Find the Best Putlocker Alternatives for High-Quality and Safe Streaming

Putlocker getting banned was unfortunate and since then people were in search of some other Putlocker alternative. If you are in the same boat, then we have some of the best options for you.

Putlocker, without any doubt, was one of the best streaming services and a haven for many movie watchers who wanted to stream quality content for free. However, with Putlocker being taken down in 2016, many people were furious and started looking for other Putlocker alternatives.

However, the downside of hopping onto new streaming websites is the safety concerns and hacker risks. Hence, ensuring that you choose a streaming website that is free of any such risks is essential.

If you are someone in the same boat and want to know some safe and secured Putlocker alternatives, then you have landed in the right place. Below we have concluded some of the leading and safe Putlocker websites look alike that you are bound to love.

What Are the Best Alternatives for Putlocker That You Can Use?

Putlocker was undoubtedly one of the most used streaming and downloading websites before it was taken down. However, while it might not be in the picture now, it still has some exceptional alternatives standing to this day.

If you are searching for an exceptional Putlocker alternative, then this is precisely where you will find one. Hop on below to learn about unique streaming websites that will help you binge-watch your favorite shows in peace.

123 Movies

Among the many alternative Putlocker sites, 123 Movies tops the list. This streaming service has been in operation for a long time now and is, without any doubt, one place where you can find a wide variety of content from different movie makers worldwide.

The best part about this website is that it immediately starts showing the latest movies or shows. So, no matter when the film was released, if there is one place that will be showing it, it is this one.

Moreover, the website allows its users to search through content based on several search filters like last added, release year, most viewed, and according to its name. Hence, finding your favorite show would be like a piece of cake.


While Netflix might be charging you to stream quality content, this flix would give it all free.

Popcornflix is another alternative Putlocker movie app that hosts some quality content. The best part about this website is that the content is neatly segregated into respective categories. Users can find their favorite ones under sections like horror, fantasy, romance, family, etc.

The service operates on a website and Android and iOS applications. So, you can stream it from both places without any worries.


The service, while previously known as YesMovies, as many of you might know, has now changed its name to Vhmovies. Like all its other counterparts or, in this regard, other streaming platforms, this service has an exceptional user interface with each movie and show respectfully organized into specific categories.

However, besides the segregated content, the service allows users to search content based on countries to narrow their choices and find their favorite shows even more efficiently. So, if you are searching for a website that offers high-quality streaming, an easy-to-use interface, and some epic shows, then hop on to Yesmovies and watch your favorite movies easily.


Finding good movies that are complete on the internet is a hard job, especially when hacker-encoded websites are trying to steal all your data out there. However, you are lucky because we have the best and safest movie streaming platform for you.

MegaShare – or what you can call a top alternative to Putlocker is a streaming platform with high-quality content and an exceptional user interface.

However, this isn’t all. The service also offers a detailed description of each show you click on for users to preview the content. So, if you plan on having a movie night this weekend, take out your popcorn, hop on to MegaShare, and have a fantastic binge-watching night.


The name might have the word ‘movie’ in it but don’t let this throw you off. This is because this gem contains both blockbuster movies and toe-curling shows.

While only a few people know about this Solarmovie, it can be put on our put lockers list. The website has a neat and clutter-free design and a top-notch search function enabling users to navigate the website easily.

Moreover, users can filter results and navigate the content’s IMDB rating directly from the website.

While the service might not disappoint you in its operation, we’d still like to give a heads-up that it doesn’t offer much variety regarding content.


The GoMovies have been around for a long time and are popular among the movie-watcher crowd. The website offers users to choose between two different homepage layouts.

The default homepage is a clutter-free and well-designed layout with a simple search bar on the entire page. Users can just put in the movie or show they want to watch and stream it easily.

The other layout it offers is the one on its previous default homepage. This is perfect when users aren’t sure or indecisive about what they want to watch. It helps you sort through movies present on the home page and offers many options to narrow down your choices too.

Watch Series Online

Can’t find the TV show you want to watch anywhere on the internet desperately? Well, chances are that Watch series only will surely have it. The service is only a TV show website and doesn’t contain any movies that you might be willing to watch.

However, its TV show collection is impeccable and has many shows jotted down with different seasons and episodes. Upon clicking on a show or episode, the users would run into multiple website links. Tap on any link you like, and at least once would work for you.

The only problem with this website is that it holds tons of advertisements, and hence you are bound to come across an ad in between watching your favorite shows.

FlixPal – The One Place to Download All Your Quality Shows and Movies

Streaming online is fun; however, having the ability to download content from some high-quality websites and watch it without any worries about image quality or buffering is another peace that we all love.

FlixPal offers users just this benefit. The service provides easy downloading content from any streaming or live platform in the best quality.

The ability to download videos and content in the batch is yet another benefit the service offers, which not only makes binge-watching easier but saves your time too. The download of subtitles is another incredible thing with the service.

So, if there is one service you should use to download and binge-watch quality content, it is FlixPal.


Putlocker was an era, and since its end, people are always in search of some high-quality streaming alternative. If you are someone who was in the same boat, then we hope this article helped you with this.

Moreover, if streaming online isn’t your thing and you want to download some quality content, don’t forget to use FlixPal to do this, and we are sure you’d love it just as many of its other users do.