5 Enime free viewing sites, 5 Enimes in 2022!

If you like Enime, how do you usually find erotic anime? In this issue, we will introduce you to sites where you can watch erotic anime for free, as well as some of the anime we recommend this year.

If you like Enime, how do you usually find erotic anime?

Are you still wondering where to watch it? In this article, we will introduce you to the sites where you can watch erotic anime for free, along with some of the anime we recommend this year.

You can watch Enime for free! We recommend 5 god sites for Enime!

Here are some sites where you can enjoy R18 Enime for free. Free erotic anime sites can be lurking dangers such as malicious advertisements, one-click scams, and fictitious billing. Do not click on suspicious pop-up ads or images that appear when you switch screens, no matter how intriguing they may be.


ShareVideos is a major site that offers not only Japanese adult videos but also foreign titles. Many general erotic video works are also available on the site, so it is recommended to search for enimes and doujinshi works.

In addition to erotic anime, there are also full movies of erotic scenes and story scenes from erotic games. This is definitely a site to visit when looking for 2D erotic videos.

3D porn is also updated daily, and ShareVideos is also updated daily by Enime.


Pornhub, one of the world's most popular erotic video sites, also offers Enime. However, the selection seems to be a little smaller than ShareVideos.

Also, since the number of titles is rather small, you may feel something is missing.

Nevertheless, Pornhub is one of the easiest adult video sites to use. It also uploads smaller productions and those that are being talked about abroad.


XVIDEOS is one of the most famous Japanese erotic video sites.

There are quite a few general works, but there are also many enimes. It is a site that is well known worldwide, so the number of productions is not half as large.

Of course, these videos are updated daily in real time. Erotic anime that could easily be erased may also be posted, so if you are interested in something, we recommend that you check it out as soon as possible.


Compared to many adult video sites worldwide, SpankBang is somewhat less well known in Japan. Therefore, many of you may not know about it.

However, many people use SpankBang worldwide, and adult videos as a whole are updated daily.

Despite this, the number of titles in SpankBang's enimes is somewhat small overall. The number of erotic anime itself is small, not only in Japan but also worldwide.

The almost total lack of advertisements makes it an excellent site for free erotic videos, but such shortcomings should be noted.


The original free adult video site in Japan is FC2, which also offers a large number of enimes.

However, FC2 offers not only free videos but also many paid videos. Therefore, there are times when you click on a button thinking it is free at first, but in fact it is an expensive video.

You need to be discerning at the stage of selecting videos.

In addition to erotic anime, FC2 also offers erotic gameplay videos (without live action). In some cases, the stories are cut out and only the erotic scenes are uploaded.

While you can't use it if you are only looking at enimes, there are some bargains to be had, so there is no harm in bookmarking the site.

Here are 5 Enime with plenty of 2022 sexy scenes

Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora" is an anime adaptation of a popular adult game.

It is a harem-style enime set in a countryside rich in nature.

The heroine surrounding the main character includes popular elements such as a younger sister, glasses, and a shrine maiden.

High School DxD

Based on a light novel, "High School DxD" is a school love-comedy battle fantasy with myths and demons.

The erotic point of "High School DxD" is, of course, boobs. If you like boobs, check it out.

The original story of "High School DxD" is still being serialized, and the anime is a very popular series that has aired up to its fourth season.


To LOVE-ru" was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump and became very popular for its extreme scenes that transcended the boundaries of a teenager's magazine.

The beautiful illustrations by Kentaro Yabuki, who drew the manga, were also well received, and an exhibition of original drawings was held. The work itself is a harem comedy with a good balance between gag elements and erotic descriptions.

Since there is no strong involvement, it is recommended as an introduction to Enime.


Ariyoshi Japon" is a variety program broadcast on TBS every Friday late at night.

The enime that appears on this program is "kiss×sis.

Popular voice actress Ayana Taketatsu, who plays the role of "kiss×sis," made a guest appearance on "Ariyoshi Japon" to introduce her work.

kiss×sis" is a romantic comedy about a bloodless brother and sister who become a family when their parents remarry.

Jail Academy

As the title suggests, there are many kissing scenes, and it is also full of extreme erotic scenes that realistically depict the lovey-dovey behavior of young men and women.

The popular variety show distributed by TV Asahi, "Ametalk! .

Ametalk!" Bakarhythm introduced "Jailhouse Gakuen" on the Seinen Geinen program.

Jailhouse Gakuen" is an erotic school comedy that takes place in a school with only 1016 girls and 5 boys.

It won the "37th Kodansha Manga Award" for its storytelling and artwork.

However, it contains erotic scenes, so it is best to avoid watching it with your family just because it is a well-received work.

Three Enime Subscription Services


U-NEXT is one of the largest video distribution services in Japan.

Many people join U-NEXT for the purpose of watching movies and plays.

However, U-NEXT (H-NEXT) actually focuses on providing erotic anime as well.

With a monthly fee of 2,189 yen, paid members can view a total of more than 650 erotic anime.

Let's take a look at some of the other advantages of U-NEXT (H-NEXT).

  • You can watch erotic anime in Ultra HD, which supports full HD quality.
  • A wide variety of popular enime makers are available.
  • 31-day free trial allows you to try the service before joining.
  • New enimes can be rented with 1,200 points given every month.

The subscription-based HanimeZ is mainly old enimes, but U-NEXT (H-NEXT) allows you to use your points to watch new enimes! This is very important.

Why not try U-NEXT (H-NEXT) once to see if your favorite erotic anime has a free trial?

FANZA Adult Anime Channel

FANZA Adult Anime Channel is a monthly enime subscription service.

By paying 2,980 yen per month to become a paid member of FANZA Adult Anime Channel, you can watch as many erotic anime as you like.

There are more than 1,000 erotic anime, a reasonable number, so if you like 2D, you will be sure to be satisfied.

There are also many fetish male-oriented works, which you can enjoy as much as you want for a reasonable price by joining FANZA Adult Anime Channel.


If you are looking for an erotic anime distribution service, HanimeZ is another good choice. HanimeZ sells the popular Enime series and erotic manga doujinshi. The site is owned and operated by an overseas company and features uncensored Enime.

The advantages that set HanimeZ apart from other erotic anime distribution services are as follows

  • Top class with over 3,200 total erotic anime titles distributed
  • New titles are released at a frequency of 1-3 per week
  • Unlimited downloads, so you can continue to watch even after you leave your membership
  • Sample movies are included and distributed with all erotic animations
  • Easy-to-read top page structure makes it easy to find your favorite erotic anime
  • The monthly fee is a little high at $39, but in return, the enimes are well-designed.
  • Men who want to enjoy erotic anime without mosaic and without censorship may want to sign up for the subscription service HanimeZ.


We have introduced the sites where you can watch Enime, but you should be aware of the danger of clicking suspicious buttons when you use them. We have also compiled a list of recommended video works together for your viewing pleasure.