The Complete Guide to Getting Subtitles for Amazon Prime Video

A must for Amazon Prime Video users! A complete guide on how to get subtitles easily, including how to extract subtitles as SRT files, so you can get a comfortable viewing experience in the language and style you prefer.

Subtitles are essential for Amazon Prime Video viewers. However, once you know how to get subtitles, the problem is easily solved! In this article, we provide a complete guide on how to get subtitles for Amazon Prime Video. By reading this guide, you can easily get subtitles in your favorite language and style.

How to Get Subtitles on Amazon Prime Video [Windows and MAC].

Here's how to get subtitles in the Amazon Prime Video browser playback screen

STEP1 Play the video for which subtitles are available.

STEP2 Click on the "Closed Caption" or "Subtitles (spoken balloon icon)" icon.

STEP3 Click on the desired language. For example, if you click Japanese [CC], English subtitles will be displayed.

If no options appear in this menu, it means that subtitles are not available for the video. Some videos offer multiple language options, some offer only one, or none at all.

STEP4 Subtitles are now enabled.

How to get subtitles on Amazon Prime Video [app or smart TV].

You can also enable subtitles on streaming devices, e.g. Fire Stick, game consoles, or the Prime Video app on smart TVs. On some devices, you can turn subtitles on or off in the settings. If your remote control has a CC (subtitle) button, you can click it and subtitles will appear immediately. Otherwise, you will need to look for an accessibility option in the settings.

Below is how to get subtitles in the Amazon Prime Video app.

STEP1 Play a video with subtitles available.

STEP2 Pause the video if you are unsure which button on the remote or controller opens the "Options" menu.

STEP3 Press the "Options" button on the remote control and select "Subtitles".

STEP4 Select "Off".

If the language name is displayed, it means that subtitles are already displayed instead of "Off".

STEP5 Select the desired language. For example, selecting English [CC] will display English subtitles. If you wish to adjust the subtitle settings, do so and then click the Play button.

STEP6 Subtitles are now enabled.

How do I manage subtitles on Amazon Prime Video?

Subtitles in Amazon Prime can be enabled through the language settings while watching a video. If subtitles are available for a video, you can turn the feature on by clicking on the spoken word balloon icon in the web player or by pressing the Options button on your remote control and selecting Subtitles in the app.

While you can turn subtitles on and off within the web player or app, you can also manage your Amazon Prime subtitles on the Amazon website. This configuration option allows you to create three subtitle presets with different text sizes, colors, and background colors, but you cannot actually turn subtitles on or off.

Below is how to manage subtitles on Amazon Prime:

STEP1 In Amazon Prime Video, select "Account and Settings" > "Subtitles".

STEP2 You can choose from 3 presets and click "Edit" if you want to change them.

STEP3 Select text color, size, font, shadow or outline, background color, and background outline, then click "Save".

STEP4 Review the new preset and continue editing until you are satisfied.

Download software to save Amazon Prime Video subtitles in SRT format.

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How to save Amazon Prime Video subtitles in SRT format

STEP 1 Download FlixPal Amazon Downloader Download the software from the official website of FlixPal. By the way, you can download the software directly by clicking the button below.

STEP2.  Launch FlixPal Amazon Downloader and use the built-in browser to go to the official Amazon Prime Video website and log in to your membership account.

Play your favorite video and the video URL will be automatically analyzed.

STEP3After analysis, you can customize and set your preferred picture quality, audio, voice-over, subtitles, etc. in the window that appears.

Under "Subtitle," you can select the language and storage method of your subtitles. If you choose " Extract to SRT file", you can download the video and save the subtitles in SRT format. It is very convenient.

STEP4After selecting output settings, select "Download Now" and the video download will begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I turn off subtitles when watching TV on Amazon Prime?

If you are using the Amazon Prime app on your TV, pause playback and press "Options" on your remote control. Select "Subtitles" > "Japanese CC (or currently set language)" and scroll to "Off" to select it.

  • What should I do if subtitles do not work on Amazon Prime?

If the subtitles on Amazon Prime do not work, there may be a bug in the app. It could be a problem with your browser, or subtitles may be turned off. Or the movie or show may not support subtitles; try restarting the Amazon Prime app, reloading the web page, or restarting your computer or streaming device.


This article has summarized how to get subtitles when watching Amazon Prime Video. Through this guide, you can easily get subtitles in the language and style you prefer. In particular, with FlixPal Amazon Downloader, you can easily download videos with subtitles preserved in SRT format. This allows you to have a comfortable offline viewing experience of Amazon Prime Video!