How to Contact Instagram Support via Email, Phone or Chat?

Are you facing some issues with your Instagram account? Here is a complete guide to contacting Instagram support or writing your concern to Instagram Support Email.

For Instagram having over a billion active monthly users, it is understandable that the Instagram support team might be overburdened. This makes them take more time to respond to individual queries. However, this is one side of the story because the complication arises for how to reach Instagram support through Instagram support email or Instagram support number.

Through Instagram contact support, you can always ask about any issues you face within the application, with the built-in tools, etc. This article is a detailed guide on how to contact Instagram support by email, phone, or chat.

How to Get Instagram Support from Help Center?

The help center is where you should hop when facing any issues with Instagram. The help center caters the Instagram users with different guides and tips for troubleshooting. You may as well get effective tips and guides on how to fix your concerned issues. Before finding the solution to your concerned issue, you first need to reach the Instagram Help Center.

Access Instagram Help Center from the Computer

To find the Instagram help center, you can open the help center website immediately by following the link available in the Instagram app or just search on Google for Instagram Help Center.

Access Instagram Help Center from Smart Phone

To get to the Instagram help center from your smartphone, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Instagram Application from your android or iOS device.
  • Open your profile and tap on the three lines icon on the top right corner of the application’s page.
  • Tap to open ‘Settings’.
  • From among a number of options, tap on ‘Help’.
  • Then click on ‘Help Center’.

This is how you will reach Instagram’s Help Center and find different guides for different issues that are commonly faced by other Instagram users.

If you see nothing related to the issue you are facing, then choose one of the categories for your problem, and select a related question. If you are facing any issues related to account recovery, the solution to such a query is mentioned on the login page.

  • Tap on the link 'Get Help Logging In' if you are working from your smartphone and 'Forgot Password?' if you are active from your web browser.
  • Type in your phone number or the assigned email address.
  • You will receive a link from the Instagram support team.
  • Click on the link from your mail, which will then lead you to your account.
  • You can safely set a new and unique password to secure your account.

How to Contact Instagram Support via Email?

The amazing thing is that most of your Instagram problems or queries can be solved with Instagram Help Center, but if you still feel a need to reach out to the Instagram customer support team, you can email the Instagram support email and follow these instructions.

The Instagram support email is [email protected], but it is very likely that you will receive a response within time.

While sending a message to Instagram support email, you need to keep these in mind:

  • Mention the link to your profile.
  • Describe your problem clearly and keep yourself to the point.
  • Attaching a screenshot of the problem can make your query easy to understand.

It is very important for Instagram users to portray their problems and elaborate on them properly. The Instagram team will then respond to the Instagram contact support through email.

Contact Instagram Support by Phone or Email

How to Contact Instagram Support via Call?

You may as well contact us through the Instagram support number. There are three Instagram support numbers available for the users.

  • Instagram support number – Headquarters: +1 650 543 4800
  • Instagram support number for business: +1 660 745 3051
  • Instagram support number: +1 415 857 3369

You should know that all of these Instagram support numbers are automated channels. You can always call Instagram support, but the best thing is that most Instagram issues can be easily resolved with the Instagram help center.

How to Contact Instagram Support via Chat?

Currently, there is no Instagram support chat that could offer millions of active Instagram users help through live chat.

How to Report a Problem on Instagram?

Request Support from Phone

How to Contact Instagram Support in 2022

You can also send a message to Instagram customer support and report your current problem. For this, open the Instagram application on your mobile phone and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Tap on the three lines from the top right corner of your Instagram profile page.
  • Tap on the gear icon to go to ‘Settings’.
  • Tap on ‘Help’.
  • Head to the 'Report a Problem Section.
  • Write briefly about your issue and tap on ‘Submit’.

Request Support from Personal Computer

You can also contact the Instagram Support team through your computer. Open the Instagram website and follow these easy steps:

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the Instagram page.
  • Click on the 'Profile' option. This will head you towards your profile.
  • Open settings and click to report a problem.
  • Briefly describe your problem; you can also attach related files.
  • Click to submit your report.

Why Is It Difficult to Get a Response from Instagram Support?

As we know, Instagram has more than 700 million active users, and many of these users must be sending support requests to Instagram customer support. Imagine if only 1 user from among every 100 contacted Instagram support. It makes around 7 million Instagram support requests in a year. If we further divide these requests per day, these are 18,000 Instagram contact support requests.

How Long Could It Take for Instagram Support to Response?

If you have any queries, you should email Instagram support or call Instagram support. Normally it could take up to or more than a week for the support team to respond. You may as well check your email’s spam folder if you have waited enough. If the time limit of three weeks has passed and you still have not received any response, then you may as well try sending another query to Instagram customer support.

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Instagram contact support is made for user convenience. Millions of Instagram users face different issues with their accounts, and for that, Instagram contact support comes in handy. The common solutions are to reach the help center, call Instagram support, email Instagram support, or reach the Instagram support chat.

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