What are the three features of Audials One and how to use Audials One?

In this article, I would like to introduce various aspects of Audials One, including its three practical functions and how to use Audials One. I would also like to mention one software that can replace Audials One, if you are interested.

If you want to download videos from a video streaming service, you have to use a video downloader, and Audials One is a downloader developed for that purpose, making it easy to record and save not only videos, but also music, podcasts, live streams, and many other types of content from websites Audials One is a downloader developed for this purpose. To begin with, what features does Audials One have, and how do I use Audials One? you may want to know.

In this article, we will introduce various aspects of Audials One, including three practical functions of Audials One and how to use Audials One.

I would also like to mention one software that can replace Audials One, if you are interested.

What is Audials One?

Audials One is a software application that allows you to store videos, music, and other digital content from the Internet on your PC so that you can enjoy your favorite digital content anytime you want. Audials One is the preferred recording engine for many users because of its high quality, high speed recording, and support for all top streaming services. With the latest version, you can also easily edit your saved digital content files.

Three features of Audials One

Easily record and save streaming videos on websites

Audials One allows you to record any video streamed on a website. Just launch your browser, play the video you want to record, and it will automatically save it to your computer. The latest version includes batch recording of multiple videos at once and a background recording feature that allows you to work on other tasks while recording videos.

Recording options include the ability to specify a recording area and record only a portion of the screen. The system can flexibly and successfully handle any situation, including meeting conferences, live broadcasts, and live streaming.

Record videos by dragging and dropping videos or copying and pasting URLs

In addition to capturing the recording area and recording the screen, Audials One also has a download function that is specialized for video sharing sites such as yutube. yutube allows you to record and save videos by dragging and dropping video thumbnails or by copying and pasting URLs. With this feature, you can specify the resolution of the video and remove advertisements that play in the middle of the video.

Easily record music played on your computer as well.

In addition to recording, Audials One also makes it easy to record music streaming on your computer. Simply play music in your browser and Audials One will automatically record the music file and save it to your computer. Recorded music files can be grouped together and managed by category by artist or album.

How to record streaming videos with Audials One

First, download Audials One from the official website. After downloading, install Audials One on your computer.

Launch Audials One. For recording, select "Video Streaming" from the menu on the left side.

When recording on yutube, simply copy and paste the URL of the video. For example, enter the URL in the search field on the software screen.

The video file in the recorded page will then be detected automatically. The screen will look like this

Press the Download button to start recording.

After recording is finished, the saved video files will appear in the playlist on the right. Click the Play button to watch the video immediately on your own computer.

If you are unable to record with Audials One, we hope you will find this article " [Solution] What to do when Audials is unable to record videos and alternative software" helpful.

Alternative Download Software for Audials One--FlixPal Downloader

If there is a problem due to a change in website specifications, or if the video is DRM-protected and the screen goes black when recorded, or if some video streaming services are not supported, Audials One will not work. One solution is to restart Audials One or update to the latest version.

If you are still unable to record, another option is to try other recording software.

FlixPal Downloader is a software that allows you to save video and music files distributed over the Internet to your computer, and it supports a wider range of distribution services than Audials One, making it a stable and comfortable way to save digital content.

Advantage 1: When saving Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it automatically saves the subtitle files in SRT format.

Advantage 2: Save video files with high speed and quality. For example, in the case of Amazon Prime Video, you can save videos in up to Full HD 1080P. There is absolutely no loss of image quality in the recording.

How to use FlixPal Downloader

You are trying to save Amazon Prime Video videos, and before you can use FlixPal Downloader to save videos from Amazon Prime Video, you will need to subscribe to an Amazon Prime Video membership.

New Amazon Prime Video members have a 30-day free trial period. Within this period, you can use the FlixPal downloader to save Amazon Prime Video videos to your computer.

Once saved on your computer, you can watch the videos again and again even after the expiration date has expired.

First, download and install FlixPal Downloader from the official website as well.

Launch FlixPal Downloader and enter the main screen. Using the built-in browser, enter the site URL of the video you want to save and access it. If it is a subscriber service, you will need to register as a member.

Click on the thumbnail of the video you wish to save and go to the playback screen.

Next, the detailed download settings screen will appear. After setting your favorite resolution, destination, and audio, click the "Download" button.

The download will then begin. You can check the progress from the menu on the left.


In this article, we have introduced Audials One, a software for saving digital content from the Internet, explaining how to use Audials One, the three features of Audials One, and more.

We also introduced the FlixPal downloader as an alternative to Audials One. If you want to save videos fast and easy, FlixPal Downloader is the way to go.