Can You Download from Fanza? The Best Fanza Video Downloader

In this article, we would like to show you how to download videos from "FANZA" without any restrictions.

FANZA is a well-known Japanese streaming video website that allows you to enjoy high-quality videos, it stands out as one of Japan's largest adult video sites. FANZA provides 4K and VR content with VR devices. It's safe to assert that by subscribing to FANZA, you won't need any additional sources for adult videos.

Additionally, FANZA provides the option to download videos for offline viewing. To play the downloaded videos, you need to have DMM Player v2 installed on your Windows, Mac, or other computers. This player is specifically designed to play videos downloaded from the FANZA website. Please note that without DMM Player v2, you won't be able to play the downloaded FANZA video due to DRM protection.


This article demonstrates several useful methods to easily get FANZA download and download DMM video without any restrictions, allowing you to view them offline whenever you want. Since you are here, you may be also interested in How to Download Fuqqt Free Porn Videos? and 5 softwares to download MGS videos.

What is FANZA?

FANZA is Japan's largest paid site for adult video that offers unrestricted streaming, which is loved by many people. However, when it comes to downloading FANZA videos, particularly for viewing in areas with weak Wi-Fi signals or on low-spec smartphones, usual offline playback or downloading is not available. Since FANZA is a paid video streaming service, it is DRM-protected and videos cannot be downloaded in the usual way.


A dedicated FANZA smartphone app has the ability to download videos on the device itself. However, to enjoy the downloaded FANZA videos, a specific video player called DMM Player v2 is required. What's more, the download feature is also restricted and these downloaded FANZA video cannot be viewed on various devices. To enjoy the full features of FANZA download, you may need a "dedicated tool" to download FANZA video, namely, a FANZA downloader or R18 downloader.

How to Download Videos from FANZA Adult? - Official Method

FANZA, a popular platform for adult content, is accessible across various devices, including PCs, smartphones (both iOS and Android), select TVs, and the PS4/PS5 gaming consoles. However, the ability to download and watch FANZA videos is limited to PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Now, let's delve into the official methods of downloading FANZA videos specific to each device category.

How to Download FANZA Video on Windows PC/Mac?

To properly view content on your Windows PC or Mac, you will need to download a dedicated viewing application called “DMM Player v2.” Below are the system requirements for running this application:

  • Supported Operating Systems:

Windows: Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (version 1903 or higher).
Mac: macOS 10.12 or a later version.

  • CPU Requirements:

Windows: Make sure your CPU is compatible with the operating conditions of your Windows OS.
Mac: For Mac users, the application is compatible with both Intel Core i series processors and M1 Macs.

  • RAM:

It's recommended to have at least 4GB of RAM for optimal performance.

Attention: Please note that the downloaded FANZA video can only be accessed through downloading; streaming is not available. If your CPU and memory are insufficient for playback, there is a possibility of experiencing slowdowns during playback.

Steps to download content from FANZA Adult on PCs

STEP 1. Begin by logging in to your FANZA account and proceed to purchase your favorite video from the available options.


STEP 2. Once the purchase is successfully completed, navigate to the "Purchased Products List Page" and locate the specific video you just acquired. Click on its corresponding product page to proceed

STEP 3. Within the product page, you will find a list of various parts or sections related to the video. Select the specific part number that you wish to download by clicking on the "Download" option associated with it. This will initiate the download process to your main device.


STEP 4. Upon completion of the download, it's time to launch the DMM Player v2. You can do this by either dragging and dropping the downloaded video file onto the player or by clicking on "Open File" within the player interface and selecting the downloaded video file from its directory.

Please note that videos ddownloaded from FANZA Japan can only be viewed using the "DMM Player v2" software. Ensure that the video plays successfully within this player. Other alternative software may not be compatible with the videos downloaded from FANZA through this method.

How to Download FANZA Video on Mobile Devices?

In order to watch FANZA videos on your smartphone or tablet, it is necessary to download the dedicated “DMM Video Player” application. This application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. To access it, you will need to download the app separately based on the operating system of your device:

  • For iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, you can obtain the app by visiting APP Store;
  • For Android devices including smartphones and tablets, you can also acquire DMM Video Player in the corresponding app store.

Steps to download content from FANZA Adult on Mobile Devices

Step 1: Begin by downloading the DMM video player onto your device. Once the installation is complete, access the application and log in using your DMM account details. While it is possible to purchase videos directly through the application, it is recommended to make purchases in advance on a PC or another device for a smoother process.


Step 2: Upon successful login, navigate to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Purchased" option. This will open the movie screen where you can access your purchased videos and proceed with the downloading process. If you haven't purchased any content yet, you can conveniently make purchases directly within the application.

Step 3: Once the download is complete, you can find your downloaded videos by selecting the "Download" option located at the bottom of the screen. This provides you with quick access to all the downloaded data, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

Step 4: In the download section, you have the flexibility to organize your content effectively. You can create folders, rename files, and easily move files to different locations within the application. This feature greatly simplifies data management, allowing you to keep your video library well-organized.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the downloaded DMM video have no viewing time limit. Once you have successfully purchased a FANZA video, you can enjoy it on any device of your preference at any time. This enables you to access and view your content conveniently, providing a flexible and unrestricted viewing experience.

Restrictions Posed by Official Download Method

The official download function of the FANZA platform, also known as the DMM FANZA app, was not designed to enable users to freely save videos. Its primary focus is to facilitate offline viewing when there is no internet connection. To ensure that unauthorized copying is prevented, several restrictions have been imposed, sacrificing some convenience in terms of viewing and usability.

To clarify the specifics of downloading, let's discuss the associated restrictions in more detail.

