[AnimeHeaven] A summary of 8 alternative free anime sites.

In this article, we will introduce you to AnimeHeaven, what kind of site it is, and what anime sites you can watch for free instead.

Are you still using AnimeHeaven? In this article, we will introduce you to AnimeHeaven and the anime sites you can watch for free instead.

What is AnimeHeaven anyway? What are its features?

AnimeHeaven is a completely free anime viewing site. It is currently accessible via both the https://animeheaven.ru/ and https://animeheaven.me URLs.

How safe is AnimeHeaven?

Anime uploaded to AnimeHeaven is pirated anime without copyright. Presumably, if they were sued for copyright infringement, they would change the site immediately. However, the reason the site has been accepted is that the animation uploaded is of very high quality and the audio is clear. The site itself is designed to be easy to use and does not require complicated operations. The service is also very good, as there are English subtitles when viewing the animations, and it has features such as speed adjustment, which is common these days.

However, ads appear out of nowhere, so please do not click on them. Otherwise, you may be sent to a dangerous site, so it is important to turn off the ads when they appear.

At AnimeHeaven, you can find all kinds of content. For example, you can find anime, movies, TV series, broadcast anime, popular shows, and even some TV schedules.

5 anime pirate sites to watch for free instead of AnimeHeaven

No. 1 free anime video site ranking: Kiss Anime

Free Anime Video Site Recommendation: Very High

Kiss Anime is not widely used in Japan, but it is widely used in the world. It is accessed more than 100 million times every month. The reason for this is simple: it is still one of the most popular anime pirate anime sites on the Internet, with a rich collection of popular and newest anime titles in a variety of languages.

Once you have downloaded the videos from Kiss Anime, please see the article below.

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No. 2 Free Anime Video Site Ranking: AnimeFreak

Free Anime Video Site Recommendation: Very High

AnimeFreakis a convenient free anime site where you can watch a wide variety of anime. It is one of the most popular free anime sites overseas, although the number of accesses from Japan is quite small. Compared to AnimeHeaven, it features more non-Japanese anime content.

What makes this site popular is that there is a download button near the animation playback screen. You can not only watch the anime on the site, but you can also download the anime you like and watch it instead of AnimeHeaven. However, since the names of the anime are in English, it may be a little difficult to use (for example, Dragon Ball is written as dragon ball).

Free Anime Video Site Ranking No.3: B9GOOD

Free Anime Video Site Recommendation: Slightly Recommended

B9GOOD is a large site visited by more than 5 million people every month. It was renewed in June 2017 and previously operated under the name B9DM. Compared to the two previously mentioned sites, it is easier to use, as you can search for anime directly under Japanese in the search bar. It will be available free of charge instead of AnimeHeaven.

You can also search for anime by serial, complete, or category. And the great thing is that the picture quality is very good and subtitles are available, so it is an easy-to-use site!

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Free Anime Video Site Ranking No. 4: GoGoAnime

Free Anime Video Site Recommendation: Normal

GoGoAnime is a video site where you can watch free anime translated into English. It has a very large number of popular anime such as Detective Conan and Lovelive. In the viewing experience, GoGoAnime allows you to adjust the quality and playback speed at any time, so you can enjoy anime according to your mood.

However, the service is great for those who want to learn English, as English subtitles are displayed while the anime is playing. But some people may find it a bit disturbing. In addition to anime, gogoanime also offers many English versions of manga, which is very convenient!


Free Anime Video Site Ranking No.5: Bilibili Video

Free Anime Video Site Recommendation: Normal

Bilibili Video is a site created by anime enthusiasts and has a similar feeling to Nico Nico in Japan. If you want to watch a complete anime, there is a special page where you can watch all the episodes of the anime at once. You can also watch old anime in high quality.


Risks in using pirate sites like AnimeHeaven

Copyright infringement

AnimeHeaven is not a legal video site, but a pirate site. A pirate site is one where the videos posted are actually unlicensed and do not have the ABJ logo. For example, legitimate book and comic sites have the ABJ logo and operate legally; the comics and anime featured on AnimeHeaven are actually illegally uploaded content. If someone claims that they are violating copyright laws, they would probably be shut down immediately; since 2019, there have been a number of incidents where the operator of Manga Village has been arrested and the operators of illegal videos have been brought in.

Viral Infection.

Since AnimeHeaven is a site for viewing pirated videos or manga, security is a major concern. Among other things, the site contains a lot of advertisements, so if you are not careful, you can easily get infected by viruses. Some redirect you to malicious sites as well; if you click on an ad while browsing AnimeHeaven, you could be infected with a virus and consequently incur high maintenance costs. There are also some disturbing ads that appear out of the blue if you accidentally click on them while reading the manga.

Leakage of Personal Information

AnimeHeaven requires you to log in within the website and enter your email address and other information when you log in. Even if you log in under a pseudonym, your information may be compromised because of the use of your e-mail address. Unscrupulous websites could use this personal information to identify you and cause fraud or other damage.

3 regular anime sites you can watch for free instead of AnimeHeaven


U-NEXT, one of the largest anime sites in Japan, allows you to watch not only anime, but also TV shows, movies, comics, music, and all other forms of content. If you register now, you will receive 600 points that can be used to read the latest issues of books and magazine serials. In addition, animations can be viewed offline, so you can download them in advance and watch them anytime, anywhere. However, U-NEXT requires a monthly fee of 1,990 yen compared to other anime sites. Starting with a 31-day free trial is a good option.

You can watch as much as you want for free for 31 days, making it one of the legitimate and safe alternatives to AnimeHeaven.

2. dTV

dTV is a video site operated by Docomo. It is a video site that emphasizes cost-effectiveness and offers more than 120,000 manga for 500 yen per month. Not only anime, but almost all domestic and international anime content, including TV series and movies, is available. dtv, like U-NEXT, offers a 31-day free trial, after which there is no cost if you cancel the service!

Therefore, we recommend using Dtv as an alternative to AnimeHeaven as a regular anime site that you can watch for free.

3. AbemaTV

Personally, I rate AbemaTV highly for the reason that you can watch anime and see what others have to say about it; it is very similar to niconico's Anime Live, so you can watch anime and see what others have to say about it as well, making for a great viewing experience! In addition, currently broadcasted anime is available for free, but prior to that, there was a fee.

Therefore, you can use AnimeHeaven as a free alternative to AnimeHeaven because it delivers free viewing content every day.

Software to download anime anywhere--FlixPal

FlixPal downloader not only supports Amazon Prime Video,Netflix,Disney Plus, but also Hulu,HBO MAX,DMM.TV,U-NEXT, and more than 60 OTT video services. Moreover, you can also download videos from more than 1000 video sites M3U8.

Therefore, with FlixPal downloader, you can easily download animations from both free and legitimate pirated anime sites like AnimeHeaven.


In this article, we have introduced a collection of sites where you can watch anime. Basically, they are free, but some of them include pirate sites, so they are not good sites as far as safety is concerned. However, some of the sites are easy to use, so we believe that basically there is no problem.