What is Myfans? Can I download videos from Myfans?

Do you know about myfans, the private social networking service for adults that has recently become a hot topic on twitter?

Do you understand myfans, the private social networking site for adults that has been getting a lot of attention on twitter lately? If you haven't used myfans yet, you may have a lot of questions.

What kind of service is Myfans, the largest private social networking service in Japan?

Is it free if I subscribe to Myfans creators?

What is the difference between Myfans and Onlyfans?


Myfans is one of the largest private social networking services in Japan, attracting numerous creators, and here, you can find a lot of amateur and backstage videos! In this article, we will explain about Myfans, specifically the monthly fee, how to subscribe to Myfans, and how to download videos from Myfans.

What is Myfans?

Myfans is a private social networking service for adults developed in 2021. myfans allows anyone to create a fan club, as well as anyone to subscribe to a creator's fan club and share photos and videos taken by the creator in a specific club. myfans Myfans has become one of the largest private social networking sites in Japan, surpassing onlyfans with an overwhelmingly profitable rate from the start.

Let me explain Myfans major functions from two fronts.

From the creator's point of view

Creators post content (photos and videos) on Myfans and create specialized fan clubs, earning revenue by being subscribed.

From the fans' point of view

Through subscriptions to fan clubs established by creators, fans can pay a monthly fee to freely view content posted by the clubs.

This article will be written primarily from the standpoint of [fans]. Next, Myfans pricing plan will be explained.

Myfans Fee Plans

As a subscription-based SNS, Myfans also has different monthly fees for subscribing to different fan clubs depending on the creator, and some clubs are free to subscribe! Creators can set up different plans for their fan clubs at different prices, so you can subscribe to different plans for different creators.

How do I pay for Myfans?

①Please login to myfan, you can register with your Twitter account.

②Switch to [Search] from the homepage and look for creators of your choice.

③Access the creator's personal page and select the plan you would like to subscribe to.

④After making your selection, please pay by credit card payment method.

How Myfans differs from onlyfans

Before learning about Myfans, you have probably heard more or less about onlyfans. So, as both are private social networking sites, what are the differences between them?


Onlyfans is an adult monetization platform operated by an overseas company. Onlyfans] Onlyfans is a monetization platform for adult users operated by an overseas company, boasting excellent features and a huge user base. It also offers a much wider variety of genres of videos than Myfans.


Myfans is a social networking platform for Japan only and has not yet been popularized overseas, but as one of the largest private social networking sites in Japan, it has attracted many creators with its high profitability.

If you become a creator of Onlyfans, you will be charged a 20% commission when you earn revenue, but if you are a creator of Myfans, the commission is only 17.5%. From a revenue rate standpoint, Myfans is honestly the one to choose.

How to download videos from Myfans|FlixPal

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About Myfans Explained Conclusion

Myfans is a social networking service for adults, where both creators and fans can enjoy themselves in their own way. And if you want to download videos from Myfans, you can use FlixPal Adult Downloader.