Easy! How to share Netflix on Discord?

The number of people using Discord to share screens is increasing each year. Many will share and watch videos on Netflix. Here is how to share it.

Netflix is cracking down on account sharing, which doesn't solve the problem of users canceling their Netflix subscriptions due to the 2022 price increase, leaving them with few options to share their viewing experience with remote family members or close friends. One of the most reliable options is to host a Netflix viewing session on a social app like Discord.

Discord has a handy feature that allows you to stream your Netflix account using the screen sharing feature. Now you can host your favorite shows on your PC or mobile device without having to bother buying the best streaming box on the market. In this guide, we will show you how to screen share Netflix on the Discord mobile app and web version, and how to change some settings to improve your screen sharing experience.

How to Share a Netflix Screen on Discord [PC].

You can load the desktop application or the web browser version for Netflix screen sharing, but since viewers can join from any device they own (provided they have the Discord app installed), it's easy to jump into the host It's also easy to jump into the stream on a mobile device.

STEP1 Launch the Discord app on your desktop or access Discord in your web browser and log into your account.

STEP2 Enter the server's voice channel.

STEP3 Open a new tab, go to the Netflix homepage, sign in to your account, click the screen button, and you can start sharing your screen.

STEP4 Go to the tab (in Google Chrome, select Chrome Tab) and make sure Share Audio on Tab is checked.

STEP5 Select Netflix from the list of tabs and click Share.

If the screen sharing is successful, it will appear in Live next to your user name and you will be able to preview a thumbnail of what you will see in the screen share.

STEP6 After hosting a Netflix viewing party, you can stop the stream by clicking the screen icon embedded in the X.

How to share Netflix screen with Discord [Android].

Now you can screen share the Netflix app on your mobile device. Before continuing, you will need to install the Netflix mobile app and the Discord mobile app.

STEP1 Launch the Netflix app.

STEP2 Browse and open the Netflix show or movie you plan to play on the app. With the app open, return to the home page and launch the Discord app.

STEP3 Select the Discord server and choose the voice channel.

STEP4 In the voice channel, tap the camera icon. Tap the icon again to close the camera.

Click on the moving arrow icon next to the camera icon. You may need to accept recording or projection in Discord permissions before continuing.

STEP5 If on, the camera will appear by default. To stream Netflix, switch to the Netflix app screen (in the background of the device) and tap the Play Stream button.

STEP6 When the Netflix stream has finished playing, close the Netflix app and tap "Stop Sharing" in the Discord app.

What do I do when the Netflix screen goes black?

Turn off Hardware Acceleration

  • Launch Discord and click on "User Settings" (gear icon ) in the lower left corner of the app. Also click on "Advanced" in the "left sidebar."
  • In the right pane , turn off "Hardware Acceleration " to turn it off.

Clean up Discord's cache

If you use Discord, chances are good that you have experienced a black screen when trying to stream a game or other content. Usually, the graphics driver is the culprit. If you experience this problem often, there are a few things you can try to fix this issue

  1. Update the Discord application. Turn on/off the hardware acceleration settings and turn off any unnecessary programs that are running.
  2. Try clearing the Discord cache folder.
  3. If these solutions do not improve the situation, you may need to reinstall Discord; updating or installing the latest version of Discord may solve the problem. Remember that older computers can also cause problems; if Discord is not working properly, you may need to consider getting a new computer.

How to watch Netflix together on your TV, even if you are offline

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In this article, we have shown you how to screen share Netflix using Discord and what to do when the screen goes black. Additionally, FlixPal Netflix Downloader software to download Netflix videos. Please give it a try. Also, if you want to use Discord to screen share Amazon Prime videos, please refer to this page.