How to Fix Roku Error Code 014.40 in Easy Steps?

If you see Roku error code 014.40, it means you are not connected to their WiFi network. Make sure to use the right wire and follow this simple method to eliminate Roku error 014.40.

Roku is a relatively simple yet well-known streaming service that does not run into significant issues. However, like everything tech, it can face occasional errors, such as Roku error code 014.40. Roku error 014.40 is a streaming issue related to a disturbance in the internet connection.

The loading and prolonged stuck is the last thing we can expect while enjoying a movie. If you experience it, you can visit error code 014.40 for a solution and follow this guide to solve the 014.40 error code with simple steps. In this article, we will talk about how to fix the problem.

What Is Error Code 014.40 on Roku?

The Roku error code 014.40 is a conventional error often experienced by users. It generally occurs when the device fails to connect to a WIFI network. Usually, Roku streaming devices automatically find and connect to your internet connection. Sometimes, it fails to connect to the local WIFI and shows Roku error 014.40.

The 014.40 error code Roku is shown with the message "Unable to connect to Wireless network." However, Roku error 014.40 is not the result of a single issue. Different problems can potentially play a part in causing inconvenience.

Possible Reasons for Roku Error Code 014.40

If you know what is error code 014.40 on Roku, you need to find the solution for this error. According to the report of a different user, there are three common possible causes:

Incorrect WiFi Login Credentials

It is one of the main causes of the 014.40 error code Roku. It occurs due to incorrect WiFi login credentials. If you accidentally entered your credentials, you will have to face Roku error code 014.40. Moreover, if you have changed the login information, you will have to reconnect to the internet.

Corrupt DNS Cache

This is another common reason for Roku error 014.40. This error can occur due to a corrupted cache on your Roku streaming device, router, or even television.

Loose Cables

When the wires that are connecting the modem and internet or TV to the modem are weak, you can expect error code 014.40 Roku to occur.

Mac Filtering

In case this feature is turned ON on your device, it is possible that the Mac id for your Roku device might be banned for utilizing the internet by your ISP.

Poor Signal Strength

Roku is a video and music streaming platform. Hence, it requires a strong network connection to run without causing buffering and extensive loading. If you are facing error code 014.40 Roku TV despite new devices, it means you have poor internet signals. You can also learn to use error code 014.40 to solve errors.

Practical Solutions to Roku Error Code 014.40

When you know Roku and know what is Error code 014.40 on Roku, it is natural to wonder how do I fix error code 014.40 on Roku. To help you answer this query, we have mentioned some worthy, easy, and functional methods. They will help you get rid of Roku error code 014.40 if there is nothing wrong with the device itself.

Restart Roku Device

Sometimes all you need to get rid of Roku error 014.40 is to reboot the primary device and check if the Roku error code 014.40 is gone. In most cases, it works for the query how do I fix error code 014.40 on Roku. To restart the device, Follow these steps:

  1. Turn ON the device and navigate to Settings.
  2. Go to System and then Power.
  3. The option System Restart will be visible on the screen. Select it.
  4. After restarting, check if it connects to the internet or not.

Factory Reset Roku

If the above-mentioned method does not work to eradicate the Roku error code 014.40, try factory resetting your Roku. It will definitely take care of the error you are facing if nothing is wrong with your device.

  1. Press the Home Button and navigate to settings.
  2. Choose System
  3. Select Advanced System Settings
  4. Go for the Factory Reset option

Verify WiFi Information

Sometimes corrupted information or incorrect information in your WiFi settings can cause Roku error 014.40. To verify if the password on your Roku device is correct and functional, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on the device and press the Home Button.
  2. Navigate to Settings and click Network.
  3. Now you need to select Startup Connection and choose Wireless from it.
  4. Select your Home Network.
  5. Now, determine if the password is correct or incorrect, causing the 014.40 error code Roku.

Power Cycling the Device

It is another functional method to solve error code 014.40 Roku TV. Here is what you need to do for power cycling:

  1. Turn off all of your devices
  2. You need to unplug your modem and router
  3. Now rest for 1 minute before plugging them back in again
  4. Connect to the internet

Play any show on the device to confirm the error has gone.

Disable Network Ping

Lastly, you can try disabling network pings with the help of the remote control to fix error code 014.40 Roku tv. To disable network ping, here is what you need to do:

  1. Press the Home button from the remote five times
  2. Afterward, press Fast Forward, Play, Rewind, Play, and Fast Forward button.
  3. As the menu is opened, click on the System Operations Menu and Press OK.
  4. Now the option Disable Network Pings, select it and hit the button.

How to Download Roku Videos Without Error Codes?

Roku is one of the most appreciated platforms for streaming videos and music. However, many people have claimed to face technical issues such as Roku error code 014.40. It occurs due to a disturbing internet connection.

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Batch Download

FlixPal offers a batch download option for downloading multiple shows at a time. There is no need to wait for lengthy videos to download and then release the next one. Select the show and hot download button whenever you want.

However, if you still face technical issues, such as troubleshooting for Disney Plus not working on Roku, you can consult the team for better support.


If you like to spend leisure time watching, it is impossible to never come across Ruko. It is a famous streaming platform that keeps the audio and video levels to mark. However, due to internet issues, some people often face Roku error code 014.40. Users usually ask how do I fix error code 014.40 on Roku, or is CW on Roku? Hence, this guide has answered all such queries or you can visit error code 014.40.

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