Have you heard of Tsuburaya Imagination, a distribution service specializing in the Ultraman series and other Tsuburaya tokusatsu productions? For 56 years, the Ultraman series has been one of the world's most popular IPs, attracting a large number of fans with its unique appeal.

In this article, we would like to explain TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION's fee plan, merits, demerits, download function, etc.

What is Tsuburaya Imagination?

TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION is a subscription-based video delivery service launched by NTT DoCoMo in cooperation with Tsuburaya Productions, an independent Japanese video production company. The Ultraman series is the main content distributed, along with other original works. Users can watch the Ultraman series as much as they want after purchasing a subscription plan.

What is Tsuburaya Imagination's price plan?

Next, we will introduce Tsuburaya Imagination's subscription fees, benefits, and payment methods.

Standard Plan: 550 yen per month (tax included)

  • Unlimited viewing of about 1,200 episodes of the Ultraman series, etc.
  • Enjoy ticket pre-sales, merchandise purchases, events, store privileges, and more!

Premium Plan 21780 yen per year (tax included)

  • Unlimited viewing of the Ultraman series and approximately 1,700 episodes of original Tsuburaya works
  • Enjoy unlimited access to monthly online live events.
  • You can also enjoy the fastest pre-sale of event tickets, Premium-only merchandise sales, and special videos that are only available to Premium customers at online live events.

Up to 5 simultaneous connections per account.

Payment method to join Tsuburaya Imagination

There are two payment methods for joining Tsuburaya Imagination: credit card and debit card.

Supported types

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Diners Club

Date of fee accrual

Fees for both the Standard and Premium Plans are due upon initial enrollment.

In the case of renewal, the membership fee for the Standard Plan will be settled monthly on the first day of the following month. For Premium Plan, the annual fee is to be settled on the 1st of the month following the month of enrollment (expiration date).

Number of available films by membership plan

The number of unlimited viewing available depends on the Tsuburaya Imagination membership plan.

The Standard Plan allows unlimited viewing of about 1,200 Ultraman series and original works.

Premium plan members can enjoy more than 1,700 movies in total, including the 1,200 movies available with the Standard Plan, plus horror movies produced by Tsuburaya Productions, non-Ultraman special effects movies, and monthly online events.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tsuburaya Imagination

As a specialized subscriber service for the Ultraman series, what is your assessment of Tsuburaya Imagination? The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of Tsuburaya Imagination.

Merits of Tsuburaya Imagination

Unlimited access to a rich lineup of Tsuburaya's works

First, Tsuburaya Imagination offers unlimited viewing of the Ultraman series and other Tsuburaya works that depict heroes and monsters in special effects.

The Standard Plan offers approximately 1,200 Tsuburaya works, while the Premium Plan offers approximately 1,700 Tsuburaya works.

This extensive lineup is an advantage not found in other video distribution services.

Tsuburaya Imagination has been praised by many tweeters for its extensive content.

In addition to covering almost all TV series, the service also offers many movie versions and related works, making it a very convenient service for Ultraman fans.

Another major attraction of this service is the availability of the latest Ultraman series that you may have missed.

Event tickets and limited-edition products are available for purchase.

By joining Tsuburaya Imagination, you not only get unlimited access to tokusatsu characters and monster movies, but you can also enjoy special benefits such as pre-sale of event tickets and limited-edition merchandise.

In particular, if you choose the Premium Plan, you will be able to enjoy Ultraman to the fullest both in real life and online, including unlimited access to online live events and members-only premium merchandise sales.

This is a great service for those who love the Ultraman series and the works of the special effects character.

Enjoy the movies on your TV.

Many reviewers of Tsuburaya Imagination praised the ability to enjoy the Ultraman series in high quality.

In particular, Tsuburaya Imagination supports the mirroring function, which allows you to view the screen of your smartphone on your TV screen, so you can enjoy the famous scenes on a powerful, large screen.

Disadvantages of Tsuburaya Imagination

Some functions are not available

I often see comments on Twitter that "Tsuburaya Imagination's search function doesn't work at all. Other complaints include that the event search function is difficult to use and that there is no favorites function.

We hope that the functionality and operation will be improved in the future.

Fees may be too high

The Standard Plan costs 550 yen per month (including tax), while the Premium Plan costs 21,780 yen per year (including tax), which may seem too expensive.

This is a disadvantage for those who want to choose the Premium Plan.

Since there is no monthly plan for the Premium Plan, it is difficult to make a lump-sum payment.

A campaign that offered 5,000 d-points as a gift when enrolling in a Premium Plan until June 30, 2022, has already ended, so it would be better to re-launch other discount campaigns.

Not available overseas

Tsuburaya Imagination is a service available only in Japan, so one of its disadvantages is that it is not available to overseas users.

Even if you love the Ultraman series or tokusatsu heroes, you may not be able to use the service if you are traveling or living abroad.

Offline playback is not available

Tsuburaya Imagination does not have a download function, so you cannot use the service offline anytime, anywhere. When using Tsuburaya Imagination, you must be connected to the Internet, and if you are not careful about the communication environment, the amount of communication data may be high. The fact that you cannot easily enjoy Ultraman movies offline is one of the disadvantages.

Then, you may be wondering if there is a way to enjoy Ultraman works offline? Then we will tell you how you can download Tsuburaya Imagination contents.

How to download Tsuburaya Imagination's Ultraman series

If you want to watch Tsuburaya Imagination's Ultraman videos offline, you can save the videos more efficiently by download sof than by recording, so here is a list of more than 100 video download programs from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, TVer, FOD, GYAO! Here we introduce FlixPal Downloader, a program that allows you to download videos from more than 100 video services, including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, TVer, ODOD, GYAO!

Advantages of FlixPal Downloader

  • Download videos in high quality

FlixPal Downloader allows you to download videos in various resolutions, depending on their quality; if you use FlixPal to download Ultraman series, you can download videos in up to Full HD quality.

  • Watching without any advertisements

When watching the Ultraman series online, you are often interrupted by ads during playback. However, videos downloaded with FlixPal can be viewed completely ad-free.

  • Save videos in highly compatible MP4 format

FlixPal saves videos as highly compatible MP4. Downloaded Ultraman series can be transferred to any available device. This means you can enjoy the videos on a large-screen TV or offline.

  • Download multiple series at once

When you play an Ultraman series in FlixPal's built-in browser, you can select the episodes you want to download and download them all at once.

And the FlixPal downloader is easy to use. We can say that there is no easier software than this. Below is an explanation of how to use FlixPal Downloader.

How to use FlixPal Downloader [for Tsuburaya Imagination].

1. First, enter the official website of FlixPal Downloader and click [Free Download] for FlixPal.

2. Install and launch FlixPal Downloader. Enter the URL of the Tsuburaya Imagination website in the address bar at home. 3.

3. Once you are on the Tsuburaya Imagination site, enter your TSUBURAYA account to log in, then select the video you wish to download.

4. Go to the playback page and click [DRM M3U8]. <When 【DRM M3U8】 turns blue, the video URL has been analyzed and is ready for download.

5. Select your favorite quality and audio in the pop-up window that appears, then click 【Download Now】.

6. Confirm the video being downloaded with 【Downloading】. After the download is complete, you can watch this missed program offline.

Now we have shown you how to download and save Tsuburaya Imagination's missed videos. If you have any videos you'd like to download, by all means, give FlixPal Downloader a try!

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