A collection of software for downloading telecast videos [record, record, download].

In this article, we will introduce easy-to-use software for those who are looking for a shift to save videos from Telecosmos Video. After all, if you want to save Telecosmos videos, downloading software is easier to use.

Many of you may be looking to download videos from Telefilm Video. In this article, we will introduce an easy-to-use software for those who are looking for a shift to save videos from Teresa Video, so please read on. First, let us introduce you to the content distributed by Teresa Video.

Delivery Contents of Telecosmos Video

Teresa Video has three services: "Free Teresa Catch-Up," "Paid Content with individual charges," and "Monthly All-You-Can-Watch Pack.

Teresa Catch-Up" is a service that delivers TV Asahi's programs after they have been broadcast. You can watch the videos without any membership registration or log-in. However, the missed content has a viewing period, after which you may be charged.

For "individually charged paid content," you will need to pay if you want to watch the missed content again after the free viewing period. After purchasing a "medal" for the purchase of a program on Teletext Video, you can select and purchase the program of your choice.

The medal retention period is limited to 3 months, so please remember to use it.

The "Monthly All-You-Can-See Pack" is a monthly all-you-can-see package for specific content. Specific contents and corresponding monthly subscription

Doraemon Monthly All-you-can-watch package: 550 yen/month (tax included)
Crayon Shin-chan All-you-can watch pack 550 yen/month (tax included)
Crayon Shinchan All-you-can-watch package 550 yen/month (including tax) ・Gejin Dokyo FANCLUB (Unreleased scenes) 550 yen/month (including tax)
Logirl All-you-can-watch package, 990 yen/month (tax included)
Private Gariben University 550 yen/month (tax included)

Please note that each content is not sold as a single episode.

Software to download Televison Videos

Next, we will introduce the software that can download Teletext videos.

How to record and save Tele-TV videos on your computer

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a third-party software that allows you to capture videos, audio, live game play, video calls, camera feeds, etc. from Teletext Video, Vimeo, DailyMotion, YouTube, Nico Nico Live Broadcast, FC2, etc. from your computer. Once you record a video from a video sharing site, you can download and save the video to your computer. In particular, you can upload and save online videos in your own style by enabling either system audio or microphone audio.

Recorded videos can be saved in formats such as MP4, WMV, MOV, and AVI, and can be conveniently put into devices such as iPhone, Android, and PS4/3. Let's take a look at how to save dramas, animations, and other videos from Teletext video sites.

1. Free download Teletext Video Saving

If you want to download your favorite videos from Teletext video site, first of all, free download, install, and launch this Teletext video saving application.

2. Record/recording Tele-TV videos

If you want to record your favorite telecast videos, first download this application for recording telecast videos.

3. Prepare before recording Tele-TV videos

First, go to the official website of Teletext Video and open the playback page of the video you want to save. Next, select the "Video Recorder" mode in the interface of Save Telecamera Video and activate the "DISPLAY" button to set the recording range. Then adjust the system sound and microphone sound as needed. Finally, play the teletext video and press the "REC" button at the timing you wish to record to record and save the teletext video.

4. Saving Teletext Video Footage

When you have finished recording the teletext video, press the "STOP" button in the upper left corner. You can then preview the recorded teletext video file. If you are satisfied, click SAVE VIDEO to set the save path and download and save the teletext video footage to your computer.

How to download and save teletext video footage on your computer

FlixPal Downloader is one of the dedicated programs for downloading videos from the Teletext Video website. After using many video saving software, FlixPal Downloader remains the most recommended. First, compared to recording software, the downloader allows you to save videos smoothly without having to worry about playing or recording videos. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes. In this respect, the downloader is superior.

Of course, in addition to Telefilm Video, dozens of other streaming services are supported, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, AmazonPrime Video, and many more.

1. Download this product from the FlixPal website.

First, enter FlixPal' s official website with your computer's browser; it is compatible with Windows and MAC, so please select "Free Download" depending on your computer's OS.

Install and launch FlixPal.

Open the downloaded FlixPal folder, select the installation directory, and install the software. After installation, launch FlixPal and enter the URL of the official Teresa Video website in the address bar of the homepage.

3. log in to Teresa Video

Once you enter the official website of Teresa Video, please log in first. Of course, if you want to watch the content you missed, you don't have to log in to download it! But if you want to download purchased contents or monthly unlimited contents, you need to log in.

4. Find the video you want to download.

Then, find the video you want to download. After finding the video you want to download, check to see if it is available for free viewing. You will be redirected to the playback page of this video.

5. play the video

Then click the Play button, and click the blue "DRMM3U8" button in the upper left corner of the playback screen; "DRMM3U8" will turn blue, which means that the URL for this video has been parsed.

6. Set the video and audio quality.

Click on "DRM M3U8," select the desired video and audio quality in the pop-up window that appears, and click "Download Now. Depending on the video, the quality may vary from 320P to 1080P.

7. start downloading

Click the "Download Now" button to start downloading the video. Under my conditions, a 20-minute video takes only about 2 minutes to download. The overall speed reaches 2.5 MB/s.

* Teletext Video is a streaming service available only in the Japan region. Please note that overseas users are not yet able to use Teletext Video directly.


Here we have shown you how to save videos from Teresa Video. After all, if you want to save the Telecho Video, the download software is easier to use. Why, with FlixPal downloader, you can download the video in a very short time than the length of the video. This is a feature that recording software does not have, and it can be said to greatly increase the efficiency of saving videos.

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