VideoProc Converter Review: Is It Worth Buying?

There is no denying that VideoProc is one of the best (lightweight) software that supports tons of beginner-level video editing and conversion features. But if you’re looking for something advanced in a similar price range, we’d recommend FlixPal Video Downloader.

VideoProc (now VideoProc Converter) is a powerful video editing and conversion tool designed and developed by Digiarty in 2006.

With this all-inclusive video processing software, you not only can edit or resize your videos but also screen-record, download, and convert your files into different formats. So yes, apparently, this tool is a lot more than just video editing software.

What else does it have in store for you? Is it safe to use and worth buying? Let’s explore!

What Is VideoProc Converter All About?

VideoProc Converter is a robust video editing tool that also combines the benefits of video/DVD conversion, downloading, screen/webcam recording, hardware acceleration, and more.

Yes, you read that right…

VideoProc is fully hardware accelerated, meaning it can use your device’s graphics card and a processor to speed up the conversion process. What sets this product apart from its competitors is its ability to quickly convert videos into a format that most media players can read.

Compatibility is another benefit that comes in handy with VideoProc Converter. Unless you’re using a very old and outdated camera, you can use it with your computer, GoPro, Android, iOS devices, or any other hardware you can think of.

In the following sections, we will take a quick look at its layout, usability, pricing, and downsides/risks to help you make a better decision.

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VideoProc Converter - Layout & Design

VideoProc Converter is pretty simple and easy to use.

Upon launching a software, users will see a starting window, the purpose of which is to analyze the hardware of the device it is running on.

You will then spot four options: Video, DVD, online downloading, and screen/web recording. The layout is basic and comes with a limited number of features. Thus you will have no difficulty selecting what you should choose for your needs.

The simple drag and drop function with large buttons and preview feature will ensure you get your job done in the minimum amount of time, that too without any confusion or interruption.

Video Proc Converter - Audience

If you’re looking for an easy and quick solution to all your video editing, conversion, and downloading needs, VideoProc Converter is for you.

Obviously, you can’t compare it with other advanced-level video-editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Vegas; it still provides decent video editing features at a price you won’t find elsewhere.

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VideoProc Converter - Exclusive Features

As mentioned above, VideoProc Converter lands with four basic features. These include:

Video Editing

With VideoProc’s video editing feature, you can easily cut, merge, rotate, and crop your videos to improve image composition.

You can cut your videos and exclude undesirable segments. Apart from this, you can also combine video and audio tracks using the MKV multi-track feature.

Is that all?

Absolutely not. You can also enable/disable subtitles, import external subtitles files, or even add mesmerizing visual effects to breathe life into your videography.

There are some advanced video editing features too that you can use according to your needs and preferences. These include Watermarks, Lens Correction, Stabilize Video, Create M3U8, and more.

Screen Recording

If you’re a student, an educator, or a gamer, you can use VideoProc’s screen recording feature to record what is on your screen.

The VideoProc’s screen recorder comes with three additional features. They are:

3 recording modes: There are 3 recording modes for you to choose from - from a webcam, on iOS, or on your desktop.

Supports green screen recording: With this feature, you can use a chroma key or virtual background. You can even remove the background if you want. The choice is yours to make.

Utility tools: There are various utility tools to enhance your screen recording experience. These include crop, highlight, voiceovers, etc.

Video Converting

VideoProc Converter also features a powerful media converter that allows you to convert your videos into numerous formats. For example, you can convert GIFs to MP4, AVI to YouTube, etc.

You can also extract audio from your desired videos in fantastic quality. There is also a dedicated DVD converter with which you can easily convert large-sized DVDs into MP4 format.

VideoProc Converter will copy DVDs in 1:1, which means there will be zero data loss during the process.

Video Downloading

Last but not least, users can use VideoProc’s built-in download engine to download videos and audio from different websites. More than 1000 sites are supported by this tool, including YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, etc.

Besides downloading audio and videos from various sites, this tool converts those files into your desired format. You can even record live streams and download your favorite episodes and shows in batches to save time.

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VideoProc Converter - Pros & Cons

We know the features we shared just with you sounds quite promising. But just like any other tool, VideoProc Converter isn’t free from flaws either. Here are a few things we like and dislike about this software.

Things We Like

  • User-friendly interface - just perfect for beginners
  • A variety of video editing features to help you improve the video experience
  • Excellent compatibility - you can use it with most devices
  • Produces perfect video and audio outputs without quality-loss
  • GPU acceleration for 4k videos
  • Ability to download videos and audios from numerous streaming and social sites
  • Free trial available

Things We Dislike

  • Limited features, especially if you compare it with any pro-editing/downloading tool
  • You cannot use VideoProc on Linux
  • The free trial version comes with its own limitations
  • Unavailability of media overlay tools
  • You can only contact their customer support team via email

VideoProc Converter - Pricing

VideoProc Converter is a paid tool. They offer a variety of pricing plans to cater to individual needs. Their best seller is the Premium 365 package that covers a 1-year subscription and supports 3 PCs. The Premium 365 plan will cost you $25.95 ($2.16/month on average) and auto-renew annually.

You can also pick their Lifetime license, which comes with a price sticker of $39.95 (a one-time fee). Only one PC is supported with this package and covers lifetime access to full features and updates.

Apart from these two, they also have a Family License that supports 3-5 PCs, and it lands with a price tag of $57.95.

All in all, we feel their pricing plans aren’t that cheap. And this leads us to look for an alternative that offers more features in a good price range.

VideoProc - Alternative

There is no denying that VideoProc is one of the best (lightweight) software that supports tons of beginner-level video editing and conversion features. But if you’re looking for something advanced in a similar price range, we’d recommend FlixPal Video Downloader.

With FlixPal Video Downloader, you can download and save videos and audio from hundreds of sites. You even get to choose subtitles in your preferred language and enjoy ad-free offline streaming wherever or whenever you want.

Is VideoProc Legit and Worth Buying?

Yes. VideoProc is 100% safe and legit. It is fast and super easy to use. With VideoProc, you can shoot engaging videos and edit them professionally on your device.

However, if you’re a streamer looking to download or screen-record your favorite shows and movies, we’d recommend FlixPal Video Downloader as it supports more features, is more reliable, and is affordable to use.