Why was jpg4.us suddenly shut down?

Rumors have circulated recently about JPG4.us's inaccessibility. I shall introduce the essence of jpg4.us and suggest alternative websites that offer similar services.

Recently, there has been an increase in users viewing adult videos and images on sites like Twitter, with a wide variety of preferences becoming apparent. In this context, it becomes important to have convenient access to adult video websites or adult content sites. jpg4.us was beloved by many for its ability to easily download any image from anywhere. However, the jpg4.us site has now disappeared and has become inaccessible.

Therefore, this article will cover what jpg4.us was, the reasons behind its closure, and if there are any alternative sites available. If you are concerned about the unavailability of jpg4.us, be sure to check out this information.

Software for Downloading Adult Videos

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What is jpg4.us?

What is jpg4.us?-1

Let me introduce to those who are not familiar with what jpg4.us is.

jpg4.us is an online site where you can view both erotic videos and erotic photos. Although it may have come to your attention only in recent years, it has been around for 11 years and is managed and operated by Japanese people.

While the site is based in the United States, it is managed by Japanese people, making it very user-friendly for Japanese users. The site's market value is estimated to be $30 million. Moreover, it ranks 48,817th in the world ranking, which is an excellent result for a video site.

About the features of jpg4.us

The content, including videos and images, is extensive

First, the content, including videos and images, is quite extensive. Not only can you view the hottest content and trends on the internet, but you can also watch videos in many categories.

In addition, the site offers a plethora of content featuring not just professional talent but also amateur voyeuristic material. There are many voyeur videos involving schoolgirls and office ladies, meeting the expectations of various people, all of which you can find on jpg4.us.

Challenging to use

Although jpg4.us has a wide array of content, it cannot be ignored that there are some inconveniences in using jpg4.us. For example, upon visiting the site, you might find the current design somewhat user-unfriendly, suggesting there is room for improvement in the site's design.

Did jpg4.us shut down? What caused it? Is there a chance for it to come back?

In January 2024, the domain 'jpg4us.net' associated with jpg4.us was shut down. When you access 'jpg4us.net', you encounter the situation illustrated below.

Did jpg4.us shut down? What caused it? Is there a chance for it to come back?-1

Starting March 2023, the site became inaccessible, and this closure has continued. On Yahoo! Chiebukuro, one can hear voices expressing confusion, like "The way to view jpg4.us suddenly disappeared." The closure of the site has led to user dismay.

Why was jpg4.us shut down?

The specific reason why jpg4.us was shut down is unclear, but the following four causes are speculated:

  1. The video content was illegal/infringing.
  2. The domain was changed.
  3. The site is temporarily down for maintenance.
  4. There are issues with the server, making the site temporarily unviewable.

Below is a natural translation of the provided content into English:

Video & Image Content are Illegal and Infringing Activities

There are many adult-related titles on jpg4.us, and some of the contents have been illegally uploaded, increasing the risk of copyright violations. In addition, jpg4.us contains a significant amount of content related to child pornography, which constitutes illegal infringing activities not permitted by law. For these reasons, the site should be shut down.

The Domain Has Changed

Previous to its current state, the domain name for jpg4.us was 'jpg4us.net.' Now, it has been changed to a different domain name, and there is a possibility that the site is being operated under a new domain. Typically, if a site has been involved in illegal activities, it may be subject to domain changes or shutdowns in response to directives from authorities or demands from law enforcement agencies. However, the specific new domain name is yet to be confirmed.

The Site is Temporarily Under Maintenance

jpg4.us may be undergoing regular maintenance for its normal operations and improved security. This can include server updates and database maintenance. Such maintenance is usually temporary, and the site should be accessible again once repairs and updates are completed.

There are Server Issues, Temporarily Making the Site Inaccessible

The jpg4.us server could have encountered a security breach, resulting in its potential closure. Security issues, when identified, may temporarily restrict access to the site. Additionally, as a popular adult site, jpg4.us may experience sudden increases in traffic or excessive loads that the servers cannot handle.

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Alternative Adult Site to jpg4.us #1: Twihozon

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Twihozon is a website specially designed to save videos from Twitter. It offers a ranking of saved videos uploaded on Twitter which can be viewed by a 24-hour, weekly, or monthly basis. Not only can you watch videos from the Twitter rankings, but you can also check out the accounts of those who uploaded the videos.

By using this site, you can download erotic videos from Twitter and watch them anytime on Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone. This means you can enjoy downloaded erotic videos and images even on your mobile device.

Alternative Adult Site to jpg4.us #2: nurumayu-twi-douga

Alternative Adult Site to jpg4.us #2: nurumayu-twi-douga-1

nurumayu-twi-douga is also a video saving site that allows you to download videos from Twitter at any time. Many people enjoy amateur erotic videos on Twitter, and these can be directly watched, saved, and downloaded from nurumayu-twi-douga. Not limited to this, but you can also browse and download content from Facebook, Instagram, Ameblo, and more.

Alternative Adult Site to jpg4.us #3: erozine

Alternative Adult Site to jpg4.us #3: erozine-1

Erozine is a website where you can find all sorts of interesting images and videos online. For example, you can view and download content from various Twitter categories including videos, images, and comments, as well as adult videos and images. It serves as an alternative to jpg4.us, allowing you easy access to popular adult content circulating on Twitter.

Alternative adult site to jpg4.us #4: Meaty Beauty Girls

Alternative adult site to jpg4.us #4: Meaty Beauty Girls-1

Meaty Beauty Girls is a yellow blog where you can see selfies and videos taken from Twitter. It features rankings such as AV actress accounts, 'huge breasts' accounts, 'big buttocks' accounts, and categories with the latest information that you can click to view. You may find even clearer pictures than on jpg4.us.

Alternative adult site to jpg4.us #5: Iwara

Alternative adult site to jpg4.us #5: Iwara-1

Featuring a large number of videos and images from the DMM network, Iwara is known for its high-quality uploads and viewing experience, winning the support of many users. The interface is divided into three sections: videos, images, and forums, making it exceptionally user-friendly. It also includes a number of erotic images created by AI, with many based on famous games like "Genshin Impact" and "Honkai Impact 3rd". It can be used as an alternative to jpg4.us.

Alternative adult site to jpg4.us #6: Togetter

Togetter is a site that compiles and allows you to browse various videos and images uploaded to Twitter. With ranking categories, it aggregates trending topics from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks so you can grasp the general trends from a single site.


This time, we've thoroughly introduced the website jpg4.us. Although there are rumors that jpg4.us is currently unavailable, you shouldn't worry. It could be due to maintenance and might be accessible later. If not, there are several alternatives to explore, and it's worth checking them out. However, our top recommendation is definitely the FlixPal Adult Downloader, which comes with a full set of features and is currently popular and available for sale!