What are the dangers of VIPBox? Introducing 6 similar & alternative sites.

This article describes the risks of using VIPBox and 6 similar & alternative sites.

Many sports enthusiasts consider VIPBox to be the best site for streaming sports content online. You may be able to watch most of the most important sporting events, such as basketball and soccer, live through VIPBox. However, many people may be concerned about foreign websites such as VIPBox. This article explains the risks of using VIPBox and 6 similar & alternative websites.

Is VIPBox an illegal website? What are the risks?

It is unclear how VIPBox operates, but the fact that most sports programs can be viewed by paying a fee makes it likely that VIPBox is breaking the law.

If using the VIPBox itself is illegal, its use is dangerous. However, the legality of viewing illegal files is currently unknown in Japan, and it is not a crime to do so.

In addition, the advertisements displayed in the VIPBox contain malware.

Some of the ads may lead you to suspicious websites, so you should be careful not to get infected by viruses.

You can also watch Japanese games! 6 similar & alternative websites to VIPBox


DAZN, the first of the VIPBox alternatives, specializes in streaming sports events and was first introduced in Japan in August 2016. It allows users to watch not only domestic sports matches in Japan, but also matches from around the world. Other sports-themed dramas are also available.


The second alternative site for VIPBox is WOWOW. WOWOW is a highly recommended video streaming service when it comes to watching tennis matches online.

Grand Slam tournaments can also be viewed on WOWOW, so tennis fans should check it out.

In addition to sports, WOWOW offers a wide range of genres such as original dramas, animations, and music, making it a recommended service for those who want to watch and watch more than just sports.

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J SPORTS On Demand

The third alternative site to VIPBox, is J SPORTS (J SPORTS) On Demand, which is also a highly recommended service and is eligible for discounts for those under 25 years old. J SPORTS On Demand allows you to watch live and on-demand coverage of major sports.

J SPORTS On Demand can be viewed by genre, such as "J SPORTS On Demand Pack" and "Baseball" and "Soccer," making it easy to utilize this service if you wish to watch only certain sports.

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Rakuten TV

Rakuten, Inc. is an Internet conglomerate that operates a video distribution service called "Rakuten TV.

As the fourth alternative site to VIPBox, "Rakuten TV" has the sole rights to distribute NBA games. In addition to sports, users can also watch movies, anime, and variety shows. We highly recommend subscribing to Rakuten TV, as you can even watch pachislot and pornography.

We strongly recommend that you subscribe to Rakuten TV for the fact that you can watch pornographic videos and even Pachislot.

Rakuten TV is highly recommended because you can watch Pachislot and even adult videos.

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The fifth alternative site to VIPBox, Hulu, offers more than 60,000 videos for 933 yen per month.

With everything from baseball and other sports to comedies and thrillers, it is the most cost-effective option.

Sports Bull

Sports Bull, the sixth VIPBox alternative, is a sports streaming service that offers free and paid access to live and missed coverage of a wide range of sports, including baseball, soccer, and volleyball, as well as a significant amount of sports news and highlights. It is a streaming service specializing in sports, offering a substantial amount of sports news and highlights. Sportsbull was founded in 2011.

It is a video streaming service for sports that handles a wide range of sports, including baseball and soccer. It is especially recommended for Koshien fans, as it broadcasts all summer high school baseball games.

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How to download videos from sports streaming services

What should you do if you download videos from the 6 alternative sites to VIPBox introduced above? Here, we recommend FlixPal, a video downloader specialized in saving videos from sports subscription services.

In addition to the 6 sports sites introduced, FlixPal supports Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, U-NEXT, Dtv, and other distribution services.

You can download videos in the highest quality, in the highest full HD, with priority, and you can download multiple videos at once. We hope you will use it to download your favorite sports game videos.

Official website FlixPal Downloader


VIPBox is a foreign-operated site that offers videos of various sports games. However, there is a possibility of getting infected with a virus if you watch them, so why not use an alternative and legitimate sports streaming service? Or, if you download videos from DAZN, Rakuten TV, hulu, or other distribution services, try using FlixPal downloader.