How to Download Videos on U-Next or H-Next on PC in MP4?

This article explains the advantages of U-NEXT and how to download videos in a very simple way.

Are you familiar with U-NEXT, a prominent video distribution service in Japan? Its vast library is categorized into two sections: unlimited viewing works, available through subscription plans, and PPV (pay-per-view) works, which incur charges per viewing.


As of April 2022, U-NEXT has offered an impressive collection of over 220,000 titles, establishing itself as the leading subscription-based video service with the most extensive "all-you-can-watch lineup." Subscribers enjoy the privilege of accessing more than 150 magazines every month without any extra costs.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why U-NEXT is highly recommended, as well as provide guidance on downloading videos from the platform. You may also want to learn about how to remove DRM from U-NEXT and the best way to download Hulu video for offline viewing.

What is U-NEXT?

U-NEXT, a streaming service that originated in Japan in 2009, offers a wide variety of content including anime, TV series, documentaries, and movies. However, accessing U-NEXT outside of Japan may pose restrictions, making it advisable to utilize a VPN service for an enhanced and unrestricted entertainment experience within Japan. VPN, serving as a frontrunner in subscription video delivery services, stands out as an excellent option to access and enjoy television and other media content specifically in the Japanese region.

If you wish to download anime to watch offline from U-NEXT, you will notice that the streaming service does NOT provide an option to download video content. Unlike other streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max, U-NEXT does not offer the feature to download videos directly from its website. Thus U-NEXT downloader is very important.

To download videos from U-NEXT on your computer, your only option is to utilize a third-party download service. This can be done by either using an online service specifically designed for video downloads or by utilizing software specifically developed for this purpose. By using advanced and robust U-NEXT video downloader, you can successfully download videos from U-NEXT.

6 Special Advantages of Joining U-NEXT

  1. Immerse Yourself in the Vast Selection of Movies with U-NEXT

U-NEXT boasts an expansive collection exceeding any other in Japan, with a staggering 150,000+ movies available for your unlimited viewing pleasure. Delight in an extensive range of captivating titles, all at an unbeatable value. Stay up-to-date with the latest releases, as new rentals continually grace our platform. Leave behind any hesitation and surrender to your desire for endless movie entertainment.

The distribution volume of U-NEXT eclipses all competition, surpassing the second-largest provider with an impressive 70,000 titles. U-NEXT Japan is wholeheartedly recommended to those seeking a remarkable quantity of movies, dramas, and other captivating works.

  1. Explore an Extensive Array of Content: Beyond Video Distribution to Include Manga, Books, and Magazines

By joining U-NEXT Japan, you’ll have access to a diverse range of content, encompassing not just video streaming, but an array of engaging media such as manga, books, and magazines. With a monthly membership subscription, you can indulge in unlimited reading of over 150 magazines without any additional cost.


  1. Enjoy the Benefits of Creating a Family Account on U-NEXT

By creating a family account on U-NEXT, you gain access to a multitude of advantages. One of the key benefits is the ability to establish up to 4 accounts, allowing each family member to enjoy the platform. What’s more, the cost per person decreases significantly, amounting to approximately 500 yen.

Considering this, U-NEXT proves to be an affordable choice. Additionally, U-NEXT prioritizes your privacy, ensuring a safe viewing experience where your personal information remains protected. Delve into the world of U-NEXT and make the most of your family’s entertainment preferences.

  1. Save 1,200 yen Every Month with U-NEXT Points!

U-NEXT points are a valuable currency that can be utilized across a range of U-NEXT services, with a conversion rate of 1 point equal to 1 yen. These points can be used to access a wide variety of content, including movies and e-books such as comics, light novels, novels, and business books.

Within the realm of “Point” movies, there are two types of titles available: rental titles, which incur charges for each viewing, and purchase titles, which are charged only upon the initial viewing.

By availing yourself of the 1,200 yen worth of points allocated to you each month, you can enjoy the latest movie rentals or acquire manga through purchases. Furthermore, any unused points can be carried over to the subsequent month, allowing you to accumulate them for use with your favorite works.

Take note that new movies and the latest episodes of dramas are not accessible for unlimited viewing—they are considered chargeable point works, requiring the use of your points to access them.

