10 Spanish Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Do you want to watch a unique and new genre? Try the Best Spanish movies on Netflix. It offers a nice collection of funny, gothic, sad, thriller, and scary Spanish movies on Netflix.

Spanish Cinema seems to be an underrated film industry, but it is not true. Spectators enjoy Spanish movies on Netflix when they are fed up with Hollywood drama. Movies in Spanish on Netflix are one of the highest-watched genres.

If you are learning Spanish, watching the best Spanish movies on Netflix is one of the ideal ways to develop understanding and vocabulary. Watching good Spanish movies on Netflix offers quality time with friends and family and helps work on accents simultaneously.

Are you fed up with Hollywood? It is time to cheer up the mood with funny, thrilling, and scary Spanish movies on Netflix.

What Is Spanish Cinema Known for?

You must be aware of Hollywood and Bollywood, but did you happen to come across Spanish Cinema? If not, you are missing a big hit. Now you can conveniently watch Spanish Movies on Netflix. Best Spanish movies on Netflix offer a distinct genre with innovative themes and plots.

Spain is a country of art, dance, music, and history. The Spanish Industry is famous for keeping the local essence in almost every movie, which you can witness in Spanish movies on Netflix. If you have not watched any Spanish movies till now, search for Spanish movies on Netflix of 2022 that make your weekend the most enjoyable time of the week.

10 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix 2022

There are tons of great Spanish language content available. Spanish movies on Netflix might not pop up if you usually watch English movies. That is why we have enlisted the top 10 Spanish movies on Netflix that you will love.

El bar (The Bar)

It is one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix. El bar is set in the famous city of Spain, Madrid. The busy café closes its door immediately due to a suspicious murder incident on the footpath. A large group of people is trapped inside, striving to figure out the next step.

Suddenly the group runs into a roadblock with no cell phone network service. With the abandoned street, the customers witness another news coverage of a killer on the lose in this thrilling yet Spanish scary movie on Netflix. However, they suspect that another killer could be standing among them. It is one of the best dark Spanish comedy movies on Netflix.

Tiempo compartido (Time Share)

It is another Spanish movie on Netflix that will give a chiller vibe to the entire body. Pedro goes on a road trip to enjoy vacations with his wife and son in the Mexican thriller drama. This congenial vacation becomes scary when the family has to share a bungalow with another family due to overbooking.

In this Spanish horror movie on Netflix, Pedro starts becoming suspicious about strangers while a hotel worker named address wishes to get his wife in better health, mood, or spirit. We will not unfold the twist, but this Spanish movie on Netflix gives the signs that storyline to cross and become even dark.

Bajocero (Below Zero)

As the name indicated, this is one of the Spanish scary movies on Netflix that will astound you. A prison van is present at the center of chaos which is the sole shelter of the poleman in which he has to stay alive. A careful and foolproof transfer in these Spanish movies on Netflix goes wrong when the vehicle is targeted.

To call for the outside demand, the policeman let the prisoner go, but unfortunately, he did not sit back. He did not cooperate and set the scenario between police, attackers, and prisoner. Does it not sound fascinating? It is! So, do not forget to watch such movies in Spanish on Netflix.

Verónica (Veronica)

Veronica is the best movie in Spanish on Netflix. It is a Spanish horror movie on Netflix directed by Paco Plaza. It is one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix in which a girl and her friend try out an Ouija board. It is a spirit board or mysterious talking board during the deadly solar eclipse, which results in paranormal terror. Veronica's plot is based on a truly tragic story. This daunting movie will keep you on the edge of your seat for one and a half hours.

La noche de 12 años (A Twelve-Year Night)

This movie is more like a documentary because its story is inspired by real events. Still, it is one of the good Spanish movies on Netflix which retells the incarceration of Jose “Pepe” Mujica, Eleuthero Fernandez, and other people who were part of the left-wing urban guerrilla group Tupamaros en Uruguay.

This Spanish movie on Netflix talks about the person who was captured as a political prisoner in 1973. Three men go through a different kind of torture as they are moved from one cell of prison to other for around 12 years. In the real world, Jose became the president in 2010.

El ciudadano ilustre (The Distinguished Citizen)

If you are looking for funny Spanish movies on Netflix, try this distinguished citizen on a big screen at the weekend, directed by Mariano con and Gaston Durpat. It is a much-loved and well-appreciated deadpan comedy about a Nobel Prize-winning Argentinian author who has been living in Spain and returning to his hometown.

It is one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix, not only providing entertainment but also an excellent way to learn Spanish and get the vibes of the difference between European Spanish culture and South American culture. Looking for Spanish comedy movies on Netflix? Watching The Distinguished Citizen is next for you.

Ya no estoy aquí (I’m No Longer Here)

Indeed, funny Spanish movies on Netflix are a treat to watch, but thrillers and suspense are also worth the time. Ya no estoy aquí portray Mexico's music culture. It is actually a coming-of-the-age story that compels Ulises out of his home on Monterey and relocates him to Queens, New York.

After the 17-years old boy, the leader of the gang, witnesses the shooting drive, he is obliged to transfer his family to the safest place. If you are looking for Spanish scary movies on Netflix, you will love the gothic essence of this movie.

Ahí te encargo (You've Got This)

When we talk about the good Spanish movies on Netflix and funny Spanish movies on Netflix, it would be unfair to eliminate the element of sorrow. Therefore, here we present Ahí te encargo, a good rom-com. Telenovela celebrities Mauricio and Emerald are the leads, as Aljendro and Cecilia are conflicted about having a kid.

As Cecilia has got a significant career promotion, ALjendro starts wanting to have a child. However, the real mystery begins when a kid who is not there enters the picture. It is one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix to watch, but when you are done with Spanish, you can switch back to the best detective series on Netflix to watch in the summer of 2022 and the best period dramas on Netflix to watch in summer 2022.

Durante la tormenta (Mirage)

This movie ranks high among the Spanish movies on Netflix 2022. Mirage is a mystery drama in which Vera Roy finds herself between two parallel universes. In 1989, a 12 years Nico accidentally witnessed a murder but died while making efforts to escape the scene.

However, he left a video camera on which he had been recording for the last 72 hours. After 25 years, Vera moves into Nico's former home and gets a hand on the tape. She warms inspector Leyra about deaths and works to stop them before the storm rolls.

Nuestros amantes (Our Lovers)

Are you done watching scary Spanish movies on Netflix? Let's switch to Spanish movies on Netflix 2022. The movie begins when Irene and Carlos meet at a bookshop and start dating, but the twist in the story is that they cannot share personal information about themselves. They are not even allowed to share their real names. The couple focuses on enjoying each other's company until Irene finds out that Carlos is married.

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Netflix is one of the leading streaming applications. Here you can watch movies, shows, documentaries and many more. You will be amazed to see the collection of the best Spanish movies on Netflix and Spanish comedy movies on Netflix. Apart from Spanish, you can also enjoy new Hindi movies on Netflix to change your taste with good Spanish movies on Netflix. Spanish horror movies on Netflix.