  • Plan Restriction:

FANZA offers two options for video access: "Download + Streaming" and "Streaming" only. While both methods involve purchasing videos, the former allows you to download and stream them, while the latter solely permits streaming. The "Streaming" option is priced lower but does not include the download feature.

  • Time Limits:

There are time limits for both viewing and downloading videos. Failure to initiate the download within the designated period will result in the inability to watch or download the video later, necessitating a repurchase. Even if a purchased video has no set expiration date, it can become unavailable for viewing due to certain circumstances. Some examples of these circumstances include suspension of sales, withdrawal from membership, or changes in DRM (Digital Rights Management).

  • Specific Player:

Moreover, the videos that have been successfully downloaded can only be played using DMM's specialized video player, which can be inconvenient for users who prefer other media players or devices.

Given the numerous limitations associated with the official download function, opting for a professional R18 downloader to save FANZA video on your personal computer not only enhances the overall experience but also adds an element of fun.

How to Get FANZA Download by Recording Them?

Many people struggle with trusting third-party software and believe that they can permanently save FANZA videos by utilizing screen recorder.

As previously mentioned, VOD distribution services such as Fanza employ DRM technology to prevent easy duplication of video content. This also applies to attempts at duplicating videos using recording software. If you are compelled to record, you will only be able to capture a black screen within the video playback area. I have tested several screen recording software options, including Wondershare DemoCreator, VideoProc, and FonePaw. Unfortunately, all of them resulted in recording only a black screen, as depicted below.

When you use DMM's dedicated player to play a FANZA video that you downloaded using their official download function, and then try to record it with screen recording software, you will notice that only a black screen is captured during playback. This occurrence serves as evidence that DRM technology is being applied.

In fact, you can use screen recording software to record Fanza videos. If you're streaming FANZA videos online, you can easily capture them using ordinary screen recording software. This sets FANZA apart from VOD platforms like Hulu and Netflix, which often have restrictions on recording online videos due to DRM and other factors.

The image below is the result of the verification of recording against FANZA's online videos. It is indeed possible to record.

Apart from standard video recording software, there are specialized screen recording tools available that can bypass DRM restrictions. These tools are particularly useful when attempting to record paid video-on-demand (VOD) content, as they have a significantly higher success rate. An example of such software is Audials One.

To begin, launch Audials One and navigate to the "Video Streaming" section. Locate the banner labeled DMM Video and click on it. Proceed to log in using your Fanza (DMM) account, the same way you would with StreamFab. Once logged in, you can now record Fanza videos directly within the Audials One software.

However, it's important to note that a drawback of screen recording is that you need to keep the player active until the video has finished playing, which will be quite time-consuming.

The Best FANZA Video Downloader - FlixPal FANZA Downloader

Introducing the recommended FANZA downloader: FlixPal FANZA Downloader.

his downloader is designed with limited but carefully selected functions, and it may be available at a low price. Additionally, you can download three copies of the work for free, allowing you to thoroughly test it before making a purchase.

The software is designed to be compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring that users can seamlessly utilize it regardless of their preferred platform. Furthermore, the software undergoes frequent updates to ensure it remains up-to-date with any changes in specifications on DMM FANZA app. This level of flexibility allows the software to promptly adapt and respond to any modifications, providing users with a seamless experience and the most latest videos.

Outstanding Features of FlixPal FANZA Downloader

  • Enjoy high-quality FANZA videos:

FlixPal provides a service that enables users to easily download high-definition videos from FANZA. You can enjoy videos with a maximum resolution of 1080p and a sound quality of 5.1 channels.

  • Utilize batch download feature:

Efficiency is key with FANZA movies. With the batch download feature, you can download multiple movies at once, saving a significant amount of time and effort. What's more, compared with screen recording tool, FlixPal FANZA Downloader can help you download videos from FANZA Adult without staying waiting in front of the computer until it finishes.

  • Download and transfer movies to any device

No need to restrict yourself to one device. FlixPal allows you to get your favorite R18 download and easily transfer them to any compatible device in format of MP4/MKV. Enjoy your FANZA download on the go!

  • Favor Convenient Subtitle Downloads

Take advantage of FlixPal’s convenient feature for downloading external subtitles. You can save subtitles in SRT format on your computer, ensuring you have them whenever you need.

Detailed Steps to Download FANZA Video:

Several detailed steps to simply download FANZA videos with FlixPal FANZA Downloader are as following:

  1. Download and install FlixPal by clicking the official download buttons below:
  1. After launching FlixPal, you can find FANZA page by clicking "Adult Services".


  1. Log in your FANZA account by using the safe build-in browser of FlixPal. Rest assured that FlixPal does not steal any personal account information from its users.


  1. Find your favorite FANZA video with the build-in browser and play it. As long as you can play the video, FlixPal can help you analyze and download to MP4/MKV format.


  1. Now you can customize the download settings as you prefer, including video quality, audio quality, DMM VR Videos player and so on. After you finish download settings, you can click "Add to queue" to download later or "Download" to download now.
  2. If there are any videos you wish to download during this time, you can do so by jumping to the video page. If there are none, wait for the download to complete. When the download is complete, you can watch the downloaded video by clicking the "folder" icon on the right side of the video title.
  3. Wait a moment. After the download is completed, you can enjoy your FANZA download anytime, anywhere!


In contrast to numerous well-known adult streaming platforms, there is a limited availability of downloaders that facilitate downloading content from the FANZA website. However, the aforementioned methods for downloading FANZA videos can prove to be highly advantageous. If you find yourself in need of downloading FANZA movies for offline viewing on any device, the FlixPal FANZA Downloader emerges as the topmost option. Choosing FlixPal R18 downloader would be a strong and recommended option worth exploring.