How to Set Parental Controls on Hulu?

Does Hulu have parental controls? How to set parental controls on Hulu? We have rounded up the A-Z of Hulu parental controls right here in this post.

From comedy to action and anime to porn, today’s streaming services try to cater to the needs and desires of every viewer out there. This is why it is practically impossible to restrict what your child can stream on these video-on-demand services unless they offer a dedicated feature to do so.

Does Hulu have parental controls? How to set parental controls on Hulu? We have rounded up the A-Z of Hulu parental controls right here in this post.

Does Hulu Have Parental Controls?

With a rise in OTT platforms, it has become difficult for parents to control and overview such an immense amount of content for their kids. That is why multiple OTT streaming sites have introduced parental controls that can help parents have systematic control over the content their kids will be watching.

A few years back, Hulu didn't have a capable parental control system, which is why many users were disappointed with the streaming app. But after tons of complaints and constant pressure from the "Parents Television and Media Council," Hulu has finally introduced parental control keys on their platform.

Hulu parental controls might still not be as efficient as other OTT sites, like Netflix and Disney+; still, it has gained accuracy and managed to become better than before. Before, Hulu didn't have a PIN control system over the profiles. Now they have even added the PIN feature to their app, which strengthens the platform's privacy and positively impacts the parental control system.

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How Do Hulu Parental Controls Work?

Like other parental control systems, the parental controls Hulu restricts the mature content for the selected profile. According to Hulu’s policies, the functioning of the parental controls Hulu system will depend on the Hulu age registration of the profile.

If the profile belongs to a kid under 13, then R-rated content will not be shown in their profile. But if the profile belongs to a kid above 13 years, all types of content will be displayed.

Therefore, if you want your Hulu profile to have Hulu parental controls systems, you will need the profile to be registered for a person below 13 years.

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Why Are Parental Controls Necessary?

With so much exposure to social media and mature content, parents must have tight control over the content their kids are watching. Young minds are sharp learners. Thus, they can adopt what they see. That is why it becomes crucial for parents to provide positive content that can influence them in the right direction.

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How to Set Parental Controls on Hulu?

If you want to set Hulu parental controls, you must know how to set parental controls on Hulu. Many people report this process as pretty hassling, but it is quite the opposite. Setting up Hulu parental controls is incredibly easy if the procedure is done systematically. The following steps can guide you in setting the parental controls on Hulu.

  • Visit the website or open your Hulu app
  • Go to the “Manage Your Account” option
  • Choose the “Profiles” section, which is present next to the “Overview” option
  • Select the Hulu profile on which you want to set up the Hulu age registration for accessing its parental control system

Alternatively, if you want to create a separate profile for kids with Hulu parental controls, click "Add profile."

  • Click on the profile and select the kid-friendly mode
  • For this purpose, you will also need to do a Hulu age registration
  • Those asking how to change age on Hulu can observe the same process
  • After doing so, you are done with the process, and your edited profile now has Hulu parental controls

It should be kept in mind that only your selected profile will have Hulu parental controls. If you log in to another profile, it may display mature content, which might not be suitable for kids.

Therefore, to prevent such mishaps, it is better to set up the “Hulu parental controls PIN" system on profiles. By doing so, your kids can only access the profile with parental controls on Hulu. Below mentioned steps can guide you aptly regarding implementing the PIN system on Hulu.

  • Go to the profile tab section of your Hulu app
  • Click on the settings of the profiles
  • Select the profiles on which you want to employ PIN Protection
  • Turn on the “PIN Protection” system
  • Enter a 4-digit PIN of your choice
  • Confirm your PIN and save it

How to Change Parental Controls on Hulu?

Many people also wonder how to change parental controls on Hulu. Now that you know how to set parental controls on Hulu, changing their settings will be relatively more straightforward. The following steps can guide you aptly regarding changing the Hulu parental controls system.

  • Open the profile on which you want to change the settings
  • Go to the “Manage Your Account” section
  • If you want to change your Hulu age registration, you can change the age
  • Otherwise, you may change the settings according to your choice
  • The exact process can be done for PIN change. All you have to do is to go to the "Tab settings" instead of the "Profile Settings"

How to Turn Off Hulu Parental Controls?

Turning off the Hulu parental controls is also simpler than it might seem. Observe the below steps to switch off the Hulu parental controls on your desired profile.

  • Go to the profile on which you want to turn off the parental controls.
  • Select the “Manage Your Accounts” option.
  • Choose the “Profiles” settings.
  • Turn off kid-friendly programming or change the Hulu age registration.

Similarly, follow the steps below to turn off the PIN control system on profiles.

  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Click on the profile on which you want to turn off the PIN Protection system
  • Enter the PIN for security purposes
  • Go to the PIN settings
  • Click on the “Turn Off” option

How to Download Hulu Videos and Movies for Offline Viewing?

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Summing It Up

While parental controls on Hulu are not as intuitive as other popular OTT platforms, they still provide a decent solution to worried parents and guardians who want to keep their minors away from violent or sexually explicit content. After reading this article, we’re sure you can set parental controls on Hulu without difficulty.

You can also download kids-friendly movies and shows using FlixPal Hulu Downloader and let your children have some ‘Me’ time without worrying about what they will stream on their devices.