Do you know how to deal with WOWOW on-demand recording failure?

This article will explain in detail the causes of wowow on demand recording failure and its remedies, and introduce different ways to record and save wow on demand on TV, smartphone, and PC.

Are you planning to record and playback wowow videos, often failing due to limitations while recording wowow on demand? If you don't know what kind of saving method is best for you, please read this text, which will explain how to record and save wowow on demand smartphone, pc, and tv recording and saving respectively.

WOWOW Recording - Official

1、WOWOWOW official recording function

WOWOWOW Official is divided into WOWOW on demand to watch on your smartphone or pc with internet connection and WOWOW to watch on TV with satellite reception. WOWOWOW On Demand cannot record, while WOWOW can record only BS TV broadcasts.

2. How to record on TV

Step 1.

To record WOWOW on TV, the recording device must be capable of receiving BS broadcasts.

The B-CAS card/ACAS of the recording device can be registered with WOWOW.

* To check if the WOWOW recording environment is equipped, press "9" of "BS" on the remote control of the recording device to see if you can watch the program.

Step 2. Select the content you wish to record from the "Program List" of the recording device.

Step3. Select the program you want to record WOWOW and press the "Decide" button to complete the reservation for recording.

How to watch WOWOW On Demand on TV

3. If you forget to make a reservation to record WOWOW

If you forget to record WOWOW, we recommend W OWOW On Demand, which allows you to watch programs online using your smartphone and tablet. WOWOW On Demand is also available for free if you have a WOWOW membership. if you have a WOWOW membership, please do not forget to register for WOWOW On Demand.

wowow on demand program preservation complete explanation Please refer to

WOWOW On Demand Recording - Smartphone

If you want to record WOWOW On Demand on your smartphone, the explanation is divided into iphone and android.

I will try to record WOWOW on demand using the recording function of Iphone.

Actually, I encountered a situation where the screen went black and I could not record.

If you are recording with the recording appley screen recorder used on Android, in some cases, you may not be able to record.

WOWOW On Demand Recording - PC

WOWOW On-demand Recording on PC is a method of simultaneous playback of programs on pc while reading audio and screen data, and it is not possible to record directly. It is necessary to use compatible recording software to record.

Here are some recording software options.

  1. Video Solo Screen Recording

Video Solo is a screen recording software that can be used for both Windows and Mac, and can record system and microphone sounds. Please note that although it is free to use, you can only save 3 minutes.

2. Screen Recorder for Google Chrome

If you want to record WOWOW On Demand on PC, you can use the Screen Recorder for Google Chrome extension. The advantage is that you don't need to download it, just find the extension on the web, click "Add to Chrome", and then you can use it from the Extensions section when you want to use it.

It is important to note that using Google Chrome extension to record WOWOW on demand is only supported on Windows. I tried to record, but the screen and sound quality of the WOWOW On Demand recording is much inferior to the original video.

3. REC

WOWOW On Demand Recording with REC is easy to operate and format settings are available. The supported OS is Windows only.

How to record WOWOW On Demand.

First, launch the recording software.

Next, select the screen to record, and set the audio, destination, etc.

Finally, when you are done recording, check the file at the destination you have set.

The size of the WOWOW On Demand video file generated by the recording software may be very large, the quality may not be good, and the file may not be saved, please check your memory before recording!

Never fail! Introduction of WOWOW recording method

If you want to record WOWOW on demand, the most recommended way is FlixPal Recording If you want to record WOWOW on demand, the best choice is FlixPal Recording.

From the author's own experience of using it, he found several advantages as follows

Many resources

You can record videos from WOWOW On Demand and over 200 websites. You can do whatever you want to record!

High recording efficiency

With the batch download feature, you can record an entire TV show in MP4 format. And with the GPU boost, it only takes 10 minutes to record a 2-hour movie on WOWOW On Demand.

Never miss a show!

FlixPal Recording FlixPal Recording has the ability to record live webcasts, so you will never miss a show.

Best viewing experience

WOWOW On Demand recordings can be saved in 1080p high quality and completely ad-free, so you can watch without being interrupted by ads!

Support for all terminals

WOWOW On Demand recordings can be saved as MP4 files and transferred to devices for playback. It is compatible with smartphones, PCs, and TVs.

Here is how to record WOWOW On Demand through FlixPal Recording.

Step 1: Select your supported OS (Windows or MAC) and click "Download" to go to the download screen.

Step 2. Launch FlixPal and press the Settings button in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Log in before recording WOWOW On Demand and enter the WOWOW On Demand recording link here.

Step 4. Select the video you want to record, go to the playback page, and the data will be automatically analyzed. Once the data is analyzed, you can set up the settings to save the recording.

Step5. Once the settings are made, press "Download Now" to start recording.

Step 6. You can check the recording status by clicking "Downloading" or "Downloading" on the right side.


Wowow and WOWOW on Demand are not available for recording on smartphones and PCs. Often there are limitations during recording and recording fails, but using each of the methods to record on a smartphone, PC, and TV, 100% of the recordings can be saved FlixPal Recording If you want to record and save WOWOW On Demand in high quality, please give it a try!