Introducing the 5 most popular porn stars on javtheater.

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 hits of actresses featured on Javtheater. It also explains how to download videos from javtheater! javtheater collects the works of many popular AV actresses and offers free access to the works of popular AV actresses such as Unpai, Reina Miyashita, Mitsuki Nagisa, Mei Washio, and Ayaka Kawakita.

Introducing the 5 most popular porn stars on javtheater.

As one of the newest adult porn sites, javtheater offers a large collection of popular porn stars for free. javtheater differs from other adult porn sites because of the search function on the homepage for popular porn stars. Here, you can view the works of popular porn stars such as Unpai, Reina Miyashita, Mitsuki Nagisa, Mei Washio, and Ayaka Kawakita for free. This article introduces five hits of actresses listed on Javtheater. It also explains how to download videos from javtheater!

5 Most Popular AV Actresses on javtheater

Popular Actresses on javtheater #1: Ayaka Kawakita

Ayaka Kawakita retired from performing in porn after being exposed in March 2019. She is an av actress with three sizes: height 169 cm, bust 87 cm, waist 57 cm, and hips 86 cm.

Her charm lies in her innocent appearance that makes you wonder if she is really an AV actress. Beautiful white skin, large breasts that do not match her slim figure! She is a good example of this.

During sex, she moans in a husky voice, and as soon as she starts to feel, she shakes her hips hungrily. You will not get bored with her.

The 2nd most popular actress on javtheater #2: Remu Suzumori

Remu Suzumori is a candidate for the ace of "Prestige". If Airi Suzumura retires, she will immediately become the signature actress of "Prestige". She has a half face and a very Lolita-like atmosphere. She is also neat, fair-skinned, and has big 87cm F-cup breasts.... The charm of Remu Suzumori is considerable. Once you get hooked on her, you will never get tired of her, she is too cute Remu.

This F-cup beauty with outstanding style keeps her mixed face beautiful during sex and oral sex! If you want to cum with a beautiful woman, Remu Ryomori is the one for you!

Popular Actresses on javtheater #3: Mitsuki Nagisa

With three sizes (bust 83 cm, waist 55 cm, and hips 83 cm), this actress is now a top AV actress of the chibi and loli type, even though she is long past her 20s, and her own work is increasing.

Her latest hit is a parody of the anime film "Blade of Oni no Kenshin," in which she has sex while cosplaying as Priestess Priestess. Perhaps because the first film was so well received, a second film, "Infinite Firing," was also produced.

4th most popular actress on javtheater #4: Airi Suzumura

Airi Suzumura has long been one of the top actresses at Prestige, an AV company with a long history of success.

Of all the AV actresses introduced here, she is the one with the highest number of sales! She is not good at standing out and her social networking posts are quite modest. However, her dark and vulnerable personality makes her M-ness stand out.

Rather than sex, NTR and rape-type activities are her forte. She was on the verge of retirement, but she is finally back! Expectations for her future are endless, as she performs like never before and bursts with dangerous eroticism in her eyes! She is a fine example of this.

A top AV actress with an outstanding temperament, translucent white skin, small face and beautiful figure, a legendary AV actress for many men, she is truly on her way to the top of the sexy actress world!

5th most popular actress on javtheater #5: Hana Shiratomo

A prodigious AV actress with iconic looks, her ability to express herself is a thing of beauty! This young actress has become a hot topic on the internet for her resemblance to Yuki Yoda of Nogizaka46.

Following in the footsteps of other Lolita-style kikatan actresses such as Tsubomi and Ichika Matsumoto, she is a talented young actress with a wealth of expressive talent. Although she has not appeared in many movies, she is an actress who shows her true eroticism in VR movies.

Her plump white ass and sensitive pink nipples are also high points. You can enjoy her cute facial expressions and intense playfulness. The kissing scenes in particular are so realistic that they give me an erection even when I remember them.

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In this article, we have introduced 5 popular porn stars on javtheater. If you are interested in any of the popular actresses listed above, find them on the official javtheater website. If you have videos you want to download, install FlixPal adult downloader and try it. By the way, FlixPal allows you to download videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other major streaming services.

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