How to Fix Hulu Error Code 406 in Easy Steps? [2022]

If you’re wondering how to fix Hulu error code 406, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. We have covered information on what is error code 406 on Hulu and error code 406 Hulu fixes.

Hulu is a popular OTT subscription platform that lets users stream unlimited TV shows and movies. Besides offering entertainment from widely-known channels like FX Networks, NBC Universal, and ABC, Hulu also has a massive library of original titles. After activating Hulu on your device, you may run into Hulu error code 406.

If error code 406 Hulu restricts you from streaming your favorite shows, there are a few methods to fix it. We have outlined all the nitty-gritty of the Hulu error 406, including why you may be encountering Hulu Error TVAPP-00406 and error 406 Hulu troubleshooting methods.

What Is Error Code 406 on Hulu?

Getting started with Hulu is easy. You can download the Hulu app on computers, Android, and iOS devices to begin using it. You’ll also be asked to choose a subscription package depending on how many people can watch Hulu at once. While enjoying films and TV series on streaming platforms, the Error TVAPP-00406 code is not uncommon. You may even encounter error code 406 Hulu while attempting to watch the live TV offerings on Hulu.

What Causes Hulu Error Code 406?

Faulty servers likely are to be blamed for the appearance of the Hulu 406 error code. You can check this by hopping on to Twitter and searching #Hulu to see if others are facing the same problem. In this section, we have highlighted all the reasons that lead to Hulu Error TVAPP-00406:

  • An outdated Hulu app.
  • Unstable or poor internet connectivity.
  • Bugs and glitches.
  • Corrupted cache files.
  • Hulu Servers not working.

Whatever the reason, the steps below will be beneficial to fix the Hulu code 406.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 406 in Simple Steps?

Experiencing Hulu login error code 406 is highly frustrating because it prevents consumers from watching Hulu videos smoothly. Here’s how you can troubleshoot Hulu error code 406 to resume streaming without hindrance.

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

If you believe restarting a device is useless, you may be wrong. It is an excellent way to swipe the software’s present state and fix the Hulu error code 406. Moreover, starting over lets you access the Hulu app from scratch and function as before. If you own Windows 10, follow these instructions to restart your computer:

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Select "Power."
  • Choose “Restart”

Fix 2: Check the Internet Speed and Connection

All streaming apps require a stable and robust internet connection to work correctly. While using Hulu, if your network connection has flaws or running on lower bandwidth, the Hulu error code 406 pops up. Here’s how to troubleshoot the network issue on a computer:

  • Click the Start option.
  • Launch Settings.
  • Choose "Troubleshoot" from the left of the screen.
  • Select Network Adapter.
  • Hit “Run the Troubleshooter.”

If this doesn't fix the error code 406 Hulu, head to the browser. Go to the website, check your internet speed, and ensure that it's fast enough to stream Hulu titles.

Fix 3: Clear File Cache in Browser

When the cache hasn't been cleaned up in a while, it may become corrupted and lead to error 406 Hulu. Below we have outlined the steps to clear the browser cache on Chrome. If you use the said web browser to access Hulu, this will fix the Hulu error 406.

  • Turn on your PC and launch Chrome.
  • Once opened, select the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Choose "More Tools." Now select "Clear Browsing Data."
  • Select the "Cached images and files" and "Cookies and other site data" options.
  • Lastly, hit “Clear data.”

Fix 4: Clean Hulu App Cache

Corrupted Hulu cache files on cellular devices can also contribute to the unwanted error 406 Hulu. Smartphone users must be wondering how to clear the app cache to resolve the Hulu error code 406 on their devices. Here’s how:

  • Launch the “Settings” app on your phone.
  • Visit “Applications and Permissions.”
  • From the list of applications, choose Hulu.
  • Select "Storage."
  • Lastly, tap on “Clear Cache.”

Fix 5: Check Hulu Servers

The Hulu app does a great job of tackling all your streaming needs. However, this does not mean it is free of bugs and glitches. When you get error 406 Hulu, it could denote the inability of the Hulu app to communicate with its server. It happens when the Hulu server is down. To confirm whether Hulu error code 406 is appearing due to faulty servers, visit DownDetector. If this is the case, you’ll need to be patient as the experts work to resolve flaws at their end.

Fix 6: Update the Hulu Application

If your Hulu app is not up to date, it can cause error code 406 Hulu to pop up. That’s because outdated applications can become infested with bugs and glitches. Each new update comes with fixes to the issues in older app versions. It’s worth a try to update the Hulu app to fix Hulu 406 error.

How to Update Hulu Application on PC?

  • Launch the Microsoft Store.
  • Select the three dots at the top right corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, choose “Downloads and Updates.”
  • Click “Get Updates.” Lastly, choose Hulu downloading button.

How to Update Hulu Application on Smartphone?

  • Visit the Play Store on your Android.
  • Select your profile icon at the screen's top right corner. Now, choose "Manage apps and devices."
  • Choose the Hulu app and press “Update” to resolve the Hulu error 406.

Fix 7: Reinstall Hulu App

If you still encounter Hulu error 406, it’s best to reinstall the Hulu app. Here’s how to do it on your device.

How to Reinstall Hulu App on PC?

  • Launch “Apps and Features” by searching for it.
  • Search the Hulu app and click "Uninstall."
  • Now launch the Microsoft Store and look for the Hulu app. Click get in-store app to install it.

How to Reinstall Hulu App on Android?

  • Look for the Hulu app on the home screen and long press it to uninstall.
  • Head over to the Play Store—search Hulu in the search box.
  • After spotting the appropriate app, hit “Install.”

Hopefully, by applying these methods, you can fix Hulu login error code 406.

How to Stream Hulu Content Offline Without Error?

Subscribing to a streaming service and running into the Error TVAPP-00406 is highly frustrating. You may have applied every standard Hulu error code 406 fix and failed to get the Hulu app to work efficiently. If that's the case, it might be wise to turn your attention to the best downloader in the market.

FlixPal Hulu Downloader lets users enjoy the entire library of Hulu without an internet connection. Using it, you can stack up on your favorite films and movies and enjoy them without experiencing Hulu error code 406. It has a bunch of features that make it so loveable.


  • It lets you enjoy Hulu and Hulu JP videos in 1080p.
  • Users can stream content without ads.
  • It supports subtitles and audio dubs in various languages.
  • Its batch download feature lets you download an entire series at once.


You might have subscribed to Hulu expecting to stream without hindrance. However, Hulu error code 406 can pop up anytime and disrupt your experience. Luckily, there are various ways to resolve error 406 Hulu. Our guide provides valuable information on Hulu code 406 and Error TVAPP-00406 quick fixes.