what are the limitations of the free version of Y2Mate? what is the video download limit? alternative software is also available.

this article will introduce the limitations of the free version of Y2Mate, the maximum number of videos that can be downloaded, and a summary of alternative software.

Y2Mate is the industry's first software for streaming video that allows users to download videos in 1080p and 5.1 audio.

Because of its ease of use and full features, Y2Mate is one of the most reputable downloading software.

However, after using the free version of Y2Mate, I found that there are various restrictions and a cap on the number of videos that can be downloaded. While the individual restrictions do not affect the user's use, they can greatly limit the user experience.

Therefore, in this article, we will summarize the limitations of the free version of Y2Mate, the maximum number of videos that can be downloaded, and alternative software.

What are the limitations of the free version of Y2Mate?

For those who are using Y2Mate for the first time, you should know the limitations of Y2Mate Free Edition before trying Y2Mate Free Edition.

Number of videos that Y2Mate Free Edition can download

As it turns out, the free version of Y2Mate can download up to 3 videos from other OTT services, excluding YouTube videos.

If you download videos from YouTube, you can save up to 5 videos. The number of videos that can be downloaded simultaneously is also limited to 5.

Expiration of Y2Mate Free Edition

The maximum number of videos that Y2Mate Free Edition can download is 3 OTT subscription service videos + 5 YouTube videos, and the expiration date is limited to 31 days.

This means that if you use Y2Mate Free Edition, you must use up 8 downloads within 31 days.

Video Sites Supported by Y2Mate Free Version

Y2Mate supports Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, hulu, and other well-known subscription video services,

YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, FANZA, MGS, hey video! and adult video sites such as Pornhub and MissAV,

Pornhub, MissAV, and many more.

With the free version of Y2Mate, you can download videos from all of these services. You can choose the video quality and audio quality to suit your preference. The free version has more than enough features for non-skilled users.

What are the limitations of the paid version of Y2Mate?

These are the limitations of the free version of Y2Mate. Honestly, as a free trial, the Y2Mate Free Edition is already a good value.

However, even if you purchase the paid version of Y2Mate, there are still many flaws.

Y2Mate has a download limit.

You should know before you buy that Y2Mate paid version also has a video download limit.

The maximum number of videos that the paid version of Y2Mate can download each day is limited to 50, meaning that the maximum number of videos that can be downloaded each week is 350.

If you exceed this download limit, you will have to wait all the way until the next day. The only way to break this limit is to make an incomplete download the next day.

Y2Mate will not be able to download? Solution -> " What to do when Y2Mate can't download videos and alternative software"

Limitations on purchasing a single Y2Mate product

Y2Mate has a product called Y2Mate All-in-One that allows you to download videos from all supported video delivery services,

There are a large number of single products that can be subdivided into a variety of single video delivery services.

Single products such as Y2Mate Amazon Downloader and Y2Mate Netflix Downloader are available at affordable prices ranging from ¥10,000 to ¥12420 (lifetime plan).

However, if you buy a single product, you can only use it for the products it supports, so it's not very cost-effective, is it?

Best alternative to Y2Mate for downloading videos - FlixPal Downloader

Next, instead of Y2Mate, we will introduce a software that allows you to freely download videos from more than 60 OTT streaming services - FlixPal Downloader.

FlixPal Download er is a feature-rich and inexpensive ALL-IN-ONE downloader that supports over 60 major subscription streaming services.

These services include Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, hulu, HBO Max, Paravi, U-NEXT, TVer, NHKPLUS, fod, and many more.

It also supports social networking services such as Twitter and YouTube, and many more.

Videos can be downloaded in high definition (HD), full HD (Full HD), and ultra high definition (4K) using FlixPal.

Downloads from HBO GO and MAX may be in 4K high quality.

What are the features of the FlixPal downloader?

Download in 1080p resolution and Dolby Audio 5.1 channels

Y2Mate preserves videos in full HD (1080p) resolution and Dolby Audio 5.1ch for a realistic experience. This technology provides an immersive experience that makes you feel as if you are in the movie.

With FlixPal, you can support resolutions up to Full HD (1080p) when downloading streaming videos from most OTT subscription services.

Like Y2Mate, you can save videos with Dolby Audio 5.1 channels coupled with Full HD (1080p) resolution for an overwhelming sense of realism.

Built-in Web Browser

Like Y2Mate, FlixPal comes with a built-in web browser that allows users to search for and download videos.

The built-in browser eliminates problems that occur with other browsers and prevent users from retrieving video URLs.

Watch missed episodes at your leisure, unencumbered by commercials!

Use FlixPal to download your favorite episodes,

You can automatically skip any ads that may be there and download them.

Download videos in the popular MP4 format

FlixPal saves videos as highly popular MP4 files.

So downloaded videos can be transferred to any available device.

Ability to save subtitles as external SRT files

It is possible to download videos with subtitles from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ and save the accompanying SRT files.

FlixPal features excellent video quality and configurable subtitle display for offline content viewing.

How much does the FlixPal downloader cost?

FlixPal is a single product like Y2Mate Amazon Downloader and Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.

(FlixPal system requirements -> Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7 (32/64 bit)/macOS 10.10-13)

How to use FlixPal downloader?

1. download the software to your PC from the official FlixPal website for Windows/Mac.

2. launch FlixPal and enter the URL of the video site in the search box of the built-in browser or click the icon of the streaming service to access the site.

3. log in to the video site and locate the video you wish to download. For subscription services, register as a member and download the video.

4. Select the video quality, etc., and click "Download Now" on the download screen.

Click "Add to Queue" if you want to save it with other videos. 5.

The video will be downloaded. Click "Downloading" on the left to check the video download status.


The free and paid versions of Y2Mate have various limitations, including download limits and expiration dates. Therefore, it is important to check these limitations before purchasing.

We also recommend FlixPal as an affordable option for purchasing an All-in-One type of download software.

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