How to use TELASA's download functionality! The software that allows you to download on your PC to your satisfaction?

This article will explain in detail the download function of Teresa. Also, software for downloading on a PC that is sufficient to satisfy your needs.

TELASA's download playback function is a feature that allows you to download works you wish to view in advance and play them in an offline environment within a specified viewing period. This article describes TELASA's download function in detail.

Note that TELASA's download function has various limitations, so we intend to introduce more recommended download software.

How to use TELASA's download function

Procedure for downloading videos

  1. Tap the "All you can watch" icon
  2. Click on the download symbol
  3. Select the video quality [HD] [High Quality] [Standard] [Low Quality]
  4. When "Downloaded" is displayed, the download is complete.

How to watch downloaded videos

  1. Tap My Page
  2. Switch to [Edit/View All] in the download list
  3. A list of downloaded videos will be displayed.
  4. Tap [Play] to start playback.

How to delete downloaded videos

  1. Tap My Page
  2. Tap 【Edit / View All】on the download list
  3. A list of downloaded videos will be displayed, and tap【Edit】.
  4. Place a check mark on the right side of the video you wish to delete, and tap the [Trash] icon
  5. Click OK on the confirmation screen to complete deletion.

Notes on TELASA's download function

Can I download videos on my computer?

No. The TELASA download function is only available on Android smartphones, Android tablets, iPhones, and iPads. The download function is not available on PCs or TVs (such as Fire TV). On those devices, you will be able to watch via streaming.

Can I download all movies as well?

Not all videos can be downloaded. Some videos are not available for download. Specifically, it depends on whether or not there is a video download icon on the viewing page.

Can I download rental movies?

Yes, you can. Rental movies are also available for download. You can download and watch them. Unlike many video distribution services, rental movies can be downloaded on TELASA. Please note that only downloadable works are available for download.

How many movies can I download per device?

The maximum number of works that can be stored on the same device (equipment) is 25.
If you wish to download more than 25 works, please delete any of the works you have already downloaded before downloading.

Can I download a work to multiple devices with one account?

No, you can only download to one device. However, you can download a movie to other devices once the entire viewing period is over, or once you have deleted all the downloaded files.

Is there a time limit on the viewing of downloaded works?

Yes, there is. The expiration date of downloaded movies differs for unlimited viewing and rental movies.

When downloading an unlimited viewing title, you have (1) 48 hours after the download is complete (24 hours for some titles) and (2) 24 hours for others. (24 hours for some works) (2) You can watch the downloaded work until the end of the distribution period of the work.

If you download a rental movie, you can watch it until the rental period of the purchased movie.

Can videos be stored on SD cards?

Currently, it is not possible to save videos on external media such as SD cards. So, when downloading, be careful to make sure you have enough space on your storage!

Thus, can you see that Teresa's download function has various limitations? Next, instead of the Teresa download function, we would like to tell you about a more convenient way to download.

Is there a way to download Teresa videos to your PC?

Yes, there is! We recommend FlixPal, a software to download Teresa videos in MP4 format, FlixPal is a video downloader that supports over 200 vods such as Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, etc. Not only that, you can also easily download videos from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites through FlixPal. Downloading videos from Teresa will be a piece of cake because of this once convenient application that streamlines the downloading function.

>> Official FlixPal website

How to download videos from Teresa

Let's take a look at the steps to download videos from Teresa with FlixPal, with images.

STEP1 Download and install the application from FlixPal's official website.

> > FlixPal's official website

FlixPal is compatible with a wide variety of devices.

STEP2 Launch FlixPal, enter TELASA's official website URL ( in the search field, and search for the video you want to download.

STEP3 Click [Play] on the video you want to download and jump to the viewing page.

STEP4 Once you enter this video page, click "DRM M3U8" on the upper right side, and a pop-up window will appear.

STEP4 In the pop-up window, select the episode, quality, subtitle, and audio you want to save.

STEP5 If you want to download now, click "Download Now" and the download will begin. If you want to add other videos for batch download, click "Add to Queue". If you want to check the video download status, click "Downloading" on the home page.


These are the instructions on how to download Teresa videos on FlixPal. FlixPal allows you to download all Teresa videos in MP4/MKV format and up to HD. In other words, with FlixPal, you can save your Teresa videos permanently in high quality. Let's use FlixPal according to your needs.