Troubleshooting for Instagram Crashing Issue in 2022

Instagram crashing continuously for sure can be annoying. However, following these simple steps will ensure it doesn't happen again.

The possibility of your Instagram crashing continuously while you are using it is what brought you to this solution guide. To ease your worries, you aren't the only one experiencing this, and there is nothing wrong with your phone or social media ID.

Instagram is an application that is used by millions around the globe. Hence there are times when the Instagram app keeps crashing because of overload or several other reasons.

If your Instagram keeps crashing and you are looking for ways to make it stop. Then luck for you – you have arrived at the right place. Below we have combined some of the best ways to ensure your Instagram crash doesn't happen again. So, hop on below.

How to Fix Instagram Crashing?

The main reason for Instagram crashing is the server being down. Hence, figure out whether that is the case by searching the Down Detector and figuring out whether others have the same problem during that time frame.

If the system isn't down, you can use the following tips to stop your Instagram from crashing again.

Update the Instagram App

One of the primary reasons your Instagram keeps crashing might be that your app needs to be updated. The social media application is continuously working towards a better update to make the app a safe and seamless experience for everyone.

Updating the app will ensure the proper user interface and whole experience when using the application. Therefore, ensuring a bug and glitch-free Instagram will enhance your user experience and make it more interactive and cleaner.  

Check Your Phone's Storage

Another main reason your Instagram app keeps crashing is that your phone storage is filling up. The phone and devices, in general, start to slow down once their storage threshold is near its limit.

So, if your Instagram keeps stopping, head to your storage settings and check how much storage you have left. To work efficiently, Instagram or any other application needs at least 10-20 percent of the available space to work without error.

Restart Your Phone

The Instagram app crashing can also be fixed by restarting your phone. There are certain instances when the mobile device starts to slow down from continuous usage or due to heating up.

Instagram being a heavy application in terms of working and data takes the most toll, and hence Instagram crashing happens. Therefore, if your app isn't working, try restarting your device once and using the app again.

Clear Instagram Cache

If your app is updated and you still feel your Instagram crashing or slowing down, try clearing the cache in the application. This is one of the best methods to reduce crashes and ensure that Instagram app crashing doesn't happen again.

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

If your Instagram app is continuously crashing, try uninstalling the application once. This might seem scary, especially for people who do not remember their passwords, but it is a task that must be done.

Uninstalling your Instagram app and then reinstalling it will not only ensure that Instagram crashing doesn't happen anymore as it will clear all the faulty aspects Instagram was attaching to itself, but will also ensure that the reinstalling process provides you with the latest updated Instagram app and features.

Update your Phone's Software

Updating your phone is an essential aspect of ensuring that all your systems run efficiently and your phone remains bug-free. Want to know how you can update your phone's software? We have mentioned it below.

Update an Android Phone

To update your Android phone, follow the following simple steps:

  • Open the settings app on your phone.
  • Scroll down a bit and find the software update option.
  • On the software update window, check all applications or phone updates needed.
  • Now, update your phone, and you are good to go.

Updating an IOS phone

To ensure that your iOS device is updated, here is what you should do:

  • On your iOS application, tap on the settings app.
  • Click on the general section, and tap software update.
  • Check for updates, and if any, ensure to update your iOS device.

Other Apps Might Be Causing the Crash

Sometimes – but this instance is highly minor - the Instagram crashing might happen due to other apps like Dish, Xfinity, DirectTV, etc. This means that other applications on your phone are creating a bug on Instagram and causing Instagram crashing.

In many cases, the Android software might also create a bug that can cause your Instagram to crash.

Is Your Instagram Crashing When You Are Uploading a Story or Post?

While Instagram crashes can happen when you casually use the app and scroll through it, one specific Instagram crashing happens only when you upload a story or a post.

If you are wondering, 'why Instagram crashes when I try to post?' then we got the answer for you.

The primary reason why Instagram crashes while you upload a video or photo to your story or post is that the picture you are uploading isn't compatible with the application's want.

If your format isn't JPG or PNG, or the one Instagram supports, then Instagram crashing is inevitable and is more than likely to happen. To avoid an Instagram crash, use the image or video format that the application supports.

How to Download Instagram Videos to Watch Offline?

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