Recommend an alternative/successor site to lovehug! Is it true that lovehug has been closed?

Lovehug is a well-known comic book site among comic book lovers. lovehug is likely to be available until September 2022, but due to its high risk, we will present a list of alternative sites to Lovehug.

What exactly is lovehug?

And for those who have used Lovehug before, there are probably many people who don't know if it has been closed or not.

This article will provide an overview of lovehug, its replacement and successor sites, or the dangers of using it.

What is lovehug?

What is lovehug?

Lovehug is an illegal manga site derived from LoveHeaven. First of all, aside from being an illegal site, lovehug requires you to enter the English manga name to search for manga, which many Japanese are not familiar with.

Is lovehug now closed as an illegal manga site?

Is lovehug still available as an illegal manga site?

Of course, you can. However, reading comics on lovehug is not recommended at this time due to copyright and virus issues discussed below. Another reason is that it is not safe to use, as it is closed and opened repeatedly to avoid restrictions.

Lovehug has not been closed, but the current status is [as of September 2022].

In a nutshell, Lovehug is not closed, but it has become inconvenient to use. As the diagram notes.

"For users who previously could not access the application on the Play Store, it can now be used, download the new application on the Play Store and log in, for those who already have a Welovemanga.One account For those who already have an account with Welovemanga.One If not, please click Create Account, for registration, the in-app account will not work and then restart the app."

For those who do not have a Welovemanga.One account, you will need to create an account first.

Once created, restart the Lovehug site/app and log in to access it.

Summary of 6 illegal manga sites similar to lovehug


loveheaven is the predecessor of lovehug. like lovehug, both are illegal manga sites that upload full versions of manga without the author's consent. The sites have now been shut down as illegal. However, now, in September 2022, if you click into the site again, you will be jumped to the site "NeneG9". The relationship between these two sites is unknown, but NeneG9 looks dangerous and should not be used.

Manga Raw(manga raw)

Manga Raw, the long-awaited successor to Manga Mura, closed on February 2, 2022, but reopened the next day. There are also rumors that "they don't dare let him go because of his illegal arrest. "There are rumors that people who read illegally uploaded works will also be charged with a crime and should not use the site.

Manga play

Manga play is a website for reading manga. Manga play is the successor site of Manga BANK, which has been gradually changing since the closure of Manga BANK in November 2021. Although the name has changed, the page design is almost the same. The background is blank, but you can search directly by title to find the manga you want to read.

Unfortunately, however, all comic sites, including manga play, have been closed until June 2022. No successor site is available yet.

Manga BANK

Manga BANK was a site that uploaded free manga without the need to register. However, it was suddenly shut down, and the most appropriate reason here is that Shueisha requested disclosure of the operator's information.

Major publishers such as Shueisha had requested that the operator's information be made public. In order to avoid being sued, Manga Bank and other manga sites were shut down before that could happen.

Manga Village

Manga Village is a well-known piracy site whose operator has already been arrested and shut down

Mangamura is a well-known piracy site that has already been shut down. At the time of its operation, it was a well-known pirate site and had a large number of accesses.

Manga-mura is currently inaccessible after its operator, Michimi Hoshino, was arrested in 2019.


Rawdevart, like lovehug, is a website that illegally publishes manga.

It is still operational and available as of September 2022.

The language of the site is English, but a variety of Japanese manga are illegally posted on the site.

This is an unauthorized site with questionable advertising, so please do not look for or access this site.

Using an illegal manga site similar to Lovehug is dangerous!

You could be arrested for illegal downloading.

Downloading illegally published works, such as comic books, is subject to criminal penalties.

Many people wonder if downloading is illegal. It is illegal to download copyrighted works such as manga, even for personal enjoyment, knowing that they are pirated copies posted on the Internet. It may even be a crime.

The penalty for illegal downloading is "imprisonment for not more than two years or a fine of not more than 2,000,000 yen (or both). You may think, "I don't have to download anything." However, there may be sites that you cannot view without downloading, or sites that are being downloaded without your knowledge. As a countermeasure, you can use official applications to enjoy manga inexpensively without worrying about being exposed.

Virus infection might leak your personal information.

Some users may wonder if just reading manga on the site will leak, but don't worry. No problem! The case of information leakage is when a user clicks on an advertisement. This is especially dangerous for sites like Lovehug, which is operated in a foreign country. This is because the ads are also in English, so you cannot read the translation and end up clicking on them. Even if you think you are safe because you will not be exposed, because the ads are written in English, information may be extracted without you realizing it.

It could lead to the decline of the manga world.

If more people choose to read manga for free on illegal sites, manga will sell less and the profitability of the manga industry will decline. If more illegal sites allow people to read manga for free on the Internet, everyone will go to free illegal manga sites, and legitimate sites and authors will not be able to make money, which will reduce creativity and lead to the decline of the industry.

I recommend 5 legal sites to replace and succeed lovehug.


Since ebookjapan already has over 740,000 comics in 2020 and has been offering ebooks for over 20 years, it is unlikely to close down suddenly. Furthermore, there is a first-time offer when you log in; Paypay is now supported, and you can easily read comics. Be careful not to accidentally buy too many comics.

Manga Kingdom

Manga Kingdom is a site where you can read manga for free. 60,000+ manga, of which 3,000+ are free. like ebookjapan, it has been offering e-books for 15 years, so it is unlikely to close suddenly. The site also offers daily specials of up to 50% off when you log in.

Ameba Manga

Ameba Manga is a legitimate official site for free manga. Ameba Manga currently has over 400,000 manga titles, of which over 4,000 are free, and since CyberAgent also offers an e-book service, there is little chance of its sudden closure. As a first-time login bonus, up to 100 books are 40% off! Ameba Manga is a free alternative to the original manga, as up to 30,000 volumes are serialized and updated with one story per day.


If you are looking for an alternative to lovehug, subscribe to U -NEXT. You can enjoy watching and reading on U-NEXT.

U-NEXT is a video distribution service that boasts an overwhelming number of more than 220,000 videos available.

Unlike lovehug, it is a legal service and allows you to not only watch videos, but also purchase and read manga.

In addition, the monthly fee allows you to read as many manga as you want, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy videos, manga, and magazines on the same service.

FOD Premium

If you are looking for an alternative to lovehug, subscribe to FOD Premium.

FOD Premium is a video distribution service officially operated by Fuji Television Network.

It is a safe and reliable service, not an illegal service like lovehug.

When you subscribe to FOD Premium, you can watch as many videos and read as many magazines as you want.

You can also read eligible manga for free or purchase them at sale prices.

How to save content from video services

In this era when manga are being adapted into anime, various manga are being adapted into anime and distributed through various video services. For example, the recent global hit anime "Blade of the Demon" is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT, and Paravi.

By joining these video services, you will be able to watch a variety of content as much as you want.

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Learn how to download videos from U-NEXT, Japan's largest video delivery service!

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In this article, we have thoroughly introduced Lovehug and its alternative manga sites. With illegal sites gradually being shut down, there is absolutely no mistake in knowing about other manga sites in advance. For the sake of the industry, it is better to stop using illegal manga sites.

Also, if you want to save content from video services, install and use a FlixPal downloader with good performance.