Introduction of "TSUTAYA R18," an adult-oriented website operated by TSUTAYA, a major DVD rental service in Japan.

TSUTAYA, a major DVD rental service in Japan, has an adult-oriented distribution service called "TSUTAYA R18. This article reviews TSUTAYA R18, an adult-oriented website operated by TSUTAYA. How to download videos is also explained at the end.

TSUTAYA, a major DVD rental service in Japan, has an adult-oriented distribution service "TSUTAYA R18. However, TSUTAYA also has a specialized video distribution service "TSUTAYA DISCAS", and "TSUTAYA R18" is an adult-oriented channel on "TSUTAYA DISCAS". This article reviews TSUTAYA R18, a website for adults operated by TSUTAYA. How to download videos is also explained at the end.

About "TSUTAYA R18

If you find a movie you like through "TSUTAYA R18", you can enjoy it online without going to a store. TSUTAYA R18" also offers a flat-rate unlimited viewing plan. The following explains the monthly fees for PPV and subscription plans of "TSUTAYA R18".

Renting "TSUTAYA R18" Movies from Home Easily

In general, "TSUTAYA R18" offers 7-day rental of single adult movies for about 300 yen. You can also purchase a single adult movie for about 1,000 yen and enjoy it anytime with no expiration date.

There are more than 85,000 movies available for rental and purchase. The site offers a wide variety of genres such as "adultery," "big tits," "Nakadashi," "married woman," "anal," "mature woman," and more. Not only for men, there are also contents in the category for women.

If you purchase or rent "TSUTAYA R18" contents, you will be able to accumulate T points and use them for your next consumption. Specifically, you can use your T Points the next time you purchase or rent TSUTAYA videos, including "TSUTAYA R18", in stores nationwide or on the Internet, or subscribe to an unlimited monthly subscription plan.

Discounted monthly unlimited plans are also available.

TSUTAYA R18 offers two monthly unlimited plans in addition to rental and PPV.

First, we would like to introduce the "Monthly Unlimited Viewing Light" plan, which allows you to watch more than 10 channels of "TSUTAYA R18" including variety shows, animations, and amateur films for only 1100 yen per month (estimated). With this plan, you can select only 50 works per month, and 25 works can be replaced on the 1st and 16th of each month.

Next, we will introduce 【Unlimited Monthly Viewing Full】, which allows unlimited viewing of more than 60000 contents of "TSUTAYA R18" for 2619 yen per month (including tax), and you can watch everything from new erotic works to nostalgic erotic works every month. In short, it is the best deal to subscribe to [Monthly All-you-can-watch Full].

[Compatible devices for "TSUTAYA R18" monthly unlimited viewing plan

  • Smart TV
  • Windows, Mac
  • iOS, Android
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast

Next, we will explain our recommendations for TSUTAYA R18.

What are the advantages of "TSUTAYA R18"?

Why do you recommend "TSUTAYA R18", the adult-oriented video distribution service operated by TSUTAYA, the largest DVD/CD rental service in Japan?

  • TSUTAYA R18 offers a wide variety of genres, more than 85,000 PPV rental titles, and more than 63,000 titles for unlimited monthly viewing.
  • You can earn T Points for PPV purchases and rentals and use them in your next trade.
  • AV contents from major domestic makers, kmp, SOFTDEMAND, PRESTIGE, etc. are available.
  • Latest adult VR works are also available for purchase.

Here we introduced "TSUTAYA R18". Next, we will explain how to download "TSUTAYA R18" adult titles to your PC.

How to download "TSUTAYA R18" adult titles|FlixPal

To download "TSUTAYA R18" contents to your PC hard disk, you will need a specialized download software. Here, we recommend FlixPal Adult Downloader.

FlixPal Adult Downloader is a software that allows you to easily download adult titles from FANZA, h-next, MGS, TSUTAYA R18, and other PPV sales and streaming services. Of course, you can also download videos from other free adult sites.

FlixPal Adult Downloader Recommendations

  • Download adult contents of "TSUTAYA R18" in high resolution up to 1080p.
  • Download "TSUTAYA R18" adult contents at once.
  • Save "TSUTAYA R18" erotic movies in MP4 format to PC and easily convert to other devices
  • Downloading is possible using the most appropriate download mechanism according to the OS (Windows or MAC) of the device used by the user.

How to download "TSUTAYA R18" adult titles

In this section, we will show you how to download videos from SKY PerfecTV! Let's explain with images the procedure for downloading videos from SKY PerfecTV!

STEP1 "Free Download" the software to your computer from FlixPal' s official website.

STEP2 Launch FlixPal and enter the official website URL of "TSUTAYA R18" ( in the address bar on the homepage.

STEP3 Log in to the TSUTAYA R18 website. Select the video you have already purchased, or the video you want to download from the list of movies that are supported by the monthly unlimited viewing service.

STEP4 Enter the details page of the video, select the video quality and music you prefer in the window that appears, and then download the video.


In the above, we have explained "TSUTAYA R18" in detail. If you want to watch "TSUTAYA R18" adult titles, there are three ways: PPV purchase, rental, and monthly unlimited plan. If you want to download TSUTAYA R18 adult titles, try FlixPal adult downloader.

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