【DRM Removal】 How to remove DRM from U-NEXT and download videos

In this article, we will explain the DRM technology used by U-NEXT and introduce how to remove U-NEXT DRM and download videos.

U-NEXT is a popular VOD content distribution service. You can enjoy more than 220,000 digital contents such as dramas, movies, animations, and manga as much as you want for a monthly fee.

By connecting WIFI and using U-NEXT's download function, you can enjoy videos offline. You can watch videos anytime, anywhere for free without using communication data volume.

In this article, we will explain the DRM technology used by U-NEXT and introduce how to unlock the DRM of U-NEXT and download videos.

What is DRM technique on U-NEXT and also on H-NEXT?

DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management" and is a mechanism to protect the copyright of digital content, similar to copy protection for DVDs and Blu-ray discs. DRM-protected digital content can only be played back with specific software, making it difficult for third parties to reproduce or reuse it.

As of 2023, DRM technology is applied to most digital content (video, books, music, etc.) distributed through Internet video distribution services for copyright protection. Distribution services that do not have a download function do not allow you to easily save videos for offline viewing.

For example, when using an external downloader to record U-NEXT videos, the screen often turns black and recording is not possible; Wondershare DemoCreator, VideoProc, FonePaw, etc. belong to this category.

Is it illegal to remove DRM and download U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos?

It is not illegal to download digital content with DRM protection removed and use it for personal use. However, it is illegal if you transmit the stored contents to other media or copy them to a third party. It is OK if you use the stored contents for personal use and do not transmit them to others.

However, since the criteria for determining the private scope are still ambiguous, it is recommended that you avoid DRM removal except for personal enjoyment of digital content.

What should I be aware of while using U-NEXT's official downloads?

U-NEXT features an official download function; once you register as a U-NEXT member, you can watch all your favorite contents as much as you want. Also, if you save videos to your device in advance under a WiFi environment, you can enjoy videos on the go while saving communication data volume.

However, there are 6 points to note when using the download function on U-NEXT. I will explain each of them.

Only one device can be downloaded per account.

U-NEXT allows only one device per account to use the download function. Even if your account can be registered for other devices, you will not be able to use the download function.

If you want to use the download function on another device, you will need to delete all the content saved on the original device and then download the videos again to the new device.

Adult content on H-NEXT cannot be downloaded.

U-NEXT offers a variety of channels. The channel with adult erotic videos is called H-NEXT.

Unfortunately, H-NEXT does not have a download function; if you want to enjoy H-NEXT's erotic videos, you can only watch them online by connecting to the Internet.

U-NEXT's download function can only be used with its dedicated application; U-NEXT's dedicated application does not contain any adult content.

Downloaded videos have a playback deadline.

U-NEXT has a playback deadline for downloaded content. Normally, this is 48 hours after downloading. Once the expiration date has passed, the saved content will no longer be available for viewing, and you will need to download the video again.

Rental works also have a playback deadline. After 48 hours, the rental movie can be viewed within 48 hours of purchase; after 48 hours, the movie cannot be viewed and must be purchased again, as with regular movies.

When using U-NEXT's download function, be sure to pay attention to the playback deadline of the video content.

Some works cannot be downloaded.

U-NEXT's digital contents can be viewed as much as you want, but only some works can be downloaded.

On the playback page of works that cannot be downloaded, the download icon is not clickable. Check again if you can save your favorite content.

For works that cannot be downloaded, save them in other ways.

Cannot download to SD card or PC

U-NEXT's download function is only available on the iOS and Android dedicated apps. It is almost impossible to transfer the video content saved on your phone to a TV or computer and enjoy it on a large screen.

You can watch as many U-NEXT videos as you want on your TV or PC using a browser, but you will not be able to save video content to an SD card, PC, or TV, making it impossible to watch offline for long periods of time.

Introducing a method to remove DRM from U-NEXT

We introduce a downloader to remove U-NEXT DRM protection and save U-NEXT videos. Using the downloader, you can save all U-NEXT videos to your own address. You can enjoy your favorite digital contents offline at any time without video expiration.

FlixPal download er is a download tool specialized for saving U-NEXT digital contents including H-NEXT. Unlike ordinary downloaders, it can remove U-NEXT DRM protection and download U-NEXT videos with high quality and high speed.

Below are the instructions on how to download U-NEXT videos with FlixPal.

First, download and install FlixPal from the official website.

Start FlixPal and click "VIP Service" on the left menu to switch to VIP mode. Then, select the U-NEXT banner on the main screen.

The U-NEXT homepage will then open in FlixPal's built-in browser.

FlixPal automatically analyzes the URL of the video you are playing, and after the analysis is complete, a dialog box for the video will appear.

On the dialog screen, you can configure detailed settings. Here you can choose the episodes you want to download, quality, subtitles, etc. Then click the "Download Now" button to start downloading. For batch downloads, click the "Add to Queue" button.

In a few moments, the video download will be complete. Then you can enjoy U-NEXT contents offline.

Moreover, although FlixPal is a paid software, you can use the free version to download 3 video files with the highest quality, sound, and subtitles, so please try before you buy.


In this article, we introduced how to remove DRM from U-NEXT and download videos.

U-NEXT has a download function, but it is subject to various restrictions and sometimes inconvenient.

FlixPal supports U-NEXT video downloading. If you are looking for a downloader with excellent performance, please try FlixPal.