Thorough investigation into the replacement & successor site of [mangapro] and whether or not it has closed.

This article will examine the current status of mangapro, the dangers of mangapro, and alternative sites.

mangapro (manga-pro) is a piracy site that illegally publishes numerous popular manga. Formerly called Manga RAW, the site continues to operate under the name mangapro. What is the cause of this? Also, has mangapro (Mangapro) now been closed?

This article will examine the current status of mangapro (Mangapro), the dangers of mangapro (Mangapro), and a list of alternative sites.

Is mangapro closed now? In Operation?

What is mangapro?

mangapro is a piracy site that once operated under the name "Manga RAW. Manga RAW" used to operate under a different URL, but was shut down due to a DMCA complaint. It has since been relaunched and revived under the name mangapro.

Illegal manga sites such as Manga RAW manage to survive by constantly changing their names and repeatedly closing and reviving their sites to avoid punishment for fear of violating copyright laws.

The mangapro site contains not only manga but also many advertisements, some of which have been confirmed to lead to malicious sites and some of which may be infected with viruses. Although you can access the site, we do not recommend that you open it.

Until February 2023, mangapro is still accessible and remains unclosed, but the cartoons have stopped being updated. If the cartoons are not updated, they will likely be forced to close.

To this point, mangapro has been thoroughly shut down and is no longer accessible.

Evaluation of mangapro (mangapro)

The reputation of mangapro can be summarized in the following points

It is an illegal site and I find it repulsive."

It is not being updated and will probably be shut down sooner or later.

In this case, some people seem to recognize mangapro as a pirate site and express their displeasure. On the other hand, some said they would like to continue using pirated software such as mangapro, indicating that the problem of pirated sites is deep-rooted.

Introduction of mangapro's replacement and successor sites

There are many illegal manga sites like mangapro. Below is a list of 5 alternatives and successors to mangapro. These are pirate manga sites that illegally reprint manga without permission, so it is wise not to use them.

Successor sites to mangapro (Mangapro): 1) Manga1001

Manga1001 is another illegal manga site, although it is not well known. This site has been in the news for some time and is positioned as the successor to Mangakusei.

The manga lineup is still being updated, so you can read relatively new manga and new episodes, but it is still an illegal manga site and there is a reasonable risk involved in reading it.

The successor site to mangapro (mangapro) (2) Rawkuma

Rawkuma is a malicious and illegal site operated from overseas, displaying many malicious advertisements to earn advertising revenue. Because of the risk of virus infection, this site should be avoided.

The site has been revived and closed many times, but is currently operating. But it will remain the same no matter when it closes.

Successor site to mangapro (Mangapro) (3) is also said to be one of the successor sites of Mangapro (Manga RAW). is blocked and removed from search sites by the DMCA because it is being closed down; a search for the site name will show results.

Successor site to mangapro (Mangapro) (4) HATACHI Manga

HATACHI Manga is a manga site that began attracting attention in March 2022. There is a mention of "Manga RAW" on the site, which suggests that it is one of the successor sites.

Some may have used the site because it offered free manga and had many adult-oriented manga, but rumors began circulating around late June 2022 that the site was no longer available. The site is currently disconnected. It is possible that it will appear again in the future, but it is best to assume that it has been closed.

Successor site to mangapro (mangapro): 5) is used by many people because they can read many manga for free. However, it is now closed and no longer available.

Currently, you cannot access the site by searching for "" or "". URL searches also send you to sites that appear to have nothing to do with the site.


Using illegal manga sites like mangapro is dangerous!

Risk of viruses

Pirate websites such as mangapro display a large number of advertisements. By clicking on these ads, malicious programs may be planted to download virus software to your PC.

In addition, the following cases have actually occurred

  • Leading to malicious sites
  • Being asked to pay for virus removal even though you are not infected with a virus
  • Being asked to pay a membership fee even though you did not register as a member

If you have to waste time to deal with a problem that would not have occurred if you had used a legitimate site, it will cause a great loss.


Leakage of personal information

Membership registration screens are common on pirate sites, and becoming a member of a pirate site such as MangaPro is extremely dangerous.

The reason is that pirate sites often misuse personal information obtained through membership registration.

For example, your credit card information could be misused and your bill could increase without your knowledge.

Social network accounts are no exception.

Faster battery drain.

Simply visiting pirate comic sites can consume a large amount of battery and data space.

This is because some pirate websites, such as mangapro, contain programs that generate their own virtual currency when accessed.

Mining virtual currency consumes large amounts of battery and data space. As a result, CPU usage can reach 100%, causing the device to stop working or the battery to run out.

It is dangerous and you should avoid visiting pirated comic sites as much as possible.

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In this article, we have presented the current status of mangapro (Mangapro), its dangers, and alternative sites.

Pirate sites allow you to enjoy manga for free, but there are corresponding risks, so it is better not to use them.

For those who want to enjoy digital contents such as manga, dramas, animations, and movies, we also recommended official sites as alternatives to mangapro. Please visit the official site.