How do I download TVer programs?

This article explains how to download TVer programs, TVer does not allow you to download videos, and there are several inconveniences in watching TVer videos online, so we recommend a convenient download software.

I wish I could download the shows I missed on TVer!" I'm sure many of you are thinking, "I want to download the programs I missed on TVer! As you probably know, TVer is a free streaming service that offers a variety of TV programs, including popular dramas, variety shows, and animations. Since it is a streaming service, Tver's programs are mainly available online, so there is no way to use TVer in an offline environment. So, how can I download TVer videos? This article explains how to download TVer programs.

Does TVer have a download function?

As it turns out, TVer does not allow you to download videos. However, if you need to download a video for personal use, here is a product you can use to do so. The original version of the video is prohibited. In short, TVer is not equipped with a download function. Furthermore, there are various inconveniences when using TVer to watch videos.

What are the inconveniences of watching TVer videos?

Too many commercials.

TVer inserts 15 to 30 second advertisements before and during the program.

After 10 seconds, you can manually skip them, but you cannot skip all the commercials; the amount of traffic consumed during commercials increases, which can be quite burdensome in environments without Wi-Fi.

Also, since you cannot choose the quality of the commercials, it is not possible to save airtime.

Programs from certain TV stations cannot be viewed on TVer.

The TVer application does not allow you to watch "Fuji" and "Teletext" programs. Even though the "Fuji TV" and "TV Tokyo" symbols are there, you cannot watch the corresponding videos.

You need to install an app dedicated to each TV station. You can watch programs on "FOD" or "FOD premium" for Fuji TV and "Teletext Video" or "Netto mo Teletext" for TV Tokyo. Caution.

If you have not installed the dedicated app, when you try to play a supported program, you will only see "The page cannot be opened. is only displayed.

If you want to watch programs from all TV stations, you have to install at least three apps. It's a real hassle.

Shorter viewing period than other paid services

TVer is a free service, so you can only watch the content you miss for one week. However, other commercial broadcasters have free streaming services as well as paid versions of streaming service applications, so you can watch programs that were broadcast in the past.

Apart from the three inconveniences mentioned above, the TVer video page has only a few features: quality settings, subtitle availability, and double-speed playback. The program introduction page also has only a "Play" section. The "Download" symbol is not visible at all. Therefore, if you have a TVer video you want to download, please see the following software.

Which software can I use to download TVer videos?

To download TVer videos, use FlixPal Downloader.

What is FlixPal Downloader?

FlixPal Downloader allows you to download videos not only from free streaming sites like FOD and TVer, but also from other paid streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and U-NEXT. With FlixPal, you can download missed shows & real-time movies from Tver in 1080p quality. By the way, you can automatically remove commercials when downloading TVer videos with FlixPal.

Steps to download TVer videos

STEP1 Download and install FlixPal from FlixPal downloader's official website.

STEP2 Launch the software FlixPal and enter the URL of the official TVer website in the address bar on the home page.

STEP3 You can visit TVer official site directly with FlixPal's built-in browser. Try to find the video you want to download.

STEP4 After confirmation, please play the video here. When you enter the viewing page, a window with the theme "DRM Video Downloader" will automatically appear, where you can select the quality (up to 1080p), audio, and subtitles you want to save, and then click "Download Now".

Summary of TVer Video Downloader

  • TVer does not allow you to download videos.
  • There are some inconveniences in watching TVer videos online.
  • If you want to download TVer videos, you can use FlixPal Downloader, a safe and convenient software.
  • FlixPal Downloader can also be used for streaming services of other TV stations. For more information, please refer to the following article.

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