How to cancel your Rakuten Music membership plan or free trial

Today, we will show you how to unsubscribe from Rakuten Music and some apps that allow you to listen to songs.

Have you ever subscribed to Rakuten Music and then decided that there is no music you want to listen to or that it is not working properly and chose to cancel your subscription? Is there an easy portal to cancel your subscription at this time? Today, we will show you how to cancel your subscription and some apps that allow you to listen to songs.

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1. 3 ways to cancel your subscription from Rakuten Music

The method of cancellation differs depending on the method of application for membership. The main ways are as follows.

Apply for membership through the web page

Application from Rakuten Pay

Application through the iOS application

Application from the web page

STEP1Please enter from the Rakuten Music top page, click "Confirm/Change Contract" in the menu, and login to the account you have registered with Rakuten Music.

STEP2Select "Cancel page" at the bottom of the confirmation page on the "Confirm/Change Contract" page.

STEP3On the cancellation page, you will see a button that says "Cancel Complete", select it and the cancellation procedure will be completed.

Application from Rakuten Pay

STEP1Enter from the Rakuten Music top page, click "Confirm/Change Contract" in the menu, and log in to the account you registered with Rakuten on Rakuten Music.

STEP2On the plan selection screen, click "Click here for cancellation procedure.

STEP3Move to the bottom of the cancellation screen, scroll down, and select the "Cancel" button. When "Cancellation Complete" is displayed, the cancellation procedure is complete.

Applying through the iOS application

STEP1Tap "Settings" on your iPhone, then tap "AppleID, iCloud, Media and Purchases" at the top.

STEP2Select "Subscriptions" and tap "Rakuten Music".

STEP3With the plan you wish to cancel selected, tap "Cancel Subscription" to complete the cancellation.

2. About Rakuten Music price plans

First 30 days free

If you are using Rakuten Music for the first time, the first 30 days are free. During the free trial, you can choose and listen to any music you like, with no limitations on features.

The free trial period is convenient for those who want to try out what Rakuten Music is all about, and if you cancel within 30 days, there is no monthly fee, so you can stop using the service without paying if you feel it is not right for you.

Many subscription music services offer a free trial period similar to that of Rakuten Music. Please use the free trial period to compare services.

Rakuten Music Price Plans

Rakuten Music offers three different pricing plans. The plan names, monthly fees, and services are as follows

Plan Name

Monthly Fee

Service Details

Standard Plan

980 yen

Unlimited unlimited listening

Plans for Rakuten Card/Mobile Members

780 yen

Unlimited Unlimited Listening

Light Plan

500 yen

Up to 20 hours of playback in 30 days

 You are required to use Rakuten Card or Rakuten Mobile Membership Plan.

Rakuten Card or Mobile Membership Plan, especially if you have Rakuten Card and Rakuten Mobile subscription. In this case, the monthly fee is 200 yen cheaper than the standard plan. If you use your accumulated Rakuten Points for payment, you can further reduce the monthly fee.

On the other hand, offline playback, which allows you to download and listen to songs, is not available with the Lite Plan. Some songs cannot be played in full.

3. If you cancel your Rakuten Music subscription, please note the following

If you are in the middle of a free trial, it will become unavailable immediately.

If you are currently using Rakuten Music free trial, you will not be able to use it when you cancel.

But if you can cancel during the free period, you will not be charged. If you exceed the free period, you will automatically be put on a paid plan, so if you are wondering whether to cancel now, please note it down ahead of time so that your cancellation time will not be forgotten.

If you have already paid for the service, you can use it for the remaining period.

If you have been using Rakuten Music on a paid trial rather than a free trial, you can still use the service for the remainder of your subscription period even if you cancel. If this happens, you still have some time left on your subscription, so if you are concerned, please visit your account page to make sure you have not cancelled your subscription.

You will no longer be able to listen to the songs you have downloaded.

When you cancel Rakuten Music, the songs you have downloaded so far on your phone will be deleted. You will no longer be able to play them offline.

You can use the Rakuten Music application.

Even if you cancel Rakuten Music, you can still use the smartphone application.

The music you have collected in your library and the playlists you have created are saved as they are. However, you cannot download songs and songs can only be played in 30-second increments.

4. 3 free and unlimited listening apps

We will now introduce our recommended free music apps.


First, we introduce Spotify, the world's most famous music app.

Spotify (free plan) has the following features

You can play all songs in full as long as you like. There is also a recommendation section, so it is easy to discover new songs. For those who like to edit videos, Spotify music can be used as background music (can be played in the background).

Spotify has paid and free plans, but the big attraction is that you can play everything in its entirety even with the free plan.



LINE MUSIC is a music application provided by LINE, which many smartphone users use as a means of communication.

LINE MUSIC (free plan) has the following features.

All songs can be played in full once a month. It also uses an easy-to-use playback system, so anyone can use it right away. And you can listen without advertisements.

Until now, LINE MUSIC's free plan did not allow playback of all songs, but starting in January 2020, all songs will be available for free once a month, even on the free plan.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a relatively new music subscription app that was just released in November 2018.

YouTube Music (free plan) allows full playback, allowing you to choose the songs you want to listen to and listen to them the way you want. You can enjoy music and music videos at the same time.

The first feature of YouTube Music is the ability to play all songs in full on-demand for free. (Play on demand = the ability to choose the songs you want to listen to).


In this article, we introduced how to cancel Rakuten Music. We also introduced a free music application for those who want to continue listening to music again, so please give it a try.