It is possible to increase your U-NEXT points by adding more points to your registered payment method. In order to keep your expenses to a minimum, it is advantageous to make the most of the 1,200 points granted each month.

  1. Savor U-NEXT's Adult Site H-NEXT

Adult services offered

Monthly fee (tax included)

Total number of movies

Number of adult titles


1,980 yen

500,000 Movies

More than 340,000


2,189 yen


40,000 titles

While U-NEXT may have a smaller collection of adult titles compared to FANZA, its exclusive platform H-NEXT provides unlimited access to FALENO, a highly popular adult label, as well as MGS (Prestige), an adult brand that is no longer available on FANZA.

While many mainstream video-on-demand (VOD) services have restrictions on adult content, U-NEXT stands out by offering a diverse range of adult videos alongside various other genres of programs. This makes U-NEXT an excellent choice for those seeking a combination of regular movies and adult entertainment.

  1. Feel Free to Utilize 31-day Free Trial


Experience U-NEXT's monthly plan (2,189 yen/tax included) for free as a first-time member for an entire month, giving you ample time to explore its features and benefits. During this trial period, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any point, without any additional charges, as long as it's within the 31-day period from the date of registration.

As a part of the free trial, you can enjoy two additional benefits. Firstly, you'll have unrestricted access for 31 days to a vast library of over 220,000 videos and 150 magazines, allowing you to indulge in unlimited streaming and reading. Secondly, you can save 600 yen in the form of points, which can be utilized to rent the latest movies, adding even more value to your trial experience.

Furthermore, if you come across a particular movie that captivates your interest on U-NEXT or H-NEXT, you have the option to download and add them to your personal collection. Allow us to explain the simple process of accomplishing this in the following part.

How to Download Videos from U-NEXT?

Speaking of U-NEXT video downloader, we highly recommend FlixPal U-NEXT Downloaoder, an exceptional software solution that offers a seamless and efficient way to effortlessly download H-NEXT content or U-NEXT anime in the popular MP4/MKV video format.

Why FlixPal?

FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader is a video downloader specialized for U-NEXT including H-NEXT. You can download videos while bypassing DRM protection. With FlixPal, you can always enjoy the lightning-fast download speed supported by GPU Accelerate and Turbo Speed technology, as well as top-quality audio and video up to 320kbps and 1080p.


With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, FlixPal empowers you to easily access and save U-NEXT videos in the desired format such as MP4/MKV as mentioned before, ensuring a smoother viewing experience. What's more, it can help you download subtitles in SRT format. By utilizing FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader, you can conveniently enjoy your favorite H-NEXT content offline, at your convenience.

You can also enjoy a three-time free trial now! If you are curious about how FlixPal can enhance your downloading experience, give it a free trial and see for yourself! If you're satisfied, you can then sign up for our affordable VIP membership. Gain access to premium features, keep enjoying your favorite videos, and enjoy unlimited video downloads without any concerns about the expensive price.

How to download U-NEXT videos with FlixPal?

STEP 1. Download and Install FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader from secure official website or just simply clicking the following official buttons:

STEP 2. Launch FlixPal, switch to VIP service on the left side of the main screen and select "U-NEXT" .


STEP 3. Then the U-NEXT website will pop up in the built-in browser. Now you may log in to your U-NEXT account and select the movie you want to download just as you normally do when viewing U-NEXT content.


STEP 4. Find the video you want to download and click it to enter the viewing page. When you do so, FlixPal will recognize the data of the work. When the analysis is complete, you will see a dialog box popping up.

STEP 5. It's time to Customize your download settings. Choose the episode, quality, subtitles, and audio you wish to download from the dialog box as you prefer. If you want to download now, click "Download Now" and the download will begin. If you want to add other videos for batch download, click "Add to Queue".


STEP 6. Now the download is progressing. Wait a moment, as it will complete in a minute. You can always check the download situation by clicking "Downloading".


If you're in need of a U-NEXT downloader, consider choosing FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader. By exploring FlixPal's review, you can easily download your desired videos for offline viewing.

FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader provides excellent convenience and numerous benefits for downloading U-NEXT movies and H-NEXT content. Additionally, FlixPal offers download options for various streaming services, including Amazon Video and HBO Max. Moreover, you can download content from Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, and more. Currently, there are several services available, with more to be added in the future.