Top 8 Most Popular Male Anime Characters of All Time

Are you a fan of watching anime and want to see who the best male anime characters of all time are? Read more to find the best black anime male characters.

While anime is unquestionably intriguing to watch, most of the time, the characters in the show improve the whole experience. Let's discuss male anime characters today and what magic they bring to the shows. Have you ever pondered which white/black anime male characters have stood the test of time? We have curated the best list for you to answer that question.

You can start the series based on these characters if you want to watch an anime with the most well-known anime characters male or if you want good male leads. An infinite number of variables influence their acceptance and excitement. So, let's start and examine each of the best anime male characters.

Best Anime Male Characters

Goku - Dragon Ball

Historically, Goku from Dragon Ball is the most well-known male anime character with black hair. Without Goku, there wouldn't be a bleach character named Ichigo, a Naruto series, and a Monkey D. Luffy. Goku set the trend for all ages for male anime characters. 

He started the powerful protagonist trend and is still going strong. Goku first appeared in the 1980s. His age is almost forty. He is the stuff of myths and legends. He contributed to the rise in popularity of anime which has now become a powerhouse in entertainment.

Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

The main blonde anime characters male of the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Edward Elric, travels with his brother in search of their stolen bodies. Edward is one of the most endearing anime characters male because of his character growth and a clear conscience. He is frequently considered approachable to fans because of his hot-tempered, carefree, and ambitious nature.

The fact that Edward is a character with apparent flaws makes him more compelling to viewers, and the harmony between his setbacks and victories is probably one of the reasons why anime fans consider him among the finest.

Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto

At least concerning the level of fame it has, Naruto is, without a doubt, one of the most passionate manga and anime out there. This is closely related to the protagonist of the series' dark and depressing beginnings. With only his adoptive father as his only buddy, Naruto starts the story by himself. He is confident that he will be the best and is committed to persevering until he succeeds.

After a gloomy beginning, Naruto's quest causes him to make many friends and convinces him that there will be tears along this adventure. This is also influenced by the other characters and their fascinating stories.

Mob - Mob Psycho 100

The individual next on our list is a deity among men, one of the best male anime characters. The psychic Mob is the best in the world. The boy, with his thoughts, can destroy cities. He's one of the most potent psychics in entertainment, not just anime. Professor X probably wouldn't want to fight this youngster head-on.

Saitama - One-Punch Man

Saitama, may not be the best of anime male characters, but he is the main character and star of the action-comedy anime One-Punch Man. He is chosen as one of the most fantastic characters to watch on television, which may not be a shock to anime fans. Saitama, a mighty hero playing around, is looking for a challenge.

Saitama's straight-faced emotions of boredom and his reactions to his ground-breaking abilities are what make the show so funny. His excessively laid-back demeanor, blended with his intentionally overpowered resilience, allows the show to have some symbolic knockout moments that wouldn't be possible with a different protagonist.

Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan

The list of the top male anime characters just got better with the addition of Levi Ackerman. The protagonist of Attack on Titan is the idealized hero of humanity.

He is famous and serves as the squad's leader. Levi is friendly and has a strong sense of morality. His tremendous importance on human life is one of his most distinguishing characteristics; this is especially clear when it is revealed that all Titans were once mortal.

In addition to being intelligent and attractive, he also demonstrates a sincere interest in the welfare of his employees, and there is no wonder that he is the best anime characters male.

Kaido - One Piece

Kaido is built entirely of solid steel and dragon scales, making him our best choice for the list of best anime male characters. He is indeed a dragon. He truly is the world's Strongest Creature, as the saying goes. He has a gum-gum fruit that enables him to transform into a mighty, practically invincible dragon. Kaido had withstood blows from the combined attack of the Worst Generation. That includes Zoro, Luffy, and at least three other super-powered individuals. 

Jiraiya - Naruto

This wildly famous anime series Naruto tells the tale of a youngster who has been shunned and longs to lead his town. Jiraiya, the best of white hair anime characters male, is still one of the most adored characters in Naruto even though he isn't the main character.

He is one of the most significant characters in the series since he serves as Naruto's mentor and has a lasting impact on him thanks to his upbeat, noisy, and joyous demeanor. Even among many other fantastic anime characters, his character still has a particular place in many fans' hearts because, despite his weaknesses, his wonderful qualities were never eclipsed.

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Ending Comments

Anime characters are larger than life and bring great flair and authenticity to the fantastic stories of anime, whether they are blonde anime characters male or even white hair anime characters male. We tried our best to be partial and keep the list as objective as possible. But if you are someone who just started watching anime, this list is a great resource to get started.

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